Sonic In Lego Dimensions Gameplay Revealed

Just shown at the 25th party, Sonic in Lego Dimensions gameplay footage.

In addition a level pack was confirmed, it contains two vehicles, the Tornado and the Speedstar from the ASR series.

Sonic can visit the Tardis, hang out with the Goonies, go to Gotham City and pilot a mech robot!

Expected release date is November 2016.

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  1. Now we need a Fun Pack that includes Eggman and his Eggmobile. Then I will be 100,000% satisfied.

  2. Well, that explains that crazy crossover dream I had this morning.

    This is adorable! I giggled like a schoolgirl at Sonic in his car. X3

  3. I estimate that Sonic is mute in this game, and thathe’so probably the only character of the franchise, until Shadow is made a convention exclusive.

  4. I loved this trailer. Its insane in the best way– Sonic piloting a turret from Portal is awesome, and I’m sure the fans will come up with even more crazy awesome stuff once the game comes out.

    Also, the little tornado model is so cute haha.

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