Project Sonic 2017 Announced

Announced at the 25th Anniversary Party, Sonic project 2017 “is not a sequel”. During the CG trailer we see an image of destruction in which Eggman mechs have taken over, as Sonic charges towards them he’s joined by… well… you’ll see.

Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC and the NX. Holiday 2017.

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    1. Hype by CGI? I would wait with “Hype” until we see some gameplay and more info.

      1. The narrative and setting got us hyped, can you really blame us? Gameplay might be the most important aspect of a game but is NOT the only important aspect of a game, much less with how much gaming has evolved over the years.

      2. It’s a dark setting in a destroyed city where it seems like the cast has failed. Sonic is clearly struggling which I’m excited for, and I’m always hype to see Classic. At the end, it says “JOIN THE RESISTANCE” which clearly implies Sonic and co. are on the losing side and are pooling recources this time.

        1. Well! I have 3 things that I desperately want from this game.
          1. 1-to-1 Classic with great designs. When you think about it, the Modern Sonic gameplay in Generations was actually better than Classic.
          2. The Knothole Freedom Fighters (obviously).
          3. SONALLY. It’s been SO LONG since Sonic and Sally could express their love for each other (5 years! FIVE YEARS AREYOUKIDDINGME?!)!
          Also, am I the only one to notice that there’s apparently MORE cryptic messages on the USBs they gave out at the party?

          1. 2 and 3 obviously are never going to happen because of Archie and how Sega feels about Sonic being in a relationship.

    2. Why are people saying “Boom” Sonic is in this as well? I’ve seen nothing indicating that, or did I miss something?

    3. Riddle me this Sega ” sometimes it falls on a generation to be great, you can be that great generation , let your greatness blossom and join the resistance.


  3. Wow…. this is awesome and I can’t wait for more info on this “Generations 2”-ish project.

  4. I’m so glad I watched through the whole livestream! They literally announced it at the very end! Yes, yes, yes!

  5. So it has Modern and Classic Sonic, but the game is “not a sequel” (so not Generations 2).

    Perhaps this game’s story will have a past, present, future time travel element like Sonic CD had.

  6. I need more then just this teaser trailer SEGA. You has failed to deliver so many god damn time by now that you don’t deserve any trust or hype.

      1. He’s not wrong though. SEGA’s track record is not worthy of any hype, they’ve shown us on several occasions that we’ve the right to be cautiously optimistic. Generations was the last game to be universally accepted as good, and depending on who you ask, the first game to be accepted as good since Sonic Heroes, and even then you’ve got naysayers. Nobody likes a negative Nancy, but you can’t deny they don’t have an excuse to be such.

          1. Exactly. Sorry, mate. But they were not universally praised in the slightest.

            Colors was average, Unleashed had werehog, and Lost World was too different with too little instruction.

            Those three titles can only be loved by sonic fans, sadly.

          2. Actually, Colors had one of the most powerful receptions of Sonic history. And besides, the debate isn’t whether those games were popular. Were they objectively at least good? Yes, they were. A bad game and a good game are two different things. No one said Unleashed was perfect, but it was a good game.

  7. New game is looking really good! Not entirely sold with the idea of Classic Sonic featured again but at least the story is looking really exciting! Hope this is the end of the Colors era! ?

    Also I thought it might be titled Sonic Rebellion.

  8. It’s….


    Just after I completely gave up…… It’s so promising. It’s not the Adventure brand, but its like the Sonic Generations Nintendo fans have been waiting for. Could we also be getting an NX port of Sonic Generations, so all of this makes sense?

    But if Classic Sonic is there, then I hope Boom Sonic doesn’t show up with his friends and dork things up. But overall……..


    1. Based on the trailer the game looks too serious for boom sonic (boom sonic tries to be more light hearted). So I think your safe there. Personally as a Boom fan I would rather the Boom games and cartoon stay separate to the main series anyway. Just wouldn’t work.

