Sonic Advance 3 heading to Wii U VC in Japan on May 25th

Nintendo have just announced on their Japanese website that like Sonic Advance 1 and Sonic Advance 2 before it, Sonic Advance 3 will also be released on the Wii U VC in Japan on May 25th. Also like the first two games, Sonic Advance 3 will cost ยฅ702.

Sonic Advance 3 Japanese Wii U VC

Unfortunately there’s still no word on a western release of any of the three games. This is likely due to the fact that THQ and Infogrames published the games in the west, and neither exist anymore. THQ did all the NA releases, while Infogrames did 1 and 2 in EU while THQ took over for the 3rd in EU.

Via Nintendo’s Japanese page for the game.

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  1. Kinda happy for Japan I guess… I just want something. I don’t really like Boom (and that is being as NICE as I can be), the last main series game was 2013, and I can’t even get Runners because I guess they took it off the store? I’m experiencing a Sonic famine. I’ve actually gotten more Sonic action through Nintendo these past few years with him being playable in Mario Maker and Smash Bros, along with suits being available in Mario Kart 8 and Yoshi’s Wooly World through Amiibo. I’ll literally take any port you wanna give me SEGA, just let me have something to tide me over. The only other thing was that Olympics game which is mostly just events from older Olympics games that I am kind of tired of buying. Whatever that next main installment is had better be one heck of an experience…

  2. Used to spend hours on end playing this one. In my mind, more Sonic games should be like this one.

  3. Can’t SOMEBODY get the rights to bring them over here? I mean it’s not like if THQ disappeared it took the rights with them, is it? I don’t think it works that way, somebody has to hold some kind of claim or authority over it now. XP

    1. “itโ€™s not like if THQ disappeared it took the rights with them”

      Actually, that’s exactly what happened. The wording of the distribution license means that distribution rights are owned indefinitely by THQ… which doesn’t exist anymore. Despite THQ not existing anymore, the license still applies. On top of that, Sega has been having a lot of financial issues for awhile, so the last thing it would want is to risk legal trouble.


      1. Actually, Nordic Games bought like 95% of THQ’s assets, but I’m not sure if those included the publishing rights of the GBA Sonic games.

        As for Infogrames, I think after many mergers and acquisitions, they live on as Bandai Namco Europe? I’m not sure.

        1. Welllll.

          This is interesting, I just decided to check the intro and credits of Advance 3. THQ is not mentioned AT ALL.

 (jump to 2:07:25 for the credits, also spoiler warning just in case)

          It’s like they had no involvement, how interesting. I wonder if the only barrier is just Sega themselves not wanting to release them in the west yet? Maybe they’ll dump all 3 at once like Nintendo did with the DKC and Land games last year.

          Also I assume Sonic Battle is next on the list, with likely Pinball Party being the last. I say Battle is likely later this year since it’s only been 3 months since Advance 2 came out in Japan, which is bizarre as that was a WHOLE YEAR after Advance 1 came out in Japan. What was up with that? ๐Ÿ˜›

          1. Correct me if I’m wrong here. I do not consider myself an expert in this field.

            THQ probably wasn’t mentioned because it was only responsible for distribution in the US. My impression was that it was never a publisher for the GBA Sonic games– that’s Sega and that entails different responsibilities, though a publisher can also be a distributor. Rather, THQ were the only company allowed to distribute the games. As a distributor, they didn’t actually help make the game, but they had sole rights to the production of physical copies and shipment to storefronts in North America. Same would probably go for Infogrames in Europe.

            Although if the distribution rights now belong to Nordic Games, there may be other legal problems regarding them that we simply haven’t heard about them. Or poor the Sonic Advance ended up being that 5% not acquired for some stupid reason. What exactly has Nordic games done with their THQ acquisitions, anyway?

            It wouldn’t surprise me if Battle was next tbh. I doubt Pinball Party will get rereleased due to its obscurity– though Sega always has a few surprises up its sleeve.

