SEGA: Project Sonic 2017 Will Introduce a New Character and a New Gameplay “Component”

SEGA held a livestream event to celebrate the recent launch of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice in Japan, with series director Takashi Iizuka in attendance among others playing the latest Boom instalment and the upcoming Sonic Mania. However, a pair of bombshells has dropped since the event, this time concerning the far-flung Project Sonic 2017 launching next holiday season.

With translations provided by Source Gaming’s PushDustIn, it is confirmed that SEGA has plans to reveal “a completely new character in Project 2017.” We also now have a better idea of the gameplay, which is expected to follow the formula established in Sonic Generations with classic 2D and modern 3D levels – however, a “brand new component” is also going to be introduced.

Project Sonic 2017 arrives late next year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and the Nintendo Switch. Our own Hero of Legend has also given his thoughts about Sonic’s future on the recently revealed home console from Nintendo, so be sure to give that a read!

What are you hoping to see from this new and mysterious character? What kind of new twist on the gameplay do you wish to see? Share your thoughts and predictions with us in the comments section below.

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  1. Yay – new character! Buuuuut… the Sonic universe already has so many great characters we never see anymore – why can’t we just bring back more of the old ones instead of creating new ones? :-\

    1. I agree with Tailsy. It is cool that they are planning on adding a new component with a new character but it better be good and true to spirit of sonic(fast platforming).

      It is interesting to think about tho

    2. It’s probably a character who going play a role in the main story plot, i don’t think it will out shine the original cast.

      1. The problem with that is, ever since friggin Knuckles, every playable character introduced so far has adhered to one design philosophy/flaw – outshine the original cast. Every new character has to be cooler than Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles or Eggman in some regard or another. More often than not, that comes back to harm the character’s standing in the cast rather than help it; Again re:Knuckles.

        Just about the only new characters that doesn’t suffer much from these issues are the NPCs like Tikal or Chip….and the only playable character that bypassed this entirely was venerable Big-Sama. Maybe Cream & Cheese as well.

    3. I know for sure that another version of sonic is not possible since we have classic and modern sonic already. For a new character we are completely aware of. I believe that it might be character that is completely new or a character that been LONG forgotten and left in the dark longer than Bean the Dynamite, Bark the Polar Bear, Fang the Sniper (Nack the Weasel in America), Mighty the armadillo , and Ray the Flying Squirriel.

    1. Gross. Keep that useless Mary-Sue and the other eco-terrorists, er… “Freedom Fighters” in their dying comic where they belong.

        1. It is. Check out the sales on sometime. Both Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe bleed about 100 issues per months and are both below 6000 sales a piece. If the trend doesn’t end, I’d give the comics a few more years before finally fizzling out.

          1. So your saying your an insider at Archie who knows all there numbers, including the digital copies. Oh and also the numbers from the people who steal….I mean read online from a “source”. Yeah….. I think not. If it was dying which I doubt, they would never have continued the story and also introduce newer titles like Sonic Mega Drive which was talked about a lot and continued on with The Next Level. BTW if you also have not noticed, the Freedom Fighters came from one of the better eras of Sonic and a fan favorite in the TV Series, SatAM. You must not know how to research or know much about Sonic….or worse, a Mario fan. (BTW, where are Marios TV shows, Movies and comics)

          2. Yeah, and “Lost World” and “Boom” were the worst-selling games in the franchise’s history. I’m sure they’ll fizzle out as well.

          3. @Rocks the Squirrel
            No I’m not an “insider” but those numbers have to come from somewhere and if they are true than eventually the numbers will get so low that Sega or Archie will pull the plug. The Mega Drive series is doing well because 1.) It’s Sonic’s 25th anniversary, 2.) we’re finally getting a comic without any awful OCs polluting the panels like Archie and Fleetway did.

            Also lol at Satam being a “better era”. Yeah, it’s the shortest series to date (not counting the OVA), got it’s butt kicked by Power Rangers of all things, and bares no resemblance to the source material but sure.

            Those games are the worst sellings because they were sold exclusively to one of the worst selling consoles of all time. Mania and 2017 will fare better because they’re being released on consoles that actually sold.

          4. For people’s reference:

            Sales were undoubtably the strongest roughly between issues 240 and 255 (which averaged 10,000) and have been dropping off ever since – with the exception of 275 in August 2015, at over 13,000 sales. That number was entirely a fluke as sales immediately drop off below 10,000 on both sides.