      Glad to here new Sonic games are coming. Hoping to get a NX. Though if I can’t afford the game systems luckily I have a PC as backup just in case. I love that PC is included.=D

      Will interested to see more and how they’ll implement classic sonic into this. I’m a sucker for time travel.

  9. Oh, God! I can’t contain myself. I really need to see gameplay, but I’mma’ just let myself be hyped regardless right now.

  10. And with that, ALL BASES ARE COVERED. Something for the Classic fans, something for the Boom fans, and something for the Modern Fans. OH LORDY WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!!!

    1. Honestly, in all this news, I forgot Fire and Ice was even a thing. Not sure how that’s going to go with Sonic Mania and 2017 on the horizon.

  11. Say, you know how Sonic is to have a new design for every 6+ years? So why does he look the same as since 2006? I was hoping for a retro-style redesign for him, but we’ll see the final product sooner or later, right?

    1. They only thing consistent to change is the voice cast but modern Sonic looks good the way he is. Boom tried and look what happened.

      1. Indeed was Boom Sonic’s design too dramatically apart from the classic design with the blue arms, handkerchief, and bandages. Anyways, as much as modern Sonic is tolerable, a perfect redesign would have Sonic proportionally shorter and thicker, with brighter skin color, darker eyes, shorter quills, and more realistic texture. Overall combining realism and nostaligia. 😛

        1. Therefore, Sonic should’ve looked like an intermediate between his classic and modern designs with some anatomical elements from Star Fox Zero and Pokken Tournament.

    2. Actually, the ’06 version of the design was very short-lived, this is actually the Unleashed style. And to be fair, the Classic style for the current Sonic lived for several years until Adventure, which lived for 8 years before Riders/06/Rivals. The former two only stayed for at least one year until Secret Rings, which is the current design and a mainstay. Mainly, these are all minor deviations to the Adventure design, and if he WERE to get another redesign, it would probably be a tiny bit taller and with richer colors, but this is highly unlikely.

      Anyways, hope this helps.

    3. Please…. NO MORE REDESIGNS. Sonic is fine the way he is. If it ain’t broke, don’t fucking fix it!!!

  12. Next gen that you?! And who brought you colors and generations! you mean the only two games people care about XP

    Cynicism aside I glad to see this puts some faith back in me,using classic again does worry me(I thought izuka said they would only do it one time) but I can’t wait to see more I already have ideas in my head what may happen

  13. So. Yes– this is not considered a “sequel.” However, just the other day I predicted this. I’ll give you some more fun tidbits. The story plays on a reality where sonic “disappears”. And the world goes to shit basically. This game has 3 playable characters. Both Sonics, and a new character named Buddy. Buddy is an original character… That you create. Who is actually the first character which you’ll play as, and you join “the resistance”, made up of sonics friends, Knuckles, Amy, the chaotix, etc. And yes NO Tails. Tails has given up and only joins the fight when Sonic is saved. Sounds like a bad fanfic, right? Well you’ll see down the road that this is true. Unfortunately, very very true. Not sure if it has been changed, but the working title was “Sonic Wars”. 😛

    1. so what you’re saying is that we’ll play as coldsteel the hedgeheg. I won’t lie, if for some kind of miracle what you said turns true I will laugh for the entire year.

    2. Larry. If you’re right, I swear to god I will love you. Because that sounds amazing.
      Seriously. A CaC system along with Sonic and the whole crew in a SW:TFA-esque time-traveling journey?

      Emphasis on SW:TFA..

      Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

      Star Wars.


      Sonic Wars?

      Stop it, Larry.


      1. Lol when I “predict” things that I know will happen, it’s just my way of showing that I know things. I don’t wish to argue. Time is going to reveal what I say is true.

    being shocked aside i am really excited for these games i cant choose between mania and 2017 both look great mania seems very polished i just couldnt believe the fidelity i am buying both for sure .
    i still cant believe after all this wait finally two sonic games for PS4 announced .