          2. Well since it’ll likely be Japan-only like the others, Pinball party will likely be up. Obscurity always seems to be a little more popular in Japan than here in the states for some reason. ๐Ÿ˜›

            And good lord, all this legal stuff is just too much. Can’t anybody ever just plan something with the possibility in mind that they might not always be around to really make the most out of those rights? Feels like such a waste. XP

          3. A good license agreement will either have a expiration date within a few years of signing or some kind of clause to deal with transfer of rights in case of a dead company. Its a critical bit of planning for the future, but is forgotten surprisingly often– though usually with less disastrous results than what we see with the Advance series.

            You’re right, it is a waste. Its a textbook example of bad planning which Sega and THQ both contributed to in forming the agreement.

      2. I think that if the company goes into administration and is dissolved the publishing rights return to the Author. (Reading from a Publishing book blog) It stands to reason that the Terms and Conditions for Video Games would be the same for intercultural properties. Therefore the publishing rights revert to Sega but they would have to make edits to the game and remove all the references to THQ so they may not be willing to do this. However I am sure this is all dependent on the terms and conditions of the contract that should state in the case of the company becoming insolvent what happens to the rights in theory back to the producer.

      3. Haha, weren’t we talking about this exact topic on the Sonic Advance 2 article? THQ may be down and out, but it’s still relevant in our hearts! Hahaha

  4. @Hero

    It’s weird since THQ stopped publishing Sonic games after Advance 3 and Sega took over the main portable Sonic games (basically if you don’t count Pinball Party) starting with Sonic Rush.

    So you’d think THQ would’ve passed back any ad all rights right then.

    I wouldn’t give up hope for the games coming over. Like I said, Sega might’ve just been waiting for Advance 3 to come out in Japan before dropping all 3 at once in the west soon enough.

  5. i just want a Sonic game either like this game or the Sonic Adventure games. They were the identities of Sonic as a franchise and only by expanded what they did there, can they achieve the success the franchise deserves. Just give us a teaser trailer SEGA. I certainly have as little hope as it is that you’ll deliver even a decent Sonic game at this point, but I would at least like to see what you’ve all been working on for the past 3 years. At least the idea you’re going for would be nice. But as long as Roger is the voice actor for Sonic and Pontaff is the writer for Sonic, I’m going to only expect more of the same from you guys. Its getting really old. So on second thought, maybe you shouldn’t show us.

    1. Writing and voice acting don’t really have much to do with gameplay…

      Besides, what’s wrong with RCS? He’s the best Sonic we’ve had in years!

      1. Writing and voice acting have everything to do with the identity of a franchise and what the writing and voice acting is bringing to this series is nothing short of lackluster. It has nothing going for it other than laughing at its own mediocrity. Its a bunch of jokes with no context, without world building, without an identity. Gameplay means nothing without context. Story and good writing carry a good game into a great game. Would you just as enjoyed Sonic Heroes if it were just Sonic running into blocks and running on a white background? And Roger is the best Sonic we’ve had in years? Please, the man is a good voice actor but I couldn’t think of a worse pick for Sonic. He sounds like a nasally college kid that is so determined to act as cool as possible. Sonic didn’t ever need to try and impress and be a constant blatant dick to everyone. He simply RADIATED that by his nature, and was only a dick to others indirectly due to his free spirited nature. He couldn’t be tied down, so seemed selfish at times. He was impatient, had an attitude, but was never intentionally an asshole that was passed the point of understanding. This is Sonic as he should be, not as he is now. And that’s just because he’s been this way since the beginning. It’s what made Sonic who he is.

