Amazon Prime Members in Canada Can Now Save 20% Off Preorders and Newly Released Games

Sonic Mania Collector's Edition

So it’s no great secret that the Canadian dollar has flopped quite a bit over the past decade, with prices on imported goods having seen a major increase in order to make up for the drop in our currency’s worth. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime members in the US of A have enjoyed their exclusive 20% discount on the latest and upcoming hits in gaming while their northern neighbours wondered why they were still subscribed to this service in the first place if no such incentive was available to them.

Wonder no longer, my fellow Canucks! Earlier this morning, Amazon Canada has announced that the Prime-exclusive offer on preorders and newly released games now applies up north, and with no limited time marked in fine print. Ergo, you can now get your hands on Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice (at least up to two weeks after its launch) and the Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition for 20% off their regular prices, as well as Project Sonic 2017 once it is available for preorder.

The other big perk to Amazon Prime is free shipping on applicable orders. If you’re a post-secondary student, you can also enjoy your first six months of Amazon Prime absolutely free through Amazon Student.


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  1. I’m an American and I’m still pleased by this, it’s nice to see more equality of service to other regions. 🙂

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