  15. Yes! A full fledged 3d Sonic game!

    I’m partial on the game’s tone, though. One the one hand, I like the idea of the series finally going back to more serious stories; I can’t stand the goofy tone of the latest games. On the other hand, I’m getting Sonic 06 and SatAM vibes from that trailer (a world taken over by Eggman, or at least his robots). I hope that’s not the case; I loathe SatAM, as it’s Sonic in name only, and most fans agree that Sonic 06’s story was really bad. I’d be cool with the story being less Sonic 06/SatAM and more Sonic Adventure 2.

    1. Whatever direction they’re willing to take now what I’m hoping the most is that at least they cared enough to hire good and fitting writers for this game, the story doesn’t look like Ken Pontac and Graf style of plot at all and its possible that they were relegated to the Boom franchise only as Aaron confirmed they are the writers of Sonic Boom Fire & Ice.

    2. Sonic 06 story wasn’t bad except for the Sonic and Elise romance. The story was pretty solid and it’s the type of dark tone I want to see in Sonic games.

      1. I mean, it didn’t try too hard to be edgy as Shadow the Hedgehog, but it definitely didn’t make a very cohesive plot. It technically works “logically”, but it seems too… unnaturally occurring, to the point that you know that there’s no way events could happen in this certain way without someone playing God. And Mephiles wasn’t exactly god yet. Overall, it was a mess that luckily wrote itself out of existence.

  16. so i guess it finally happen this marks the return of classic sonic YEEESS this is what we been waiting for but i don’t know if the boost formula is gonna return because i have a good hint that the new sonic game 2017 is gonna be good.

  17. LMAO!! SA3 getting BTFO, deconfirmed by Iizuka himself!

    I told y’all it was going to be Generations 2….even if they wind up calling it something else, let’s be real – it’s Generations part Dos. Can I call them or what?!

    That’s good because Generations was the last good Sonic game a majority of gamers liked and even if it’s just a re-thread of the last game, it will still be enjoyable and will have a strong foundation that will lead to decent reviews, and more importantly, dollars in SEGA’s bank.

    SEGA can’t afford to make any risky moves (if if said move is a supposed “guaranteed winner” like SA3), so they’re covering all their bases: letting Whitehead experiment with a proven formula like Classic Sonic, trying to improve the quality of Fire and Ice and Season 2 to mitigate Boom’s disaster and just give everyone else more of the LAST thing the really liked.

    Generations 2 will really sore once it gets ported to PC, that’s for sure.

    1. My aren’t we arrogant… Granted the behavior of said crowd isn’t the best, your own behavior is just as sickening in response.

        1. I don’t care really if we ever get an SA3 game, that’s not my concern. It’s the snobbish attitude posted here that’s no better than that of the party mentioned that strikes a nerve.

          Don’t respond to bad behavior with bad behavior, it doesn’t make you any better.

      1. Thank you. I’ll admit, I was trying to be more sickening, but the long wait from the stream tired me out. It would have been more satisfying if it was something like Sonic Heroes 2 or an actual Big’s Adventure 3, but you work with you have.

  18. So we’re getting a Sonic game thats gonna be close to Sonic Satam? cause thats what it seem’s like to me.

    So far i’m hyped. can’t wait to see more.

  19. Also I’m very happy that Sonic seems to be getting some of its edge and sense of epicness back! Can’t wait to see more of this!

      1. Hey man, this could be to Roger as Sonic Unleashed was to Jason. You never know.

  20. I’ll be honest. I’m not sure about this one…

    Mainly because of the tone of the trailer. If it’s anything to go by, then the story’s going to be darker than in recent years. But I’ve always contended that Sonic games in general are better with a light hearted mood.

    Whenever there’s been an attempt to make a darker, more serious story, the game tends to suffer in some way. Adventure and Adventure 2 had major problems, and need I mention Shadow and 06?

    But games with lighter, more simple stories usually end up being great. Colours and Generations were fantastic, and I believe Lost World to be extremely underrated.

