Sonic the Comic Artists Nigel Dobbyn and Richard Elson to Attend Summer of Sonic 2016

The Summer of Sonic 2016 roster of guests continues to grow, with the announcement today of Sonic the Comic artists Nigel Dobbyn and Richard Elson to be in attendance at the event. Dobbyn has been a frequent guest at previous Summer of Sonic events, contributing to the special edition of Sonic the Comic given away in 2013. This year sees the first appearance of Richard Elson at the event, having also attended Sonic the Comic Con in 2014.

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Adam Tuff

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  1. I forget, are those the guys who own the rights to the Fleetway characters after the comic folded or are those other people? I remember reading on how the artists and writers got to keep the characters after the comic ended, and I’m surprised they haven’t sold them off to SEGA already and make a nice proifit.

    1. I think Sega’s a little too overbearing over the Archie comics at this point to really care. 😛

      Also, somewhat unrelated, but I just learned one of the Archie comic artists, Evan Stanley, is apparently attending my college. O3O”””

  2. Oh sweet Nigel Dobbyn & Richard Elson from a creater of Sonic Comic Books are approaching to Summer Of Sonic 2016 is good to horror them from this event to see.

  3. Ah Richard Elson! My friends and I always looked forward to his issues growing up. He was the best STC artist by far!

  4. Eh… I always thought the artwork in Fleetway was really bad and ugly. The perspectives were never right, the overall drawings were never consistent at all, Sonic was always way too fat (even by official standards back then), facial expressions were always really off, backgrounds always seemed really lazy to me, designs were really generic and Sonics face was really ugly (always far to squashed up in the middle and with far too big a brow). I mean, no, the early Archie comics weren’t amazing in any of these areas either but they did a bit better, especially in the faces and perspective areas.

    1. …..I-I thought was the only one. I’m not ALONE!!!

      In all seriousness, though I share similar concerns about the art style from a sense of proportion, line of action, and perspective. You have to admit, they put a lot of effort into their colors and background details. It’s like someone made a beautiful sci-fi picture, stuck a lame Sonic in it, and then made into a comic panel, every week.

      For that they have my respect….even though it’s obvious those guys never bothered to give a damn about how to draw Sonic-style properly or even a cartoony style that works for Sonic.

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