            6000 isn’t universally considered cancellation numbers in American comics (Simpsons gets around that regularly) but the comic has indeed been losing sales over the last 3 years. This is associated with all books including Mega Drive, which sold about 6,800 where as the main book sold 5,600.

            Note that in Sept 2016, Mega Drive managed to outsell its initial print run at that low a count, whereas Archie sold 15,000 and Betty and Veronica sold 70,000. So it’s pretty clear that Sonic is way at the bottom end of their priorities.

            Also note that in Sept 2015, Sonic Boom was cancelled at 6,500 issues. At the time, the main book was running 8,200. The previous issues of Sonic Boom, in Aug 2015, were at over 8,000 while the main was at 9,000.

            But in the same month as those, Sonic Worlds Unite Battles #1 pulled 43,000. That means that single spin-off comic was outselling Green Lantern. Neither the Mega-Man nor Sonic books have pulled anywhere near that high in their entire respective runs.

            I hope that last part is very illustrative.

    1. ……..Even though I don’t want a new character, I would pay really good money to see the look on people’s faces if that is true.

      I want THIS as much as I want the new character to be SALLY…and just Sally. the butthurt will be worth every penny.

  2. Beh…. Sonic Mania all the way. It’s about security of quality and essence with some touchs of innovations. It’s too early to say anything about Sonic 2017, but a NEW character doesn’t look like a good thing for me, in marketing business.

  3. A new character?

    …Okay. That’s good, SEGA. A step in the right direction. Just for the love of Chaos don’t write them awfully. And don’t make them spout memes in every direction.

    …AND DO NOT PUT BOOM SONIC IN THIS GAME. Just making sure.

    1. This is more a bad thing than a good thing. Look at the all 3D games of Sonic with more character than Sonic. SA1, SA2 and Sonic 2006… Yelp. I can’t feel a good vibe.

        1. But this is FACT. SA1 and SA2 are BAD. Look at the score nowadays and compare with the score of Sonic 1, Sonic 2 and Sonic CD Remastered. Bingo. SA aged BAD… a lot!

          1. Look at the original scores for the Adventure games. You’re just using a tired argument to spit out your gripes instead of being original. Aged badly completely annihilated your side of the argument. You’re clinging to the thoughts of another and following the opinions of those who desire click bait for revenue.

            Also the emphasizing through bold makes your point a tad immature as well.

            Let me remind you Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and Sonic CD all introduced new characters… So… Try to use that favoritism argument elsewhere?

    2. The heck is wrong with putting Boom Sonic in there when you could seriously just make his gameplay from the ground up in a way that actually works? I’m so sick and tired of seeing people condemn a whole franchise when only ONE of the games was notoriously terrible while the rest has been pretty average to above decent. Whoever they put in there, just write them well and make their gameplay just as awesome.

      1. It’s not just that we don’t want Boom Sonic because Sonic Boom sucks. There’s also the fact that it would make no sense for him to be there and really… Do we a THIRD SONIC to play as in this game, when we have an entire cast of other characters who haven’t gotten any real work in a decade…?

  4. Am I the only one who is thinking Dreamcast Sonic right now? It’s the only one that makes sense at the moment.

    1. There is no difference between “Dreamcast Sonic” and “Modern Sonic”, it’s the same design.

      1. You could have Dreamcast Sonic be Adventure 2 Sonic cause he had different shoes and slightly shorter legs

        1. That’s not even close to being a significant enough of a difference to be an entirely “new” Sonic. SA1 though Lost World are all the same design with minor tweaks here and there.

    2. As much as I would like that, it really feels like Boom Sonic would be a more natural choice, what with all of the marketing that has been going on lately.

        1. Just like how this “isn’t” Generations 2 and how it’s an “entirely new experience”, right? Or like how Classic Sonic would never team up with Modern Sonic again? Yeah Sega ain’t exactly known for talking straight all the time.

    3. We don’t need a third Sonic in this game. Especially not one that’d essentially be a second Modern Sonic.

  5. I dont care that they say it’s not a Generations sequal. If it follows the 3d levels with modern Sonic and 2D levels with Class Sonic formula, it’s a Generations sequal in spirit. Not that I mind, Generations was great. I’m just hoping for a more interesting story and bigger Hub Worlds (like in Adventure & ’06) this time.

    1. Only, done correctly, am I right? lol

      But yeah, in a sense every Sonic game is a sequel to the last in some form or another (Generations is technically a “Colors 2” with the way the Time Eater’s backstory was explained), so no matter how different it may or may not be it is still going to be a spiritual successor to Sonic Generations.