    So yeah, not exactly hyped about this, TBH…

    1. It’s not so much that this game will be HYPE incarnate as it is that a Generations 2 seems like a sure thing in everyone’s eyes. In terms of sales and ratings, at least.

      But yeah brah, I was snickering during that trailer. It was corny as hell, but who knows. Grimdark Generations 2 might be a step up from no story at all in Gen 1….or it will be a massive disappointment. (Or worse, a movie tie-in)

      Either way, it’s to get on this roller coaster and see how much fun we can get from the ride 😀

    2. To be honest I consider the stories of Sonic Colors, Generations and Lost World awful and unwatchable a second time (Generations not so much as it was lighter in plot), in the other hand Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 have stories that I absolute adore! I think is wonderful that Sonic got that darker tone back but is not only that, from the teaser it feels there is more passion and thought put into this story and not like just another cheap Saturday morning cartoon sketch with jokes that would embarrass the likes of Dora the Explorer, sorry if you don’t like this direction but this is exact reason why I became a Sonic fan.

      1. Well, I just don’t see it. Especially when the story has always been in contrast to the gameplay. The darker the story, the worse the game.

        Whenever Sega tried to give a bigger, more fleshed out story, the gameplay itself suffered as a result. It’s because of trying to flesh out the story that we got stuck with treasure hunts, shooting, and fishing.

        But with the simpler stories, Sega was able to spend more time on what is the single most important thing in any game. The gameplay. They made it so the games are actually fun to play, and don’t feel like a chore. At the end of the day, you play video games to, well, PLAY them.

        Simply put, there really isn’t any middle ground when it comes to Sonic games. It’s either good gameplay with a lackluster story, or a big story with terrible gameplay. And at the end of the day, gameplay overrides all other factors.

        As for story itself, the Adventure games had good story, but were let down by bad cutscenes and awful voice acting, the first more so than the second. Moments that should be serious and dramatic are completely ruined by those factors.

        Also, I prefer Sonic’s characterization in the newer games. I never really liked Sonic as a character in the Adventure days, because he felt too generic. And I always got the impression that he never really cared about his friends, and just saw them as “those guys that help me out sometimes”. But modern day Sonic has his own unique charm. He’s a wisecracking, smug bastard, but you still like him because of it. And he gives a damn when his friends are in danger. He conveyed more emotion in one cutscene of Lost World than he did throughout both Adventure games.

        So, long story short, I prefer the goofy, lighthearted nature of the new games, especially if it gives the devs more time to focus on the gameplay, which will always be much more important.

        1. Wrong.

          Lost World had a small/bad story, game play sucked.

          Generations had a small/bad story, was UNBEARABLY short.

          Your argument is invalid.

          Also like to point out Unleashed as having the best of both worlds.

          Colors was the only “bad story” game that had good game play and length.

          1. I liked Lost World’s gameplay. It wasn’t perfect, but saying it sucks is a little narrow minded.

            Also, just because Generations was short didn’t mean the gameplay was bad. That’s a completely different criticism.

            And need I mention how much the Werehog dragged Unleashed down?

          2. I love how no one is allowed to think Lost World had a good story. Like everytime anyone dares to say they liked the games plot they have to be told how wrong they are.

          3. @SonicBlueRanger

            Everyone is allowed to think what they want but don’t expect everyone to agree with you, especially since the story in Sonic Lost World (and Colors) is a very controversial topic.

            Personally I liked the way Zavok was written in this story, I felt the rest of the zeti were one dimensional stereotypes of commonly used high school/antagonists personalities but Zavok actually made me want to know a little more about him.

        2. I think is very naive to believe this game will have a bad gameplay only because the story looks more developed, I’m pretty sure Sonic Team can tackle both aspects without neglecting the other with enough time given.

          Also while the gameplay may be the most important thing is not the only important thing in a game, there are several other aspects that can make a game great and timeless like story, characters, art, music, world building, etc.

          I agree with the Adventure games having good stories but bad animations and questionable VA but I think that’s due the limitations of the past consoles, I’m pretty sure they could rock those scenes or similar ones with today’s technology.

