The Sonic Theorist Explores How Eggman Earns the Money to Support his Evil Empire

The man with the master plan has conquered several lands, created and programmed innumerable robots of all shapes and sizes, and built war machines ranging from a fleet of battleships to bases as big as moons. When you put your mind to it, you’ve gotta ask yourself: how does Dr. Eggman pay for it all? IQ of 300 or not, a reputable villain such as he must have earned the money to finance his plots for global conquest from somewhere.

Enter The Sega Scourge, otherwise known on YouTube as “The Sonic Theorist” for his sound interpretations on several unexplained threads from the series canon, such as Silver’s lineage and why orcas hate hedgehogs as much as they do (as well as one particular video I’m saving for a future Freak-Out Friday). Alongside musician, community member, and Who Dat? host DiGi Valentine, he gives his take on how Eggman earns the revenue and resources to sustain his evil empire, with several arguments to back it up. Check out the latest Sonic Theorist episode below for more!

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Keep in mind that The Sega Scourge does not present his interpretations as 100% fact, as the above video is, after all, just a theory. A GAME THEORY–––alright, alright, I’m leaving!

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  1. Reguardless of the video crediting the work I have done, I am slightly offended that the art work on the BANNER on this website has not been credited. I’d appreciate some credit.

    1. Apologies! I wrote the article up fast and set this article to go live at a certain time as I wouldn’t be around, I must’ve forgotten it in my haste. Rectified!

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