    2. Well there was also the aspect of revisiting past Stages in Generations that this game lacks. So no, I wouldn’t exactly call it a Generations 2 without that.

      1. Um, what exactly does “classic 2D and modern 3D stages” mean to you exactly? He could have just said 2D and 3D if all he meant was new stages with different camera angles for each Sonic. The way he phrased that is heavily indicating that familiar stages might be returning. The only thing that doesn’t prove that right away is the location depicted in the trailer. I thought it kind of looked like a ruined City Escape, since the buildings just kind of make me think of San Francisco architecture, but it could be something entirely different. But it’s worth bringing up that those robots still greatly resemble the Generations model of the Death Egg Robot. Couple that up with Modern and Classic returning with a similar sounding gameplay setup and this is essentially the closest thing you can get to a Generations 2, whether it’s actually called that or not.

  6. It really depends if the character will stay on for future games. Last time we truly had anyone new to the mainstream games that stuck around for more, we had Silver, and that was more than a decade ago.

    Besides, I’d much rather they develop the characters we already have. The only characters who have truly seen any real development are Shadow, Blaze, and to a lesser extent, Tails and Amy. Why shouldn’t the others get some growth?

    Also, a new gameplay component? Is that another way of saying “gimmick”?

    Yeah, I think I’ll be sticking with Sonic Mania stuff until we know more about this…

    1. It has been ten years since we’ve had a new character.

      They have spent time since then trying to spotlight and “grow” the old characters, albeit the main cast sure.

      There has been enough of that hasn’t there? How long must people as a whole suffer the idealism of “Sonic and old crew only don’t you DARE add any new faces EVER!!” so many minorities are screaming before that demand can finally simmer down to a reasonable level?

      1. Yeah honestly at this point I’d either prefer them to try their hand at making another new interesting character (who isn’t an adversary/guardian of the planet/Koopaling rip-off that only shows up in one title) and do a good job writing him/her, or if not, spotlight and “grow” some of the Adventure-onward characters…particularly Silver. Guy is like a highlight in almost any game involving time travel and then the big anniversary title that centers itself entirely around time travel comes around and he’s little more than emotional support…granted so was everyone else, but again, you’d think a veteran time traveler would have some perspective to give to Sonic at least.

        But uh, anyway. Whichever characters you do focus on, just be sure to do a good job of writing them well, okay guys? I’m looking at you Pontac and Graff.

  7. Who’s that Black-Hooded Reaper guy? I dunno why, but I feel strangely attracted to this individual.

    Seriously, though… I’m so glad we got some news on this thing! 😀 I’m honestly not very happy about the return of MORE Classic 2D gameplay in this game. This is really sounding like Generations 2, and I just figured that maybe us Modern fans could get an actual 3D game for the first time in forever. You know, since the Classic fans are getting their entire own game? But this “new component” is very interesting to me. Is it a new gameplay style? Is it a way to switch between 2D and 3D? Is it something I can’t even fathom? Can’t wait to see.

    As for a new character, I am tremendously excited to see where this goes. But I do have my skepticism, since this term could be referring to anything. It could be a third Sonic (which is what I really hope to avoid), or Sticks, or a “new character” like Yacker or the Deadly Six… rather than someone like Silver, Shadow, Blaze, etc. As much as I do love Chip, the last time we got a real character that can be continued and remembered as a part of the series cast… it was Silver. Unless you’re willing to count Marine or Orbot & Cubot. I think if Project Sonic 2017 lets me play as a lot of other characters, including this new one, I will retract my Generations 2 comment. Otherwise, this really looks like it, and I don’t care if the game has original levels. Even if it were to add Tails and Knuckles, if this game is a half 2D and half 3D game (although, really, Generations was more 2D than 3D)… I’m calling it Generations 2.

    I’m curious, though. I would imagine Iizuka would be a bit more tight-lipped about this kind of stuff until the next trailer (which may possibly come in December.) I wonder why he’s suddenly talking about it.

  8. Dreamcast or Boom Sonic and his gameplay seems to be the safest bet. However I look forward to being proven wrong and hope the new character is Shadow/ Blaze/ Silver* tier in likability AND STICKS AROUND.

    * Granted a lot of people only grew fond of Silver after Generations, but still. (I liked him before he was cool.)

  9. I just laught at all the butthurt comments about a new character. We’ve had “new characters” in nearly every recent Sonic game (Chip in Unleashed, Yacker in Colors, Time Eater in Generations, Deadly Six in Lost World, Sticks in Boom). This is not a new concept people. I’ll only be surprised if this new character is actually a PLAYABLE character whose gameplay is completely differently to Sonic.