          And about Sonic personality let’s just say is my opinion but Sonic looks more generic and one-dimensional in recent games and seems to have less personality, true he speaks more now, that doesn’t mean his character is more developed, he just makes more quips, in the other hand Sonic had an interesting personality going on back then, with multople layers and some very interesting arcs (a lot of them related to death even), the problem is that people tend to judge Sonic personality before Colors based on games that don’t have much plot going on and so they say he wasn’t that great but those people should play games like Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Battle, Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic and the Black Knight for example.

          I’m really hopig the new game follows a similar path to any of those games, it may be only natural since this is the first main game to be released after Sonic Boom became a thing so perhaps Modern Sonic is ready to pick up where he left off before Sonic Colors.

        3. I can understand why you like the light-hearted nature of the new games; they are very charming. But the real problem isn’t that Sonic himself is carefree, it’s that everyone around him is a joke. It’s one thing for Sonic to be free spirited and cocky but when everyone is that way, including your villain; it loses it’s meaning. Sonic’s attitude and charisma shines brightest in a darker setting, it’s more impressive that way. But when no one fears Robotnik, not even his robot minions, it’s hard to get a sense of danger which you need, no matter how intricate a plot. I will agree that Modern Sonic has more depth to his character, but the overarching plots to each game so far has just been shallow and campy

          1. I agree with your first point, Sonic should be charming and a wise-cracker but it shouldn’t mean the world around him must be dumbed down to do so, its as if every Iron Man movie had an Adam West’s Batman feeling to it.

            But I don’t really think the new Modern Sonic have more depth to its character, I feel his acting and gestures are waaaaaay better thanks the more expressive animations he has and Roger’s performance but I feel his dialogues and arcs are way worse and more boring than never before, I would rather have the best of both worlds than having to stick with any of the two.

        4. im basically aware that sonic team might have help with another company to make this project happen on the NX and i think this game is gonna be playable at E-3 2017.

        5. “He conveyed more emotion in one cutscene of Lost World than he did throughout both Adventure games.”

          HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Wait, you’re serious? Please, Sonic had zero emotion in Lost World. Fuck outta here.

    3. Yeah, the tone is where I’m most concerned about this game. It seemed like it was trying to be serious but it came off as cringy.

      Still if the make the gameplay like Generations and iron out some of the problems (cough, bad platforming cough) then this good be a fine edition to the Sonic library.

      1. Oh come on. Sonic has always had some edge to him. That’s what made him cool. If anything’s been cringy lately it’s the overly lighthearted shit from Pontac and Graff. Sonic needs a balance of lighthearted and edgy.

    4. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 sold well so it wasn’t a failure. Sonic Colors and Generations wasn’t perfect either. The voice acting sucked and Generations was short and story is forgettable. To say all dark tone Sonic games are bad is just one man’s opinion.

  21. I feel like Classic Sonic ruined this trailer for me. If Sonic needed help for this I think it should of been Shadow or Silver or both.

    1. Yeah, it should be one or both of them. But lets just hope they will be in this game.

  22. Anyone else notice that there are 3 eggman robots at the beginning? Boom sonic going to appear later maybe?

  23. They better added new elements in new next gen Sonic game in 2017 a new title that comes with it of element of surprise like for an example the first element of Sonic game is Sonic Heroes second element Sonic game Sonic Rush. Third element Sonic game is Sonic Rivals fourth element Sonic game is Sonic & The Secret Rings fifth element Sonic game it’s Sonic Rush Adventure sixth element Sonic game it’s Sonic Unleashed seventh element Sonic game is Sonic & The Black Knight. Eight element Sonic game Sonic Colours ninth Sonic game is Sonic Generations the final element of Sonic game is Sonic Lost World.

  24. Aaaaaaaaand this is where my hype dies.

    While I am glad that we are getting a more actiony story by the looks and I am genuinely curious as to what on Möbius is going on, this is gonna be the deal-breaker for SEGA and it’s pushing all the wrong buttons ATM.

