UPDATE: Happy 10th Anniversary to Mike Pollock as Eggman in the video games (over 12 years in total!)

Mike Pollock and Eggman

UPDATE: I worked with Mike Pollock himself to make a few additions and corrections to the article, I apologize for the mistakes previously present.


Yes, you may have not realized it, but today (as of typing, it’s already the 16th in other time zones) marks the 10th anniversary of not just Shadow the Hedgehog (on GameCube, Xbox, and PlayStation 2) and Sonic Rush’s release on DS in North America, but these were the very first games where the longest-running English voice actor in the entire franchise first joined the games themselves.

It’s very important to note that while this is the 10th anniversary of his debut in the actual video games themselves, Mike Pollock did indeed debut in the Sonic X anime two years prior in 2003 (as Mike points out below in our comments, he actually was heard as Eggman for the very first time in a Fox Box sneak preview on August 23rd 2003). Actually, we of course can go back to months earlier when the auditions first took place. Mike just calculates from the first airdate because he never counts his chickens before they’re hatched. (Egg analogy totally intended.)

He’s done other voices in the Sonic series as well. In Sonic X, he was also the voice of Ella, as well as the voice of Gerald Robotnik in both Sonic X and in Shadow the Hedgehog. In Sonic Rush he also voiced Eggman Nega. Most recently in Sonic Boom, he voices as both Fastidious Beaver and Mayor Fink.

Mike Pollock non-Eggman Sonic characters

Left to right; Ella, Gerald Robotnik, Eggman Nega, Fastidious Beaver and Mayor Fink, images from BTVA

But did you know he also voices characters outside the Sonic franchise? Give his Behind The Voice Actors page a look, you might be surprised by some of the other characters he’s voiced over the years!

Which reminds me, what a very interesting coincidence that Sonic’s twitter was taken over by a certain mustached man just back on Friday, with Mike Pollock behind the mic (ahem) and everything (I even saved the avatar, here it is at full size). Wonder if Sega caught that also.

Well, I wish you Mike Pollock a wonderful 10th anniversary, as well to all the other 4Kids voice actors even if they’re no longer part of the series. Here’s to 10 more years in the franchise and beyond!

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  1. And guys, it should go without saying, but can we please avoid talking about the events that happened a decade ago? Lets appreciate Mike’s work and not dwell on the past, okay? 🙂

    1. What happened 10 years ago? You mean when Iblis was sealed inside the soul of Princess Elise by the Duke of Soleanna?

      1. Well, basically the cast change from the Adventure era voice cast to the 4Kids cast was extremely controversial, and people still go on about it when given the chance. Just trying to avoid a breakout. 🙂

        1. I see, well no voice actor lasts forever after all, hope the community have grown to accept it and go with the changes.

  2. Well, its a special day after all!

    Happy 10th anniversary to:

    Mike Pollock voicing Eggman
    Blaze the Cat
    Dr. Eggman Nega
    Black Doom
    Black Arms
    The Sol Emeralds
    That DAMN 4th Chaos Emerald

  3. Thank you so much.

    I, of course, calculate from the first time the public heard me as Dr. Eggman, which was the Fox Box sneak preview of “Sonic X” on August 23, 2003, over twelve years ago, but that’s just me.

    1. To each their own I guess. Hey thanks again for coming to the Poconos for Yushicon. I had a great time with you. and thanks again for signing my copy of Sonic Generations for the PS3.

    2. Keep up the best work voice acting Dr Eggman & some other characters to I’m so proud of you treating Sonic series as well as it should be!

  4. Just to clarify, of course I know Mike and the others first originated their roles in Sonic X in 2003, this was specifically when they came into the video games for the first time. 🙂

  5. Only ten years? If you’re going to appreciate a voice actor’s work, it’s worth nothing their entire role as the character, not just your favorite aspects, lol! He’d been doing TONS of voice work as Eggman and Ella in Sonic X long before the 2005 Sonic titles. It’s been closer to twelve if you actually do the math.

  6. Well there we go then. A decade of classic and unforgettable voice acting. It’s fair to say a lot of the voice actors in the franchise’s history are…mixed (like Roger Craig Smith. God bless him, I’m sure he’s trying, but he’s just not the right fit for someone like Sonic), but it’s also fair to say that everyone loves what Mike Pollock has done with the character of Eggman. Three cheers for Mike Pollock!

  7. I don’t care about Shadow’s game (you know by now how much I hate it) but Mr. Pollock’s such an excellent voice actor. Bless you, Mr. Pollock and Happy 10th Anniversary. You really inspired me of voice acting.

  8. Congratulations for an entire 10 years of voicing Dr. Eggman in the video games Mr. Pollock, you rock. ^_^

  9. To 10 years of amazing voice acting and inappropriate chuckles…and hopefully another 10 years more.

    To Mike Pollock, the CAUSE and SOLUTION to all of Sonic’s problems! He truly is the greatest!

  10. Wow, this is the second time I’ve been shocked to discover a well-known male voice actor voiced a female character within the Sonic franchise (the first being the fact Jaleel White voiced Sonia of Sonic Underground fame along with her two siblings, I originally thought he only voiced the two males in the trio)!

  11. You’re one awesome actor Mike, I hope you continue to grace the Sonic series’ presence for many years to come. You’re the best doc around Doc! X3

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