The Future of Sonic To Be Revealed on Friday

What can I say really? The Sonic Party which was announced several months ago is this Friday, as we’ve known for a while it’s going to be live streamed and there has been hints of a big announcement at it. Well guess what? That’s still the case! Only now we can bring you some additional details.

First of all, the live-stream will be broadcast on the official Sonic twitch channel, you can find the link to it at the following location:


But the biggest news comes from the description itself, where they say that the party will reveal the future of Sonic. So odds are big new announcement then.

So odds are a bunch of you will want to stay up and watch the live-stream right? Well here is our handy little guide to when and where you need to be.

LiveStream Link:

Date: July 22nd (note, for people outside the US & Canada it will likely be July 23rd).

Time: 6PM (PST), 2AM (GMT (On July 23rd)) Use this handy converter to find out when it broadcasts for you

Source: Twitch

P.S. Friday… We we so excited.. we so excited.


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  1. Yes, yes! It’s coming close! I’ve been counting days since Webber said there will be big new on July 22! I’ll have to tune in at 9:00 PM in my time zone.

  2. I’m not excited. I’m pretty mellow about it. I’m expecting the worst.

        1. I hear you bro! I don’t want the anniversary game to be Boom or Classic related, the later being the most likely, I’m betting it will have average to great gameplay with very polished controls but I’m pretty sure I won’t like the direction they will take the series.

          1. I hope it’s something good too. But even if it isn’t I still have my monthly Archie Comics. Until issue 288 where I’ll have to deal with more Classic for 4 months.

  3. “The future of Sonic…” Hoo hoo, that gives me tingles. I really hope that’s what we get. Fuuuutuuuure.

  4. Sonic Future sound like an interesting title. Eggman returns after being absent for many years. Mhm

    1. Or perhaps Sonic and other characters get stuck in the future and they are looking for a way to get back to their own timeline with the help of Silver ^^

      Though what I really think Aaron means by Sonic future is that they will take the main series in a completely new direction, or at least fresh enough to change Sonic current status quo, hence the expression “Sonic future will be revealed” or paraphrasing “This is how things are going to be from now on”.

  5. Classic, Modern, and Boom Sonic shall be phased out to introduce Sonic’s new design:

    Lego Sonic.

  6. If Silver doesn’t show up to tell us the future of Sonic I will be mildly disappointed. X)”

    1. Sonic: (To classic Sonic) “Enjoy your future, is going to be great!”

      Silver: “Not!” (troll face)

  7. i hope they announce the title and bring modern sonic back because the sonic series is going down hill so far and its falling behind. i hope they manage not to fail at this point when the anniversary title is revealed to be on every consoles like PS4 XB1 Wii U and possibly NX next year.

  8. “The Future of Sonic to be revealed on Friday”

    Hey all! We’re getting rid of all that stuff from the Adventure games and just focusing on Boom Sonic and Classic Sonic. And Classic Sonic’s gonna run around in only full 2D games and you’ll never see the Chaotix again Mr. Super Fan of the Chaotix. But don’t cry. Here’s more Big the Cat memes.

    Oh God. It sounds like a nightmare.

    1. Nightmare? That actually doesn’t sound bad provided that Sonic Team executes it right. Granted I don’t think it would be good to get rid of every Adventure element (or the Chaotix), but on the other hand, stuff from the Adventure games haven’t really been present for awhile so its not like we’ll be missing much more than usual. And full 2D can be done right. I’d kill for more stuff like Rush, or Sonic Advance, or a Sonic 4 as we truly imagined it (rather than how some Dimps employees imagined it). So can Boom– it would be crazy not to continue Boom in some form considering how well the show and merch is doing (though it should step away from the games after Fire and Ice), and I do think its flaws can be fixed. Though I’d also be happy if they pulled off an Adventure style well, even if it isn’t necessarily my cup of tea.

      I’d be more concerned about how Sonic Team is handling that than the concept of Sonic Team doing that, to be honest. You know how bad management can be at Sega and its subsidiaries. And that Sonic Team is more than capable of not getting what made an old formula work and thus screw it up. Though there is a fair amount of evidence that this Sonic game has been worked on for five years, with Sonic Team there’s always the chance that the game is being rushed too.

    2. ^ This. This is exactly what I am afraid of.

      I do really love Sonic 3 & Knuckles, but if they ditch everything I love about Modern Sonic… and just go for “Good ol’ classic 2D fun with Sonic and Eggman” again… forever… I’ll be pretty distraught. I don’t even dislike Boom, but at that rate, if they just ditch everything from the Adventure era, then that’s pushing off a huge chunk of fans who actually still care about things like 3D gameplay, and other characters like the Chaotix.