    Especially with the inclusion of Li’l Sonic. I was expecting a brand new character for a brand new experience, not Sonic Generations 2: Generation Harder.

    I’ll keep an eye on this one just in case – the story looks intriguing anyway – but with Mania and LEGO, this is pretty low on my priority list ATM.

  25. I also believe it might be more then just Modern and Classic Sonic.
    cause it seems like Sonic’s building an army.

  26. OMG, they brought Generations back. 😀 I love that game– though Iizuka did claim that its not a sequel so we’ll have to see what this game does different. Though I don’t like plastic-y Classic Sonic– there’s something kind of off about him. Hopefully they fix his model!

    The section they showed sort of reminds me of Crisis City, which was one of the better levels in 06. Which looks interesting but I hope that not all the levels look like it.

    Considering that its about a revolution of united heroes, I wonder if this will end up being, in spirit, a SatAM game.

    1. I love how everyone seems to be connecting this to SatAM. When the trailer first played on the stream and said “join the resistance” or whatever at the end, I instantly thought that too!

      1. I wonder if the similarities were intentional… Knowing Sonic Team, probably not.

          1. I asked you to source your statement that the game is going to be Sonic only. Your response was irrelevant.

  27. Sega can never win can they, we have only seen the teaser trailer and already people are saying it looks rubbish. You can’t truly call yourselves sonic fans if every new game comes out you take a huge dump on it. Of course Sonic Jr was going to be in it, it is 25 years of sonic after all. You have to treat each game differently. I’m waiting to see game play before I make up my mind. However I cant deny I am excited to see a sonic game come to next gen.

  28. Phew, I thought all they brought was Sonic Mania.

    I was on the verge of flipping out. Sonic Mania isn’t “bad” but there’s no way a licensed fan game would ever carry the weight of the 25th anniversary by itself.

  29. Ahhhhhhhhhhh Classic Sonic I can’t take it can’t wait ?????????????????? Sega you make me & the rest of the fans feel like I’m gonna get that classic sonic don’t mess it up your hear

    1. Not all sonic fans. (To see why I am saying this scroll to the bottom of the page.)

  30. “hey fam why you look depressed”

    oh, its just that the 25th game wasn’t was i expected. i was expecting a cool, hedgehog engine game, not this nostalgia-inducing trash. i mean it still looks good and all, but…

    “ah sorry fam. well gotta go to bed lol”

    see ya

    *scrolls down youtube channel*



      1. who hurt you geez

        If this was the “one and only” 25th anniversary game, I’d be quite disappointed. That’s why I was excited when I discovered this wasn’t the only thing they had in store. The game works when paired right next to a game that seems more original and aimed to be more action-oriented (at least that’s my opinion), but if it was by itself it would seem a lot less innovative for a 25th anniversary game. I’m not saying the game is bad, but if it was by itself, I would’ve expected a bit more.

        And yes, I do think it’s nostalgia-inducing “trash”. But so was Generations, and I enjoyed it regardless.

  31. Huzzah, another on-rails boosting game with clunky turns and no real control over the character. No fun alternate paths to seek out, no playing as other characters or exploring new gameplay methods, just Sonic running from point A to point B as fast as he can with the occasional jump and homing attack sequence. I can barely contain my excitement…

      1. Oh be honest. Everyone whines and moans when it isn’t that clunky On-Rails gameplay from Unleashed (daytime), Colors, and Generations (modern). Do you really think SEGA’s gonna take a risk and throw back to the Sonic Heroes engine after how poorly received Sonic Lost World was?

        1. We don’t know…. Because, ya know…. There’s no gameplay footage yet??? Just sit back and wait.

  32. I know this isn’t a sequel but it looks like it could be a continuation of sonic chronicles. Just take out classic sonic and that’s basically what it looks like. Anyway I’m not going to get my hopes up but hopefully this game ends up good.

