First4Figures To Expand their Sonic Range

A few weeks ago at the Vegas Licensing Expo, First4Figures posted a number of photos of Sega’s booth, however there wasn’t any indication as to why they were at the event or at Sega’s booth.

Well, we think we might have a clue as to what.

First4Figures recently teased in one of their Facebook groups that they were looking into releasing other products which differ from their usual statue rangers, whilst I would love to provide a snap of that quote it was a few weeks ago and have since lost it.

Well to further provide hints as to what this might mean and which franchises are on board, according to a newsletter published at the Vegas Licensing Expo, First4Figures are to continue making Sonic themed statues, but also expanding the range into other products.

Whilst no specifics were given, the newsletter is quoted as saying ‘exclusive range of gift and novelty products’ suggesting that these might be priced significantly lower than the usual high end statues.

We’ll update you with more as we get it.

Source: Global License.


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  1. When I saw expanding their range I was thinking that Sega will give them the go ahead on making non game related merchandise. It’d be really neat to see a Freedom Fighter set or diorama that was easily affordable.

    Also “Frist” made me laugh. Have you been hanging around YouTube a little too long, Hogfather?

  2. “‘Exclusive range of gift and novelty products’ suggesting that these might be priced significantly lower than the usual high end statues.”

    ‘Exclusive’ doesn’t give me any confidence these will be cheaper, but one can dream!

    1. I think it was more the “gift and novelty” part, but they could still be worth big bucks.

  3. I’d be cool if they made statues that depict various iconic moments in the series, like Sonic outrunning the orca in Sonic Adventure or being chased by the flame funnel in Sonic 2006.

  4. You know what would be cool? If F4F took a crack at making action figures. Jazwares lost the license, and frankly, the Tomy figures are nowhere near the same quality. We already know that F4F has fantastic skills with statues, so as long as they’re good at making good points of articulation, we would get some pretty high-quality action figures.

  5. a large action figure of metal sonic with everything articulated… thats my dream – some day, someone will make it.
    Or maybe something Orbot and Cubot related – i love them.

  6. How about they start making something that isn’t just Sonic, Shadow and Eggman for a change.

    1. Agreed, they should give a chance to the rest of the cast and I don’t mean every single character, just the usual suspects (Knuckles, Blaze, Amy, Silver, Tails, Rouge)

      1. And Omega. If they do Shadow and Rouge I want an Omega too because I love Team Dark. Or one depicting all three characters together. I would buy that.

        1. Omega would be cool too but maybe be he has less priority than the others since he wasn’t playable in Mario & Sonic Rio 2016 Wii U.

  7. Sonic Heroes statues of Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, together as a team they want will be perfect first favourite confirmed yet?

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