Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Gets a PAL Release Date

Nintendo have just announced on twitter the release dates of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice on 3DS in Europe as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

Sonic Boom Fire & Ice EU Box

Europe receives the game on September 30th, and Australia and New Zealand get the game on October 1st. And as a reminder, North America gets the game first on September 27th.

Via Nintendo of UK and Nintendo of AU and NZ‘s twitter accounts.

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  1. Looking forwards to this. Really enjoyed shattered crystal and ROL. Plus I enjoy the cartoon and I even got all the comics.=3

    Glad Australia’s got a date for it. I was worried it wouldn’t come out.

    I don’t expect much though. Assuming Sega still sees this as a side series. I hope they still do.

    I’m still waiting on a mainstream sonic game announcement.=/

    1. “Really enjoyed shattered crystal and ROL.”

      Well, I know everyone’s entitled to their opinion, buuuuuut… Well let’s just say you’ve got to be really brave or really stupid to admit something like that on… well, honestly on any website.

      1. Well I’ve said many times online that I enjoyed Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal as well and I’m perfectly fine.

      2. How does them liking the game affect you any? If they enjoy it do what? You don’t see anyone else being a Jack ass about it. For what its worth I really enjoyed RoL also.

          1. Ah high school. what fun years of youth.both games will always be the worst selling and rated of the Sonic franchise for good reason.

          2. That’s really condescending and unnecessarily snippy.

            Even though you and many others don’t think the games are up to par, that doesn’t mean that he can’t express his enjoyment of them. I don’t like the games either but its pretentious as heck to act like people who do like them aren’t deserving of basic respect.

        1. Technically it was less mean and more of an observation because it’s kinda true considering how most might respond if someone admits that online. I think that person is just really brave, knowing what people might say and not giving a shit.

          Personally, I enjoyed ROL too. I mean I thought it was mediocre sure but I didn’t think it was that bad. It was just weak. lol

          1. Yeah that’s how I tend to handle things if problems happen. I knew what the sonic fandom was like before entering and I don’t really let what people say bother me.

            Been around the internet long enough now to not really care.

            That said I like talking about future releases and games I enjoy so I’m going to say I like or dislike something regardless on how it’s been received by the majority. Everyone is different.

      3. I understand what your saying but I’ve admitted it on other sites and have been fine. I’ve admitted likes and dislikes on other sites when it comes to other franchises just fine also.

        Thanks for your concern though.=)

  2. Aw, man. Sorry, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. … Er, I guess to some of you, it’s a good thing to get it later than us North Americans.

  3. Yeah, still convinced that season 2 of the show will be airing around that time. It would make the most sense for such a big delay.

  4. Well, at least we have a solid date. I don’t think the game will be terrible– I’ll look at some of the reviews and possibly get it if it seems good.

    1. Me too. C’mon Sega, with this long of a delay, I expect more improvements to the SC formula. At least make the levels look as good as the cutscenes.

      But I won’t be one of those impatient fans. I’ll just wait with anticipation.

        1. Dunno about that. Granted, the DS line has never emphasized graphics, but the 3DS has managed plenty of gorgeous titles like Kid Icarus and Super Mario 3D land. I think it can handle Fire and Ice.

          Besides, graphical capabilities alone do not a good aesthetic make. Even if the level graphics are downgraded from the cutscene graphics in terms of rendering and stuff like that, I don’t see why Sanzaru can’t add plenty of colors, objects, and other details to each level– especially when the alternative is that Fire and Ice’s level aesthetic turns out just as boring as it was when it was first revealed.

  5. Sonic Boom Fire & Ice should be a last Sonic Boom Game on 3DS I swear of god people or Sonic fans needs to be clam down stop spaming some comments on Sonic Stadium don’t worry we will get Modern Sonic games back by Sega in a future, please stop it!!!

  6. YES! Day of my Birthday and it comes out here in the US 3 days before my birthday 😀 Sega must love me, first I won that ipad from their giveaway now this game is coming out around my birthday! So Hyped! I Love Sonic Boom and I’m I’m super excited for this game to come out ^w^ Maybe when this game gets great reviews it may silence the haters a bit…hopefully

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