Step Back in Time with the Artwork from Sonic the Hedgehog #288

The “Shattered World Crisis” arc came to an end with Sonic the Hedgehog #287, three years after the “Worlds Collide” crossover between Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man series. While the stage is set for new arcs with an earnest Sonic Lost World adaptation in the works and Team Chaotix taking to the seas with the upcoming Sonic Universe saga next week, the main series will now be taking a step back in time with “Genesis of a Hero,” setting the stage for the Blue Blur’s humble beginnings within the new continuity.

Issue #288—”Genesis of a Hero” Part One—arrives in comic book stores three weeks from now on November 9th, and a preview of the issue’s art has been provided courtesy of Comics Alliance! Check out the gallery and the official solicitation below.


SONIC is BACK in “Genesis of a Hero” Part One: It’s Sonic’s 25th Anniversary and we’re celebrating in style—retro-style that is!  See Sonic in his first climactic show-down with Dr. Eggman, straight from the gameplay of the first Sonic the Hedgehog game!  But what happens after the battle?  And what new force arises once the dust has settled?  It’s the story you know with a new twist! Featuring cover art by the legendary Patrick Spaziante and a “Best Buds” variant by the lovely Genevieve FT!

Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Tracy Yardley, Terry Austin, Gabriel Cassata & John Workman
Cover: Patrick Spaziante
Variant Cover: Genevieve FT
On Sale Date: 11/9
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

Sonic: Mega Drive – The Next Level #1 will launch the week before the premiere of “Genesis of a Hero” on November 2nd – have yourself an early look at the comic in the meantime!

Source: Comics Alliance

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  1. Now that the world crisis is done, maybe they’ll finally address the elephant in the room that is: two seperate sets of memories and the old timeline, because they brushed it aside due to immediate matters such as Tails Doll, finding the other Freedom Fighters, and the giant earthquake that started the three-year Shattering World Crisis.

    1. I don’t think if they’ll focus on the old memories anymore. They all are much happier with the new timeline. Antoine is okay, sally is not roboticized, knuckles’ poeple are not banished, the king is young and nicer, etc. Moreover, I think as time has passed, their memories of the old timeline has mostly faded away.

    2. They don’t have theses memories anymore (it’s said that they faded, it was a demand from the editor to have them), and the old timeline can’t return and referencing would make more harm than good, I think.

  2. Now the only time Sonic will remember Mega Man will be “Another Time, Another Place.” Where all the inhabitants are trophies, brought to life by the spirit of friendly competition, and the chance to fight against Master Hand & Crazy Hand, and fight against the true essence: Master Core!

  3. Then there’s no reason to stick around. Archie Sonic is officially finished. This is now SEGA Mandate Sonic. The gimmick: SEGA licenses Archie is allowed to use, written by someone who kept his job for this long.

    I’ll just stick to waiting 3-4 months for Mobius Legends, until Flynn decides to continue Lost Hedgehog Tales.

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