Sonic in Lego Dimensions Releases November 18th & New Gameplay Released

A video posted by IGN via twitch has shown off gameplay from the Sonic Level Pack from Lego Diemensions.


The video shows how  Gizmo and Harry Potter will navigate the level as well as a brief appearance by Sonic.

In other news, the level pack itself has appeared on multiple retailer sites including Amazon & Toys R US all stating that the pack will be released on November 18th. Current price point is £29.99.

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  1. IGN hates Sonic games and thinks consumers want sex with the cast, yet you support them by linking to their content…

    Alrighty then.

          1. Admittedly, yes, I like many am salty over their collective negative/hateful opinion shown towards the franchise. But it’s the inclusion of the spit hurled toward the consumers that still have me, and many, in the same mindset towards them.

            I find it ridiculous to bother with them as a result, especially on the topic of including their content on any Sonic “fan” site after everything they’ve come out with toward the fans unanimously. It was an insult to all fans, as there was no specific people/portion the insults were directed toward.

            If anything is funny… It’s you actually sharing their content after direct insults TOWARD you. They say so much, then the next day there they are playing the very thing they unanimously can’t stand.

            Of course you could come back with “But the others not in that video didn’t say that stuff” yet at the same time, has anyone from IGN debunked those thoughts? Anybody not in the video come out with an apology of some sort?

            Has ANYBODY at the IGN corp accepted that invite to meet Aaron/SEGA put out aftr their video was up?

            So… That’s why I find it interesting this stuff from IGN is even here. It’s showing support despite the slander just recently thrown toward every consumer of Sonic.

            As far as my comment being juvenile… No, it’s really not. It would be if I insulted staff here for posting this content, or if I was DA FRICK or what have you over it.

            Ya don’t care for me Hog, you nor’ the staff here. I get that. But if you wanna talk to me/respond, at least do it better rather than spouting “Get a life” zingers. You’re a staff member, show some class.

          2. Mmmmhmmmm….

            So Chris.

            After a whole day of complaining over nothing.

            Would you now like to take another look at the article and point out where exactly I linked to IGN.

            Because you’ll find I have not linked directly to them.

            Mind taking your childish attitude elsewhere now?

          3. You didn’t link directly to them no but the content is still from their Twitch stream nonetheless. Thus… Still supporting them, albeit in an indirect manner.

            (Did you… Change the link after this? Seems different to me…)

            But I’ll leave you be Hog, my point has been made.

          4. No I did not change the link, feel free to check google cache.

            Frankly Chris, the only point you’ve made is that you take things way too seriously and I’m questioning if you are even mature enough be on the internet let alone comment on articles if you’re going to react like this to news sources.

          5. All you’ve done is throw insults Hog, not I.

            If you want one in return, I can say you’ve given yourself an appropriate name. Each response to me has been very boorish.

            Questioning content you post is not immature in the least. It’s a difference of opinion on it. If you’re not mature enough to handle other opinions on what you put out, there’s nothing I can do for you. That’s a personal matter needing handled.

            Don’t insult someone repeatedly/put them down for not mindlessly agreeing with/liking everything you post. That’s a matter of your ego getting the better of you.

          6. I will apologize for mistaking the video link used however. It appeared to have been altered but if not that’s my mistake and I’ll fess up to it. My bad on that part.

          1. That’s not the point. The point is that you approach criticism (be it respectful or otherwise, even if it’s flat-out wrong) like this all the time. You feel the need to act sarcastic and make rude comments towards people who don’t see you eye to eye. It’s condescending, and it does kind of bother me when I see you call people childish because you’ve resorted to juvenile comments yourself. You know you’re the admin of this particular article, so you feel like you can say whatever you want and it’s justified because you know what you’re talking about.

            I’m not saying you’re wrong for sharing this IGN video, of course, but the way you replied to Chris’ comment is not appropriate at all. I’ve seen this multiple times on previous articles people would disagree on, regarding your opinion or methods. I’m not gonna pull up direct quotes. I understand that you don’t feel like sugar-coating your responses, but “Get a life”? I don’t want to tell a man how to do his job, but that is certainly not the only way to respond to someone as a staff member, even if you did feel like his comment was unwarranted.

    1. They’re only right about ONE guy: Glenn Quagmire! I didn’t really watch Family Guy, but Quagmire would want to have sex with EVERY Female, young, old, or otherwise!

  2. hmmm id love to see Travellers Tales do a full on Lego Sonic game, all the chracters in the entire franchise would be playable 🙂

          1. It’s possible considering how hyped they seem to be over the Sonic portion of the game and the emphasis over it, plus they’re definitely pouring gravy all over SEGA with the praise train going on for working with them.

            I wouldn’t say it’s impossible to see a LEGO Sonic game in the future, especially considering SEGA’s emphasis on expanding things lately.

  3. Currently going through the long process of trying to 100% Dimensions in it’s year 1 state before the year 2 stuff starts. Currently have 100% PS4 trophies (easy, only had 4 left to get by the time I bothered to even look at trophies and two of those could be obtained by simply adding upgrades to the batmobile) and over half the gold bricks collected. It’s a very expensive task, despite getting the starter pack and most of the many figures I have (they’ve taken over my TV stand!) when they were on good deals. You could buy a brand new console and other games to go with it for the money, or all the other full standalone LEGO games TT have made.

    Why TT? Why did you have to bring both Doctor Who AND Sonic into this?! Damn you to heeellllll!!! lol

    1. How else were they gonna do a crossover LEGO Game without dragging the major publishers into this? That’s what the toys-to-life element is for. Correctamundo?

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