    1. ^^EXACTLY. Everyone immediately jumps to the “ugh another Silver/Shadow/whatever character they deem ‘bad’ etc” when Sega has been introducing new characters for years lmao.
      I understand the supposed ‘dread,’ but a new character excites me tbh (although I don’t really think it’ll be a big playable character).
      I am VERY happy they’re doing 3D levels in Generations style! It is such a fun gameplay style and I’m sooo glad we’re getting another game with it (and on PC too!!)<3

    2. I get what you’re saying, but it seems like they are talking about a new staple character , and not a one time use character

  10. Not liking this much, the similarities with Generations only makes me think Sega have ran out of ideas or that they’re too afraid to try something entirely new, but I will play the waiting game one more time to see where does this goes.

    And about the new character I seriously hope is not Boom Sonic, even if Iizuka said is a completely new char it could mean in the context of Sonic Team games i.e., though since the game seems to feature time travel (again) I have the feeling that the third character would be a future Sonic, one which we haven’t seen before (maybe Sonic Chronicles is canon after all??).

    Though as most of you guys I was really hoping we would see the return of other characters in playable form like Blaze, Shadow or Knuckles (modern), its more than unlikely now given this info but at least we shall have mods *sighs*

    1. Knowing that Classic Sonic is 2D, and not just another character to add to a 3D roster…. it really does kind of make me think that other playable characters are less likely now. They have to develop entirely different levels and playstyles for the two Sonics, unless there’s some crazy concept I don’t know about. At that rate, I feel like they wouldn’t care about other characters except for maybe Tails and Knuckles. As for the new character, I definitely agree with your stance on it.

      1. Yeah, thogh maybe there is the small possibility of having more playable chatracters in the form of Knuckles, Tails and maybe even Amy, perhaps the new component Iizuka was talking about isn’t a third gameplay but the option of more playable characters and since Knuckles, Tails and Amy have both modern and classic forms they could be played in both styles respectively, and the new character maybe is just a new villain or something.

        1. My initial theory was that the “new component” would actually be a new feature in the game to like… allow the player to switch Sonics on the fly or something… but I’m kind of thinking it’ll be something else. Still, I’m gonna remain hopeful.

          1. @Hero

            Though it would be a future Sonic of a post-apocalyptic world (the one despised in the trailer) and the plot of the game will more than likely be about preventing said future to ever happening, meaning “future Sonic” could basically become anything else after that game.

            Also to make his gameplay different he could be half-robotized, making him slower than present Sonic but more powerful in example.

          1. I would be fine with anything EXCEPT a “future Sonic”. Having a future version of Sonic is just kind of asking for it. The only way I want to see what the Sonic of the future will be like is by getting there one game at a time. Just coming up with a concept of what a future Sonic would look and play like (not to mention sound like, as if Roger would be voicing Sonic for the next 15 years.) is like making a huge promise that “yeah, some day we’ll make ALL the games exactly like this”. And it would be a dangerously huge promise to stick to (especially if critical reception isn’t all that great). In terms of any other Sonic’s from any other point in time, either make it a Sonic from another point in the past or another branch of the franchise, otherwise just let Modern Sonic become “future Sonic” in his own time so that it will feel creatively organic instead of predestined.

  11. I can deal with a new character so long as they don’t grate on me. I don’t feel that Sonic characters have to be deeply nuanced in contrast to the generally simple plots of the series, but I think it would be good for this new character to be more subdued in personality similar to Blaze or Espio rather than being up in your face like Amy or Marine (though thankfully the former has seen some toning down recently).

    In terms of the new “component”, I very much hope it’s something tied to the new character, making them playable. I’ve not played 06 myself and I hear that Silver’s gameplay is very much mediocre, but I think the concept behind it is very cool and interesting and could have been great if it were developed and implemented properly. I don’t mind slower paced gameplay so long as the gameplay is interesting.

  12. I am interested in these new elements that are being introduced, I only hope that they get implemented well. In other words, write your new character, no, ALL the characters exceptionally well so that they actually hold some weight in the plot, develop your new gameplay component in a way where it actually makes the game formula even more fun rather than being a distraction, and most importantly just make sure that all the elements of the game work together in a cohesive manner so that the whole experience is fully enjoyable (no more of this, the plot is interesting but the gameplay is off, or the game plays great but the story is lacking stuff). No element can directly bring a whole game down, the only thing that will do that is the incompetence to make them work well.

