Shadow, Big, Tails & Knuckles are in Lego Dimensions


Just posted by the LEGO Dimensions Twitter account. It looks like we won’t just be seeing Sonic and Eggman in the new LEGO Dimensions pack, but also Shadow, Tails, Big, and Knuckles.

No gameplay footage was given, but fans will be overjoyed at Big the Cat in Lego form.

The Sonic Level pack is released on November 18th.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Well, this screenshot confirms voice acting because Sonic is in the middle of talking.

    As unlikely as it is, I hope either Tails or Shadow will be released later as a Fun Pack. My bissest hope would be Silver, but those two are more popular.

    1. Honestly, it’ll be more likely for Eggman to be the Fun Pack nominee. The Eggmobile could have a bunch of possibilities.

    2. You have no idea don’t you? in one part of the game sonic even mentions his relationship with elise.

    3. Yeah, we even have some lines from the game!

      (Meeting Lumpy Space Princess) “Lumpy Space Princess, huh? Last time I met a princess, I… we… you know, I don’t quite remember, nevermind!”

      (Entering the game) “Aw yeah, this is happening! … That sounded better in my head.”

  2. I’m going to take a wild guess, and say that Big’s mission in the adventure world is to find Froggy.

      1. Right… and his legs are split wide open… must be having baby… Small the Cat!
        Who’s the father?… God no it better not be Froggy!

  3. The more I information and screenshots I see of this the greater I appreciate this actually being a thing. If only 7 year old me could’ve seen this.. Now all that’s left is for TT to make a full Lego Sonic video game and I will be forever happy.

    1. Yeah Amy was already confirmed so I’m not sure why they’re not showing her as well as other characters.
      In total it was confirmed 20+ characters would make an appearance with Sonic being the only playable character.

        1. I just wanted to clarify that, but even I would’ve wished for more playable characters…. perhaps once we get an actual true Lego Sonic game….

      1. Amy’s pretty much gonna be the Citizen in Peril of the Level. Either her or Cream. Other notables include Hans Moleman (Simpsons Level in Story), Ralph Wiggum (Homer’s Level Pack, complete with “Ralph Wiggum Rescued? That’s Unpossible!”), Clara Clayton (BTTF LEVEL in Story), PIXAL (Ninjago Level).

  4. I’m still not shelling out nearly $170 for a Lego Game just to play as Lego Sonic.

    But I am giving considerous amount of thought as whether I will buy said Lego Game to play as Lego Big…if only I can buy him separately.

    1. They’d have to make a Digital-Only Version that requires you to grind for the studs to unlock characters, digitally. Of course, it would be exploited like their other PC Games. I mean, take a look at LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: The Game. That game had hacks that let you play as the Ninja Turtles, DC Super Heroes, and so forth!

  5. Cutscenes, eh?

    I am about to ask the most important question that will ever be asked in regards to the entire franchise;

    Who are they bringing in to voice Big?

    1. Kyle Hebert has been the voice of Big ever since the new voice actors.

      If you don’t know who that is examples of his stuff are Adult Gohan from Dragon Ball Z (as well as the announcer), current voice of Ryu from Street Fighter, and Kamina from Gurren Lagann.

  6. … Why does LEGO Big have moobs and a beer belly? (Yes, I am seriously trying to avoid saying the other thing that came to mind about that combination and the fandom)

  7. Big Boobs the Cat lololololol

    But seriously why is Big in this and not Blaze, Metal Sonic or Silver?

  8. i hope greatly that some sort of cameo will call for metal sonic to appear. he was present in almost every game from CD to Heroes which makes it sadder that he’s just been discarded in favour of Shadow.

  9. You know what would be funny?

    If Shadow ended up being made into a complete jackass in one scene. XP

  10. It’s been a while since we got big news no pun intended but I am surprised to see big back and hope we get some more big news later this or next month

    1. Yes, the starter pack comes with 15 Levels, each within a franchise from the game’s first year. The story is about the evil Lord Vortech (voiced by Gary Oldman) trying to obtain the “foundation elements” in order to control the entire multiverse. After their universes are affected, Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle team up to go stop him.

      The Sonic Pack will add an extra level with its own story, as do the other Level Packs (Which include Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Portal 2, and more)

  11. Do I really have to buy the entire $80-$100 starter set and play through the main game just to experience the Sonic Pack?

    Sonic Fans = Lego Fans? Makes no sense…..

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