Sound Test Saturday: Spooky Scary Mystic Mansion

Isn’t this that time of year where you put on a costume and threaten to prank strangers if they don’t give you candy? You know, New Year’s!

Boom jokes aside, the season of Halloween is indeed upon us, and for tonight’s Sound Test Saturday, we’re putting the remix spotlight on one of the more haunted locales of the entire Sonic series: Mystic Mansion from Sonic Heroes. Naofumi Hataya and Jun Senoue masterfully set the tone for the teams’ respective treks through the eerie manor, crawling with evil spirits and spooky scary skeletons around every corner.

A pair of Mystic Mansion tributes is available below – first one up being a lyrical take by Daniel Alvarez, which really captures the spirit of the original song!

Next up is a much more recent remix by MasterJace – this 90’s Electropop Mix of Mystic Mansion starts laying the beats on pretty heavy in the beginning before it really starts to pick up. Have a listen!

Found any other interesting Sonic music remixes out there on the web? Maybe you have one of your own you’d like to share? If so, you can reach us via either of the following and see your choice on the next Sound Test Saturday:

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Have yourselves a happy Halloween, everyone!

Hang Castle, penciled by Ben Bates and coloured by Ziggyfin!
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  1. Incredible that was awesome Sonic Heroes music scenario Mystic Mansion differently it was smooth. Move you got there of remixing up of types Sonic Heroes Mystic Mansion music for Halloween. Surprises.

  2. Oh, you got my hopes up that there’d be a Spooky Scary Skeletons/Mystic Mansion mashup. Maybe tomorrow, for a Hallowe’en Special Mashup Monday?

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