ScrewAttack Pits Amy Rose vs Ramona Flowers in the Latest Death Battle

What do Goku and Superman, Mario and Sonic, and Link and Cloud all have in common? They’re all subjects of similar calibre and prestige with comparable histories and skill sets, prompting never-ending debates online arguing over who would win over the other in a fight. That is where ScrewAttack comes in with their Death Battle series to put these debates to rest, analyzing two contenders’ weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win in these titular fights.

This isn’t the first time Death Battle hosts Wiz and Boomstick brought in a Sonic character, as Sonic, Tails, and Shadow among others have appeared in previous episodes. Today’s instalment, however, pits Amy Rose and her Piko Piko Hammer against the hammer-wielding valkyrie of Scott Pilgrim’s dreams, Ramona Flowers. Place your bets, because IT’S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLEEEEEEE… below!

As a big fan of both Sonic and Scott Pilgrim, I’ve never felt this conflicted over a Death Battle episode before.

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That said, share your thoughts on today’s episode with us in the comments, as well as any pair-ups you’d like to see in future Death Battle videos!

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  1. The fight is well animated for sure, definitely one of the better 2D fights in the series. I’m also pretty satisfied with the result, to not give away too much.

    As for which character I would like to see? Blaze and Silver are the first two that comes to mind. Wouldn’t have the slightest idea on who their opponents would be (and besides pitting Silver with Trunks is a death wish for the psychic hog).

  2. Kinda bit nervous of watching this especially after the last time Amy Rose was in a Death Battle related Video (She lost to King Dedede in a Death Battle X One Minute Melee a few Months ago now).

  3. These guys need to do Megatron vs Tirek. Especially with the success of Starscream vs Rainbow Dash.


    I was honestly, truly expecting Amy to lose this, considering that Ramona’s hammer has +2 against girls. So happy she won.

    So, the score for the Sonic series is as follows:

    Sonic vs Mario: win
    Shadow vs Vegeta: loss
    Eggman vs Wily: win (sort of)
    Tails vs Luigi: win
    Knuckles vs Donkey Kong: loss
    Shadow vs Mewtwo: loss
    Amy vs Ramona: win

    Silver next then?

    1. Oh, also, my ideas for future Death Battles.

      Shulk vs Sora
      Demoman vs Junkrat
      Luffy vs Popeye
      Marx vs Flowey

  5. Oh god finally! It felt like every other time a Sonic character was featured there was a heavy lean to make them lose, but it feels so good to see Amy of all characters be one of the few that won out. I’m still disappointed that they treated their last two Sonic death battles like jokes, Knuckles and Shadow deserve better judgement and consideration than just “lol Shadow keeps forgetting stuff” and “haw, Knuckles is a dummy”. But at least this one actually felt like a carefully considered decision, and in the end the one I rooted for came through. Way to go Amy, keep it up girl!

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