Sonic 25th Fine Art Exhibition Reveals Art Pieces

Just over a month ago we brought you news that a Sonic 25th fine art exhibition was to be launched in the UK. Well we can now give you some more details as to what to expect, which includes some sample artworks which will be on display.

The full list of artists taking part in the event are as follows…

  • Dan Lane
  • Paul Kenton
  • Frédéric Daty
  • Louis Sidoli
  • Stuart McAlpine Miller
  • Robert Oxley
  • Craig Davison
  • Keith Maiden
  • Nic Joly

The press release also included a number of sample works which will be on display come early December. You can view them all in our gallery at the end of this article.

Source: Castle Galleries

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    1. Agreed.

      It’s like they commissioned a group of fine artists that didn’t know what to do and just referenced official and/or online fan renders.

      This could’ve been a chance to showcase that Sonic can be a touch deeper than merely a brand. I’m not expecting some Rembrandt or Matisse bs, but these just feel like surface level product placement.

      I don’t doubt the artists capabilities, but man these are just bland at best regardless of technical ability.

  1. These are some pretty different takes on some of the older renders but they’re alright. That first one with Sonic grabbing the rings is pretty cool with how they dissolve while he’s in the middle of grabbing them. Almost makes more sense to someone who doesn’t understand how those things work. It’s nice to see Shadow given some love too though.

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