  13. It just makes me curious, when Sonic Team has that terrible need of creating new character for each game. We’ve seen how this has turned out before with multiple results: rarely good, decent and mostly bad. Could they just, you know, make a polished game first and then think about of whatever creating new character is necessary? Do game or character designers think about this when they are doing these decisions?

  14. Well, As someone who doesn’t like Classic Sonic, his gameplay, Generations as a whole, or the boost formula in general I will probably not enjoy this game either. Which is a shame since I was looking forward to it before I saw Classic Sonic.

  15. I think it’s a new hedgehog character

    since Sonic Adventure 2 introduced Shadow and Sonic 06 introduced Silver

  16. … I’m concerned, but intrigued.

    Especially by this new character who they apparently decided wasn’t worth revealing in the teaser trailer in favour of Classic Sonic.

  17. Boom Sonic is just an imbecile version of Sonic, why anyone would want him in this game is beyond me.

  18. How about “The New Character… IS YOU!”? I mean, it could introduce character creation into the mix, but females can’t have the same standards as males!

  19. I’m just glad it’s going back to Generations gameplay. Lost World was (in my opinion), a steaming pile of hot garbage.

  20. A few people have said it already but here’s hoping it’s a new playable character and not a villain or npc or something 😀

    1. Agreed since it hasn’t happened since 2006, the argument is no longer valid about an exploding cast. There isn’t a game series out there that doesn’t grow its cast and forsake old characters along the way Sonic should NOT be an exception to this common staple for many long running franchise.

      1. Hell, it’s already Sega’s Dragon Ball Z at this point, may as well keep increasing the roster like they do as well. Generations already got all of them to the emotional support bystander role as well, all we need now is some kind of jacked up super-hedgehog from another planet that can go legendary and Egyptian can-like gods that resurrect fallen enemies.

        Kidding aside though, yeah a game series shouldn’t be afraid of adding more new characters so long as they all get represented, written, and used properly. If that wasn’t the case, then Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat wouldn’t be nearly as popular as they are now a days, let alone Smash Bros.



    1. I thought there was already a character like that…that Electic jester dude in the fan games?


      DERIVATIVE THE CHARACTER, DO NOT STEAL….but if you want to make a bootleg version, go right ahead.

  22. Ok, I just wanna put this out here, but what if Classic Sonic isn’t gonna be in this game? It says that “PR2017 is similarly planned to include classic 2D and modern 3D stages,” so what if this means we’ll just have certain levels that are completely 2D and others that are mostly 3D? SEGA can be kinda sneaky (although, let’s face it, they would put Classic Sonic in this game).

    I just thought I’d say this, because everyone seemed to jump to the conclusion that Classic Sonic would be in the game. I’m not totally dismissing it, but it’s a thought

    1. Uh, curious, but what other reason would there be to even show him in the teaser? There is literally nothing else you could be suggesting with that, unless you’re really trying to piss people off by essentially cock-teasing them.

  23. I’m just excited for a new sonic game everyone, instead I see DISCOURSE© everywhere. SMH, can’t we all just get along :/

    1. Sadly no, since a lot of us have vastly different opinions and some of us can just scream louder than others and because of that feel entitled to keep shouting and forcing their opinions on everyone. Really it’s just the emotional pattern of these game announcements these days, I’m not sure if I ever remembered a day where people were just excited about something and let that be it. :/

  24. The new component will more than likely be something associated with the new character, Kind of like how Silver had telekinesis. Or maybe it will be a component that all characters use, Like how to boost was a new component, Maybe a slow motion tool for tight corners or something?

    Either way I’m all up for a new character, I do hope it’s another hedgehog. Silver might of debuted in a bad game but I love the character, his theme song and his appearances in other games, Silver wasn’t bad, Sonic 06 was. Plus SA2 Introduced Shadow and he’s awesome too.

    Please let it be a character that is fast paced and not butchered to make Sonic’s speed stand out more, Give each character there own unique abilities to make them special and keep them all at the same speed (Y)

  25. Who knows, I get a feeling the game will feature tons of Sonic’s from different dimensions. hence the “join the resistance” Sonic is building an army. besides you can see 3 Eggman robots in the teaser trailer.

    I expecting Boom Sonic to be in this so maybe its him with all new gameplay or maybe they will do something completely new and make it Satam Sonic who will feature stealth gameplay.

    Only time will tell.

  26. Cause I cant see how if this game is to celebrate Sonic 25th. that they will make a new character take his lime light. but then they did do it on Sonic’s 10th and 15th. so lets see.