      1. And Team Dark and Blaze and Silver. But mostly Shadow. I would hate if we had to use him forever in the games.

  9. Sonic ’06: “We’re going back to Sonic’s roots”
    Sonic Unleashed: “We’re going back to Sonic’s roots”
    Sonic Colors: “We’re going back to Sonic’s roots”
    Sonic 4 episodes 1 and 2: “We’re going back to Sonic’s roots”
    Sonic Generations: “We’re going back to Sonic’s roots”
    Sonic Lost World: “We’re going back to Sonic’s roots”
    Current day: “We want Sonic to be like he was back in his heyday. So esentially we’re going back to Sonic’s roots.”
    I honestly don’t think his future is going to be much different from his past.

  10. I just realized they PST instead of PDT. We are not standard time until November.

  11. “Were no longer listening to the autistic dominated fan base. Fuck you guys. Were doing shit like it’s 1999 again baby!!!!!” – Best speech opening they could do

  12. It is coming close. I find it interesting that there haven’t really been any leaks– not even any blatantly false but inexplicably widely trusted leaks to laugh at this year!

    The stream is at 9PM where I live… Oh well, I guess I’ll just watch the chaos unfold on Saturday.

    1. I feel the exact same, every time before I check Sonic news these days I’m thinking “wonder if the anniversary game has been leaked already”, at least in that regard Sega has bested themselves XD

      1. Quick, somebody invent an “uncle works at Sega” story and put it on 4Chan! (Just kidding, please don’t do this…)

        Dunno how to feel. On one hand, it could be taken as a good sign that Sega’s being more cautious about Sonic, as well as increasing quality control regarding who it lets into its offices. It could also be treating its employees better so they want to keep their jobs and thus have less incentive to leak– again, a good thing. On the other hand, this could mean absolutely nothing except that Sega has bumped up its security– and thus the inner workings of Sega continue to be an enigma. And on the other other hand, I’m a highly curious fan and I want to know what the new game is without having to wait until Friday.

        1. Hahaha I know right? Also I remember how hyped I got when something got leaked, like those Shadow VS Mephiles pics of Sonic 2006, of course that was before the game came out and everybody went insane with those XD.

          Well, this may not be a leak but an early revelation regarding Sonic Boom season 2, writer/producer Bill Freiberger revealed at Sonic Revolution 2016 that S2 of Sonic Boom will feature:
          -Multi-part episodes
          -Ian Flynn and Evan Stanley slated to write episodes for the show
          -New characters
          -More character models
          -New locations

          The interview of the video is in Evan Stanley’s blog, is about the 6th post, check it out!

          1. That must have been so cool– the concept of Shadow fighting the devil is admittedly cool even if a lot of the devil-like Sonic villains end up being generic. The first Sonic game I really got hyped for was Colors, which was another game that had very little leaks– though I remember freaking out when somebody leaked a longer version of Reach for the Stars than the trailer version that Sega was using pre-release and listening to it until the game came out for real. Good times.

            Already Season 2 is looking better! I’m a little iffy on Flynn– not that he isn’t a good writer, but he isn’t a television writer by trade and what’s acceptable in comics isn’t necessarily acceptable in animation. But I trust the folks at Ouido to give him good guidance. Thanks for the info!

          2. @Mad Convoy

            Good times indeed XD And yeah let’s see how Ian does but I think he will be good, I liked the few Sonic Boom comics I read more then the tv episodes, also Ian, Evan and co hard rebooted the entire Sonic universe in probably less than a month, if these guys can still work well under that kind of pressure maybe the change in format will be nothing to them 😛

        2. i hope they announce the title and bring modern sonic back because the sonic series is going down hill so far and its falling behind. i hope they manage not to fail at this point when the anniversary title is revealed to be on every consoles like PS4 XB1 Wii U and possibly NX next year.

    2. T̷̉̎͊̈́ͨ͟͏͚͉̫͖̱E̦̣̺̠̩̳̗ͥ̍ͥ͌ͭͣ̎M̧̮̜͚͈̦͌ͮ̾̆͒ͯ̋ͫ͡P̜͓̱͕͚̫͙͉̼͗̒̏ͩ͜͜͞T̰̜̙͙̩̟̪̪ͦ͝I͉̟̍͂ͥ̀͝Ṉ͙̦̹̠̼̬͍͕ͬ̉̇͠Ĝ̣̩͈̙̪̉̾͛̍ͪ̉͆͌ ̣̦̻͋͊̃̐̃ͧ͐F̉̾͒́̕͏͉͈͉̟A̶̧̩͙̤̥̱͈ͯͭ̒͒͑̓T͊҉̤͓̜Ȅ̛̘͌̆͠

  13. Can’t wait to hear what this big announcement about the future of Sonic is going to be!

    … wait a minute, a big announcement about the future of Sonic games? A “Big” announcement?

    …… oh….. oh god….

  14. Plz Don’t be Sonic Adventure 3, for the love of god. I think it should at least be called something else.

  15. They should do what mega man did Having classic era series modern era series and side series like battle network = Sonic Boom that get released every other year work on modern sonic and see everybody’s happy

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