    1. You know, Bioware had plans for a direct sequel to Sonic Chronicles, they said so in an interview, but those plans surely were made before Penders lawsuits and/or EA adquisition of Bioware so since they couldn’t do the sequel perhaps they just gave their story ideas away to Sega and they may be using them at least partially for this game, its a longshot of course but I agree with you that this setting looks very similar to the Sonic Chronicles cliffhanger.

  33. **Holy shit!!**

    Someone just pointed out something on YouTube. The three blocks that crash down at Sonic are blue, yellow and red!! In that order.

    So I reckon we’ll get three playable characters – and their possibly their classic forms?!

    For that reason, I think there’s a strong possibility the events of Mania will trigger this game!

  34. Super excited! Looks like Generations 2 meshed with apocolyptic 06 universe.

    I’m hoping for a return of Silver and Blaze! I’d appreciate more playable characters, as of late Sonic’s been focused on far too heavily in my opinion. It would also be amazing if they mix Adventure style 3D with Classic 2D.

  35. I only have a ps2 and my parents can’t really afford to get a newer console, so this isn’t exciting to me.

    1. I mean why can’t they at least TRY to make something that interests all sonic fans? Now, there’s nothing wrong with having new games and all, but people that can’t afford newer things and devices shouldn’t have to miss out on things either am I right?

      1. It’s because the PS2 has been discontinued for a long time now. That’s gen six in consoles. We’re in gen 8 already, with Nintendo already heading to gen 9. You have to be seriously poor to not even try to collect enough money. By 2008 the PS2 was already OBSOLETE. Also, how old are you? Your parents are the ones who can’t afford something new? Like I can’t even understand that statement considering what someone usually gets paid. An Xbox One nowadays is like $250-$300, so how can you not afford with simple money saving? like you could have enough money in like a month. Not even Unleashed could run correctly in that thing. Compare the PS2 version to the Wii version, then to the Xbox 360 version. New games can’t even run completely on Gen 7 (Xbox 360/Wii/PS3), so how do you expect them to run in something that’s over a decade old? I’m sorry, but gen 6 died a long time ago, and I mean that it lost all support.No new games and no way to be fixed. You gotta move on.

  36. If Robotnic starts roboticizing all the animals and has a sidekick named snivly I will be completely sold. I love the tone of SatAM

  37. I just remembered that Ken Pontac is supposedly writing the script for either this game or Mania…and considering how little detail is needed for 2D games and their stories, it seems more than likely he’s working on this unnamed title. I am very VERY afraid now. 0____0″”””

    1. I doubt Pontaff is writing for Mania– assuming that Mania isn’t try to replicate the Classic-style of storytelling which involves little to no dialogue. There’s also rumors that Ian Flynn is writing for 2017, which Flynn himself has never confirmed or denied.

      Do any of those things provide any consolation? 🙂

      1. Kinda. I mean, yeah it seems pretty unlikely he’s involved with Mania, if anything Taxman and the rest of the crew were working pretty closely on that. But project 2017 seems like the kind of game that he would be hired for, and considering his and Graff’s history on main Sonic games I’m pretty concerned for what the dialogue and overall story will be like.

        If by some godsend miracle Flynn actually is writing for that project, then I pray that he is working CLOSELY with Pontac on the story and dialogue and that it might actually make up the difference, or dare I say, actually make it funny, dramatic, and entertainingly Sonic. Flynn being involved in any capacity would give me some hope.

        But since it’s still just a rumor for now, I don’t know how much consolation that actually gives me right now. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see as they reveal more details to us.

        Come to think of it, there’s also the possibility that Alex Hirsch is involved, though we haven’t really gotten any word on what his business was with Sega. If he was involved with the writing for the game instead, that’d still be a load off my mind. God forbid he and Flynn actually both end up working on the same thing together, I don’t think my heart could handle all the concentrated awesomeness.

        1. Pontaff only confirmed they’re working on Fire and Ice. Project 2017 seems up Flynn’s alley. I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be the writer.

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