Johnny Gioeli Coming to Summer of Sonic: Stretch Goal 2 Announced!

Following a successful funding, Summer of Sonic announced a stretch goal and it was smashed after just a few hours by generous fans. Confirming what many had suspected, fan favourite Johnny Gioeli will be returning to this years convention!

Along with the news came a second stretch goal along with a figure outlining Eggman along with a few clues as to what it means.


If we can beat our next target, we will be able to announce another EGG-citing guest – we hope you will all make your VOICE heard and help us to our goal!

I’ll let you do the detective work on that one.

There’s still time to pledge to Summer of Sonic & still tickets available, so get pledging if you want to attend since the hype train is getting ready to leave the station.

Source: Summer of Sonic

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  1. I could have sworn it was Jun Senoue and Iizuka who were going to Summer of Sonic. Is Johnny going too now?

  2. Any other performers you could invite? Anything other than the usual tracks performed in mind?

  3. Guessing it’s Mike Pollock? Unless he’s already going…just thinking of the eggman silhouette.

  4. Yes Mike Pollock is coming to Summer Of Sonic 2016 & Sonic Revolution 2016 because the hype train never ends still more when we reach the end of it so hype to see it this year!

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