Sonic Boom Season 2 Confirmed

Every year, TV show people meet up in Cannes for the annual MIPCOM event, it’s basically a place where broadcasters go in order to secure the rights to show various TV shows around the world on various networks.

Well, according to the company LER who aside from one or two nations, distributes Sonic Boom around the world, Season 2 of Sonic Boom has started production.

A rough google translate says…

Nothing stops the legendary blue hedgehog …   THE Rights (LER), which distributes the hit series in the world, except the USA and Asia (excluding Japan) announced that the second season of Sonic Boom is currently being produced by Sega and OuiDO! Productions.


Other details include other broadcasting rights for the show and even a hint that DVD’s of the show are also in talks.

So for those who said that Boom the show wasn’t doing well… Season 2 for you.

Excited for the new series? Don’t like it, see that below, it’s a comment box let your feelings known!

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Via Sonic Retro, Via TSSZ Via Donnie the Dove

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  1. uhuuu~ to this rate i think they’ll follow the same kind of plots of the first season.. ^u^
    its ok for me.. i like they keep going with it..
    but i’m not very exited about it..dunno why °u°

    1. If you took the time to let everyone know how apathetic you are towards something, then it’s not apathy.

      1. Sure it is. I’m apathetic about Sonic Boom, but very passionate about telling people about myself.

  2. Good to see the show is going strong, I suppose. I would say I’m surprised it’s doing this well, but then I realize shows like Teen Titans GO! is really popular, so it makes sense. Here’s to Season 2 of Boom.

  3. Neato! I hope Boom TV’s second season improves. I’d love to see more of Shadow, as well as better pacing and a bigger budget.

    1. Shadow appeared in the first season? I haven’t been keeping up but I’d like to see if they wrote him any better than in the Boom games.

      1. He is in episode 52. You can find it on youtube with French with English subtitles. The English version should be on Cartoon Network around mid-November. And he seems like an ass, like the games. (Minus the Eggman reaction to him being there -_-

  4. Sweet! 😀 This may open up more opportunities for Metal Sonic and a certain other character.

  5. This was a good thing to see to kickstart the weekend. I hope they change things up, and that they release a DVD box set of Season 1. I’ll buy the shit out of that.

  6. I think the show is funny and all but I’m really m tired of Boom. It personifies everything wrong with Sonic the Hedgehog and while its FUNNY it isn’t COOL or AWESOME like Sonic was before. I just have no desire to watch it. I’m tired of being disappointed with Sonic as a whole.

  7. Ah, good news!

    I hope they include more characters from the games for season 2. It’d be great to see someone like Rouge or the Chaotix make an appearance.

  8. Awesome! I hope they sprinkle in some new ideas to keep the series fresh. Rouge would be an excellent choice in my mind. Some two-part episodes and adapting some of the games would be cool as well!

  9. Yes. I am so looking forwards to this.=3
    I’ll definitely get the DVD’s that’s what I’ve been waiting on the most. I have every sonic cartoon, it would have been a shame to not have this on DVD as well. So definitely looking forwards to it.

  10. being happy about this is an understatement… iover joyed, extatic.
    the coming years will be a fantastic time.

  11. Alright sweet! Hopefully they can get more of a budget to improve the visuals and animation, there can be a tiny bit more action thrown in, and of course more fan favorites like Metal Sonic and Shadow. Personally, I’d like to see characters like Silver or Blaze show up as well, especially considering we still aren’t as exposed to their actors as we aught to be. Hopefully Season 2 will bring back the Boom, and then some!

    1. I’m hoping for silver and Blaze too. Blaze is actually what got me back into the franchise through sonic rush.

  12. I’m so hyped! I really expect to see Shadow and Metal Sonic more often, Eggman is kinda starting to be boring.

        1. Then stop including yourself in the community. It’s that simple. People like this franchise, so get use to it pal.

  13. Great. More episodes of Eggman in pink jammies, horrible puns, and fight scenes that Sonic X has done better.

    I’m gonna sit here ’til the movie comes. Who knows, maybe it’ll have an ACTUAL PLOT FOR ONCE

    1. Yeah, those fight scenes where they were so awkwardly slow and jerky because the art department could only afford to animate 100 frames per episode. Don’t get me started on those Sonic X episodes that were more like pans of storybook stills. Beside its contributions of “gotta go fast” and Cosmo, Sonic X was a very mediocre cartoon.

      1. I’m not saying that Sonic X was good, I was just saying it had good action scenes. I know that the show was mediocre and played part in spawning the demon we know as “Sanic”.

        And don’t forget Eggman learned friendship lessons from his Boom counterpart:

        Like why even–?

    2. Actual plot? Boom TV does have a plot. Its not a complicated plot, mind you, but its undeniable that Boom TV has a beginning, a progression of events from the beginning point, and an end. Plus, those pink pajamas are actually pretty cool, I’d say. Its a testament to Eggman’s self confidence that he’s not concerned or ashamed about liking PJs with a girly color. Plus, Boom isn’t dominated by puns. Sarcasm, irony, slapstick, and letting the characters’ quirks bounce off of each other are integral to its humor too.

      Hifi does exaggerate Sonic X’s animation problems– I mean, I think that description better describes the animation that televised American cartoons were displaying from the early 1970s to the premiere of DuckTales than Sonic X. However, I agree that Sonic X’s animation was… not the greatest. Here’s an entire blog specializing in showing all the animation errors and goofiness in X, if you need evidence: Sonic X also tended to overindulge with backdrop stills. While the usage of backdrop stills is a legitimate animation technique, if it gets used too much, it comes off like the animators are being lazy and cheap, as well as making the fight scenes look wholly unremarkable and same-y due to using the same stills over and over again. Combined with seldom introducing new fighting techniques, the fight scenes only look intense to the viewer when its the first few episodes that the viewer has watched. This is admittedly a problem Boom TV has too, but with a second season, the people behind Boom TV have an opportunity to fix this issue. Sonic X, on the other hand, had three seasons to do its fight scenes right, and yet it never did.

