Sonic Talk 33: Long Time, No See


Although we uploaded our last episode very recently, it’s actually been almost 6 months since our last podcast. But now that we’re back on our feet, you can expect more of Sonic Talk in the upcoming months.

In this episode, Jason and GX go on a lengthy discussion on “Toys to Life” games including Disney Infinity 3.0, Skylanders Superchargers and Lego Dimensions while Alex gives us his two cents on the Metal Gear Solid series. We then discuss the recent delay of Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice and why we feel it may have been delayed. We’ll also go into GE Entertainments new line of Sonic plushies, a certain hedgehog soon to show up the Sonic Boom cartoon and why the cancellation of the Sonic Boom comic and Super Special magazine could be good for the Sonic digests. All this and more on Sonic Talk!

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  1. If Sega tries to pull a fast one and make Fire and Ice the 25th anniversary game, I swear to God.

      1. And Sonic 06, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic Boom RoL are bad game to say the least, and we highly doubted it.

          1. I’m just saying that Sega isn’t always thinking straight. After the stuff they’ve done in the past, my previous point has some possible chance.

      2. You say that now, but Sonic Boom has been doing alot more than just be a simple “side series spin off”.

        I’d be spectacle too.

        1. And by the way, it’s “skeptical”, not “spectacle”.

          Funny thing is, spectacle is one thing Sonic actually needs.

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