Sonic 25th Anniversary Cafe Open in Japan


To help celebrate Sonic’s 25th Anniversary, from October 1st until November 13th, there will be a special Sonic themed cafe open at the Suites Paradise Ueno ABAB shop on Japan.

A specially designed Sonic themed menu has been created, including Sonic themed drinks, all meals purchased will come with a special gift (coasters and stickers). Some of the drinks even come in special containers, the Tails themed drink for instance comes in a science beaker.

Some more pictures are available in our gallery and lots more are in the topic on SSMB.

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  1. awh damn, october 1st is tomorrow – well that was short lived.
    if i opened a cafe i would seriously pursue a lincence to turn it sonic themed. perhaps even along the lines of “Picnic in chao garden”

  2. Ahhhh man… I go to Japan every year and I’ve searched and searched for Sonic themed bars or cafes. One finally opens and there’s no way I can conceivably pull the money out my arse in time to go! What a shame! Cool though!

  3. I wonder if the chili dogs
    a) are any good?
    b) will sell decently?
    I’m working on broad generalizations bordering on stereotypes, but chili dogs just don’t seem like a thing the Japanese public would really want.

  4. I would LOVE to have a whole restaurant themed after Sonic even here in the USA
    I really want to try that chili dog… And does every dish, as in every one ordered, have a its respective character on it? i.e. the Shadow and Tails prints

  5. I wonder why no one has made a joke involving Totino’s yet. Figured that would be the obvious thing to say here.

  6. I’m looking to move to Japan and a Sonic bar is on my wish list of things to do if I could logistically make it work out. Something along the lines of Star Bar Shot Club (the unlicensed Mario Bar) in Shinjuku. Who knows, maybe if Mania is successful and it makes the Japanese interested in Sonic again someone could open one up out there!

  7. Nice a little celebration in Sonic Cafe for Sonic The Hedgehog 25th Anniversary in Japan.

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