More Sonic in Lego Dimensions Details Revealed


IGN have posted another video about Lego Dimensions which contains a big focus on the Sonic stages. In this video we learn a bunch of new details about the Sonic level pack.

  • 7 Stages.
  • “It practically is a Sonic game”
  • Battle Arena based on “Carnival Zone.” – “Brightly coloured, neon mashup.”
  • Lots of boss fights.
  • Confirmation that Sonic’s ring is based off the Lego Toilet Seat.

Check out the video to see the details and some better quality gameplay.

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    1. That just about dashes all hope for adding in those guys as playable characters. Any programming made for any of them would increase the loading times, and make the game unplayable, just like with Sonic 2006.

  1. IGN never hesitates to bash on the Sonic franchise even when he’s in a Lego game.

  2. Hogfather, why are you promoting IGN with this video? You know they hate Sonic! Why did you do this? WHY!?


  3. I’m surprised they’re putting THAT much of Sonic into the game… I do think it’s testing the waters for a legit LEGO Sonic game in the, hopefully, near future but… Who knows?

    Now if they had OTHER playable Sonic characters in this game to go with that instead of making them NPC’s this thing really would be perfect.

  4. Sweet! Sounds like a lot of content. If I can find it for cheap, I’ll definitely nab that figure.

  5. Well at least we can see that not everyone in IGN has an agenda against Sonic, but what I don’t get is why they keep putting people who literally have nothing favorable to say about Sonic on Sonic-related videos and articles, when you clearly have non-offensive people like this who could do them.

  6. IGN are retarded a lot of Sonic games instead I know why they like Mario a lot than Sonic back in the 90s & now it’s 20s the console wars are over so yet IGN is gonna stick their mind forever hating Sonic The Hedgehog liking Mario a lot don’t trust IGN a lot about Sonic The Hedgehog alright!

    1. I’m still not sure why this guy in particular is having anything to do with a Sonic game since he’s the one who stated everyone needed to admit Sonic was never good.

      But… Let a player play I guess.

  7. It’s funny how everyone’s getting salty over a minute fact. I mean i’m not trying to protect IGN since they said that Sonic was never good when that’s a big lie, but really. The ring on the Sonic Lego figure actually IS based off of the Lego toilet seat. I looked up some pictures.

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