        1. To Roger’s defense, he’s only following the direction that Sega wants him to portray Sonic in. They wanted a more “mature sounding” Sonic, and apparently to them being snarky and at times condescending is being more “mature”. I think he still does a good Sonic, it’s just a different Sonic than you’ve gotten used to the 5 years prior to him. And you know what, it’s the same story for all those who got used to Ryan Drummond right before Jason Griffith took up the role. And there are probably countless 90’s kids who said the same thing about Ryan Drummond being the one to voice Sonic in his first speaking game role when they identified Jaleel White as the voice of Sonic from their childhoods. It’s always been a different Sonic for a different specific area of the fan base, and although the actors handled each Sonic a bit differently (White going for the 90’s era sassy jive talk, Drummond the hip radical extreme guy for adventure and friendship and all that stuff, Griffith the free-spirited passionate anime character, and Smith the snarky smart aleck), but they still portrayed the same traits that Sonic is defined on having, just emphasized to various degrees.

          Having become a fan of Doctor Who where the title character being constantly recasted is actually part of the plot, you kind of get used to and begin to appreciate how each actor handles the same role differently. Sure you’ll still have your preferences but you can still enjoy each one as they embody the same guy. I feel that a similar philosophy can be had with Sonic’s numerous recastings. Granted, Sonic is supposed to have a consistent personality rather than a regenerating alien man, but people don’t stay the same version of themselves as they grow up. If you treat each voice as a phase of Sonic’s life, it makes sense that reaching closer to adulthood he’s becoming a little bit snarkier. I mean, the guy was practically a reflection of what being a 90’s kid (ideally) was, so it makes sense that he kind of reflects what the tone of that generation today is. He essentially IS a 90’s kid grown up.

          But don’t mistake me as saying that it means that everything they’ve had Smith say for Sonic works well. But what I am saying is that I would blame that more on the current writers the series has had ever since Colors, they clearly don’t understand how to write for a Sonic game, it just doesn’t evoke the kind of feeling that event he last 3 generations of Sonic’s at least somewhat had in common. And half the lines they write for ALL the characters either fall flat or KIND of work. You can really see Smith’s Sonic shine much better in the Boom tv show because those writers actually seem to have a better grasp of how to write those characters in a comedic context. It feels right to hear Sonic speak that way because the way he is presented in that show feels more authentic for that show as opposed to how they’re trying to force that manner of speaking and humor into a model of Sonic that in terms of all outward appearances should be mostly the same.

          Roger Craig Smith voices a great Sonic just like any of those who came before him (the only “worst” I could ever think of would be Martin Burke from the OVA, and even then that’s mostly just because of all the shouting he does and, again, the writer’s misunderstanding of Sonic’s personality). It’s just Graff and Pontac who can’t WRITE a good Sonic. A writer doesn’t necessarily have to have been a fan of the thing they’re writing for (though it certainly helps) but at the very least they should understand the essence and feeling of what they are writing for, as opposed to watching a few cutscenes and thinking “oh yeah, I think I get it now!”.

          1. 1. Jaleel White only applies to the American Sonic cartoons (which are all different continuities). Meanwhile, Classic Sonic in the land of the rising sun would remain voiceless until Sonic Adventure.

            2. Even if Jaleel White was the international voice of Sonic, he would be representing a younger Sonic. Modern Sonic is a timeskip, an evolution. It would only make sense for Sonic to go from high-pitched to radical teen. Wanna know how Modern Sonic is a timeskip? Amy aged up right alongside him.

        2. Okay, I’ll be honest with you… I really didn’t like Sonic as a character before P&G took over writing.

          As you said, he was pretty selfish, and had an attitude. But the main problem was that he was too… Perfect.

          He was always right about everything, and everyone always held him in such high regard. No one argued with him, no one disagreed with him, no one pointed out if he was wrong. Everyone around him always acted like “Wow! Sonic is the best! Don’t you want to marry him?!” The only ones who didn’t think that? They were the villains, who were obligated to hate him out of principle.

          Sonic in the Adventure years was a straight up Gary Stu. And characters like that just aren’t interesting. Whenever I played a game around that time, I’d always look forward more to playing as someone other than Sonic himself, even if it meant enduring awkward gameplay shifts.

