Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub Announced, Officially Play Sonic Mods!

Well… This is… Different. Sega has announced a huge update to their classic MegaDrive titles on Steam, yes this includes the Sonic titles (eventually).

How it works, if you own any classic SEGA title on Steam, it will now appear in a virtual hub room, aside from a cool menu to select your titles from, there’s another huge added bonus. Every game in this collection will include Steam Workshop support! This means you’ll be able to download mods for various titles and play them via Steam.

The hub is released on April 28th, you just need to own one compatible game to access it. Sonic is not in the launch list, but is shown in the video as being an upcoming game which will be added.

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  1. From the title I thought they were just making another mediocre “Mega Drive Classics Collection” like the 3DS one for Steam.

    But a cool “hub” to choose your game from AND Steam Workshop support? Sign me the fuck up, a whole new era of Sonic ROM hacks is upon us.

  2. If you guys *THINK* about it, it’s no different than Mario Maker BUT, not specific to just one IP 😉

    Nice job, SegaEU.

  3. Finally, a reason to own the steam versions of these games!
    This actually looks really freakin’ cool. Looking forward to mods, as well as the whole ‘virtual bedroom’ thing!

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