    1. and one more thing Sega should be careful with this new character idea, usually the new characters ruin the game or put people off. besides Tails and Knuckles ofcourse

      1. That’s a loaded and biased statement. The new characters never ruined the games, if anything some of the games ended up ruining the characters. Silver was probably the most developed character out of 2006, but because it was such a terrible game people automatically associate Silver with that awfulness, just because of the title he debuted in. You need characters to tell a story, and sometimes depending on the scale of that story you’ll need either fewer or more characters for it. A bad character is one that shows almost little to no change or development over the course of a game’s story, and for the most part most of the characters introduced from Adventure-onward have had a decent job done with that. Sonic Team tends to do a good job characterizing, it’s only story development and occasional dips in gameplay quality that they have problems with sometimes. There’s no point in this kind of Classic-based favortism when in reality Tails and Knuckles could have potentially suffered the same problems as characters introduced later on.

  27. As someone said above, character creation would make a lot of sense if they’re going with “Join the Resistance” as a tag line.

    I just have no idea how that would work.

    I still wouldn’t be surprised if this ties to Mania in some way. Mania Sonic stages in 3D?! I reckon it’ll happen.

  28. This is risky as hell Sega. You’ve got so many underutilized characters already that creating a new one that feels organic to the universe and distinctly different from all the others won’t be easy. And if indeed you’re billing Boom Sonic or Dreamcast Sonic as “a completely new character” then there’s going to be backlash.

  29. If that new character is not adventure sonic and that new gameplay mechanic is not adventure gameplay i will be pissed

  30. Hope your ready for that THAT “new character.” Or should I say new characters. Look at my past post.

  31. as long as the character isnt a replacement for any existing character then i dont mind.
    as for gameplay component – if they’re going with the Generations formular then Modern Sonic would handle the 3D sections of the level before passing the control over to Classic Sonic for the 2Dsections… sort of like a – tag in / tag out mechanic.

  32. Well, this is interesting news.

    Haven’t had a new playable character (I’m guessing that’s the case) in a long time, let alone one who could become a mainstay. I’m very hopeful for how this could turn out since they’ve set up a fair amount of hype and speculation on this one, not to mention softened the blow of a mature setting via putting in classic Sonic. I haven’t seen what the gameplay’s gonna be like even though they’re saying its more of the boost formula and path gameplay we’ve had recently, which I enjoy a fair amount, I just hope there will be more 3D space this time around, however, we will see what Sonic team have in store.

    I know it’s an unpopular opinion but save for certain elements such as when sonic got pecked when he was dead, I really enjoyed the story and atmosphere to 06 as well as aspects of the gameplay, Unleashed being the epitome of combining the element of more appreciable gameplay with a deep story. It’s nice to see Sonic team going back to this kind of style after 8 or 10 years and I do hope they keep up the good work, I think they can be underappreciated because of some of their mistakes but it’s not my place to say everyone should like their decisions either. Anyway hope for the best from these guys.

    P.S. In regards to the trailer itself, I did some research on the CG animation company who normally do this stuff for Sega, Marza animation planet. Save for the fact that they take serious liberties on stretch and squash when animating Sonic running (he is quite short at the end of the day) they have a pretty good track record. They’re more recent shorts were produced in conjunction with unity engine which allows running full fledged productions in real time. I noticed in the trailer that the way Sonic was animated was closer on to his in game style and that many items looked like in game assets so it’s possible this is a new technique in rendering for the games that they might be going for, this is just an observation though.

  33. why are people expecting “Dreamcast”/”Boom” Sonic
    what part of “new” is so hard to grasp

    1. Sometimes Sega tends to say things in a really flexible manner or will just outright contradict whatever they say. Like for instance, they originally said that we wouldn’t see Classic and Modern Sonic team up again….well here we are.

  34. 2 ideas for a new charecter. How about a charecter the resides in the special stages and is intune with the forces of chaos to the point where to be able to stay in the “outer” world they must use rings. This charecter could possible produce some kind of chaos rings that allow it to bend reality. Making it possible for them to take back reality from the enemy.

    The other idea would be future sonic and what he looks like down the road a little. Possibly having cybernetics or chaos shards coming out.

    If they are going for sonic sonic sonic, that seems to be the logical next step. Not sonic boom who is not a not charecter.

    Last idea would be to have a charecter made from an odd material, I am thinking that what ever this secret character is, it will be over the top like silver was(favorite charecter so far) or will end up as a joke charecter. Bedoof, sonic edition.

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