Sonic CD Coming March 31st for Apple TV

So Sonic 1 & Sonic 2 got released on the Apple TV recently, why not add the other remastered title? Sonic CD (the good/updated version) is to be released on the Apple TV platform in the next few days, March 31st to be exact.

Now can we please get Sonic 1 & 2 Taxman editions on console? That would be nice.

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  1. I want these on Wii U, but I guess that isn’t a good investment for SEGA. XD I don’t have an Apple TV though, or I’d be pumped.

    1. We just need more ports of the Christian Whitehead remakes in general.

      As much as I absolutely love the Sonic 2 remake it’s indescribably tedious and difficult to play a Sonic game with touch-screen controls.

      1. Am I the only one who’s never really had a problem with the touchscreen controls?

  2. Why don’t we have the Whitehead ports of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on consoles? This is a legitimate question… is there an actual reason for it?

  3. How about this Sonic Adventure 2 HD on Apple TV is perfect Sonic Generations on Apple TV is perfect also & more Sonic games to both of them are spectator sales on Apple TV would you like that anyone to say yes or no about Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Generations on Apple TV both of them?

  4. Can we get something on the Wii U that hasn’t been ported to a Nintendo system a billion times.

    Aside from Taxman additions:
    -SegaSonic Arcade
    -Sonic CD (Japanese music)
    -Knuckles Chaotix, and Tempo (32X)
    -Saturn Games: Sonic Jam (or just Sonic World), NiGHTS into Dreams, Astal, Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn version)
    -Sonic Shuffle
    -Sonic Rivals series
    -Sonic Generations (Console)
    -Sonic Championship HD
    -Sonic 4: Episode 2

    Everything that hasn’t made its way over to the Nintendo library, unless I missed a few.

    1. Well yeah, the original release from 1993, which actually had two different soundtracks for the Japanese/European and United States versions, then the Gamecube port for the Sonic Gems Collection, and then the iPhone/Console remaster by Taxman, which is considered the best version among all of them, mostly for the polished graphics, fixed bugs, and inclusion of both soundtracks.

      1. Outside of the OST change for US / Jap, I wasn’t aware of the rest. I thought the other ports were just that; ports, not remasters. I’ll need to check Taxman’s remaster out.

  5. Seriously, just give us the taxman Sonic 1 and 2 remasters on Playstation Store already, my PS3/PS4 needs them. T3T”

  6. The Backbone ports of Sonic 1, 2, and 3 are currently backwards compatible on the Xbox One alongside the Taxman remake of CD.

    I would adore having the 1 and 2 Taxman versions alongside those. 🙂

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