          But ever since Colours, Sonic has shown actual character flaws. He runs his mouth, and his actions have consequences. Remember the Interstellar Amusement Park blowing up and almost killing him? That was his fault. A much bigger example was when the Deadly Six broke free of Eggman’s control, started sucking the life out of the planet, capturing Tails, and essentially killing Eggman, Knuckles and Amy. All of this was because Sonic didn’t think things through and raced in like an idiot. Hell, Sonic even ACKNOWLEDGES that it was his fault, and he clearly regrets it. And after Tails is captured, he drops the sark, and starts being aggressive to the 6, and is visibly distraught when he loses contact with Amy, showing that he actually gives a damn about his friends.

          Lost World also gave us what I think is the first time Tails has been at odds with Sonic, and got genuinely pissed at him. It shows that his friendships aren’t perfect. And what friendship is? I want to see a bit more friction between the team, and make Sonic realise when he’s in the wrong, and how important his friends are to him, because he hardly ever showed that in the Adventure years.

          P&G made Sonic seem more “human”, for lack of a better term. It’s not just a constant stream of “All right! This’ll be cool! Let’s do this!” 24/7. He could be happy, he could be sad, he could be angry, he could be sarcastic. They made me actually LIKE Sonic as a character.

          I’m sorry if you think I’m an idiot for thinking this, but it’s just the way I feel about it.

  6. I think I’ve already made it clear how highly I hold the Gameboy Advance Sonic games. Similar to what Joseph Franc above me said, I feel the Advance games represent Sonic the best, including Battle! They really should have been the Sonic 4, 5, and 6. I’d love to see some relevance return to them so more people can appreciate what I see to be the best Sonic games of all. I will always have hope they will be re-released some day. Darn it Ben Kalough! You promised us a Sonic Advance HD collection, but it never came! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    1. Its a real shame that handheld Sonic games tend to be forgotten. They kept Sonic afloat in the darkest of times.

      Maybe a remake could change that, but it might only attract a niche audience. Still would be worth a shot though– there’s at least enough hardcore handheld Sonic fans to make a profit.

      1. I feel that since 3D Sonic 1 & Sonic 2 were successful, a remake would certainly reach those levels too if not higher.

    2. Yeah Kabam Sonic Advance HD collection & fact Sonic Advance HD Collection should be on Nintendo Wii U on Visual Console is amazing if Sega has a rumor about Sonic Advance HD Collection is coming or not?

  7. Just like the Knuckles Chaotix for 32X, Sonic Advance Trilogy is lost forever to the physical media, and not on Digitally on the Wii U or otherwise. Besides, I think it’s better off not on Wii U VC in America. You could only play with one Chao at a time, and you can’t even transfer them to an existing game, and when you buy an egg on Virtual Console, you have to be forced to look at it, unhatched, unable to BE hatched, without the ability to transfer your Chao to the Sonic Adventure games. Maybe Sony and Microsoft should’ve remade Sonic Advance Trilogy from the ground up for the PS Vita and Mobile Devices, to connect to PS3 and XBox 360 before they even made the Chao Transporter only good for Releasing Chao, and not transferring them between games.

    1. Or at least SHOULD’VE had Sega remake the trilogy for the portable devices.

  8. So more Sonic games should be like getting a colonoscopy with a bared-wire bat gotcha.

  9. Laffo like Sega needs a reason not to release a Sonic game, on consoles they won’t even bother to bring Sonic 1 one of the most ported games in history to current gen consoles. They lost whatever sense they when they threw what they had with Generations and made that disastrous 3 game deal so they sit around only putting out more bad Boom and Olympics games. The social media memes are a stalling attempt being played by the only people involved with Sonic that still have sense left because SEGA in lalaland can’t conceive of putting out a new non Boom Sonic game out on consoles and yes consoles with a S so they’ll finally do it but will then proceed to slam their heads repeatably into their desk because madly announcing that it’s another f’n exclusive before calling up their S&M partner.

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