      1. Regarding Boom, are you for real?

        The universe gets reset after every episode! There’s no character development, or any lasting conflict that isn’t solved by the episode’s end. Most episodes DO rely on bad puns, lazy writing, and overused jokes. (don’t get me started on the gasping crowd in Metal Sonic’s episode) Now with Eggman, who’s been my favorite character for as long as I can remember, I can safely say that his Boom incarnation is PATHETIC. He’s nothing more than a incapable, push-over of a villain with endless resources and boring schemes.

        Sonic X all the way; dubbed version even!

        …okay. I’ll read it if I have to. =P

        “Boom TV does have a plot.”

        Technically, yes. Boom has “a beginning, a progression of events from the beginning point, and an end.” But…the story’s just not Sonic. And please don’t throw that “Sonic is for kids” BS at me. Ever since the beginning, Sonic’s original target audience was teens/young adults. Examples are Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic 3 and Knuckles, etc. All of that juicy content got a lot of love from fans. Sure, SA2 was “flawed” but it was well recieved nonetheless.

        Nowadays Sonic lost his appeal due to his target audience being strictly for kids (funny thing is a lot of kids don’t really care about him). Now, I don’t want an overly complicated plot, I just want the plot to be…good.

        “Plus, those pink pajamas are actually pretty cool, I’d say. Its a testament to Eggman’s self confidence that he’s not concerned or ashamed about liking PJs with a girly color.”

        Which is exactly why I hate Boom’s reincarnation of Eggman. He’s literally become a joke. This is supposed to be the same guy that used animals’ life source as fuel for his robots, threatened to kill Amy (SA2), blew up the moon (same game), etc. SATAM’s Robotnik would kill him mercilessly.

        “Plus, Boom isn’t dominated by puns. Sarcasm, irony, slapstick, and letting the characters’ quirks bounce off of each other are integral to its humor too.”

        Not gonna lie here, but the show did give me a few chuckles. However, the most recent episodes had me watching it with a blank face. Not even a little smirk. Comedy done in Sonic Boom has been handled much better than this.

        Oh, and I’m not sure why I picked Sonic X as an example. I’ve could’ve picked something awesome, but I just picked something that was just…better. And as for the team improving on fight scenes, they’re just more focused on make the show into a sitcom.

        Anyway, those are my thoughts on the show. Keep in mind that this was typed by a man at 9:14 PM, so my thoughts are a little foggy and unprocessed.

        I need to go to bed…

        1. I’ve said some silly stuff because I’m tired too, so I won’t be too harsh on the organization. XP

          Ok, why didn’t you just say that the plot didn’t feel like Sonic in the first place? When you say, “ACTUAL PLOT FOR ONCE”, it implies that you think it lacks a plot rather than think the plot lacks the Sonic spirit. As for the “Sonic’s for kids, thing”, well, that’s actually true. Sonic’s target demographic has always been in the 8-12 range. Its just that the developers also included content to please older fans as well. Heck, even the current, kid-oriented direction would not have been made possible if older fans and the gaming community at large didn’t find Sonic Colors to be the most fun Sonic game in years and leagues above any of Sonic Team’s attempts to emulate the success of SA2.

          Yes, SA2 was well received in its time, but recent ports have been looked upon a lot more harshly and its often cited alongside SA1 as the game that killed Sonic by introducing ideas that would later go toxic in titles like Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06. Plus, products of the current direction tend to be viewed less harshly– Sonic Colors and especially Sonic Gens. are seen as some of the best Sonic titles out there and Lost World is seen as simply mediocre rather than outright bad. If it weren’t for Rise of Lyric being held up as the One Single Proof™ that Sonic is dead by people who haven’t liked him since 2006 (or ever, in some cases), we’d probably still be pretty confident about Sonic right now. So Sonic Team has much incentive to keep at this current direction.

          I dunno, maybe the OVA? The OVA is basically the perfect Sonic plot. The combat is really varied and fun to watch, the animation is amazing, the characters are funny without being Pontaff obnoxious, and the plot is engaging with quite a few twists and turn. Admittedly, some parts of it haven’t aged well (especially the soundtrack), but all in all its a fun experience. Its a shame more Sonic media doesn’t take cues from it.

          I personally have found later Boom TV episodes to be much better since the animation and pacing has improved quite a bit, but that’s just me. 😛 I do like the show quite a bit despite its flaws.

        2. In fairness though, Eggman’s been a joke since around Sonic Heroes where he became “Guy who always bungles world domination plots and changes his mind at the last second while being goofy” instead of “Guy who wants to murder the main characters while also mutilating animals for his own gains and tries (and almost succeeds) to take over the world by destroying it and turning it all to machinery”.

          1. I’d argue that trying to destroy the town on a near constant basis and setting off a doomsday device counts as pretty evil.

            As I see it, all Eggmen have a fatal flaw that prevents them from ever succeeding. In Boom Eggman’s case, its pettiness. He’s too busy settling minor scores and restoring his pride from even the slightest of offenses to get to actually conquering the world. If he ever cast aside his pettiness, I think everybody would be in big trouble.

  14. Hey guys, if something gets a second season, it usually means it got really high ratings and people love it. If it didn’t, then it means it was bad. You gotta think about how this happened.

    1. Sometimes shows are given second seasons not because their ratings are remarkable, but because somebody sees potential in the show’s format and creative team to be a big success. Firefly and Arrested Development come to mind in this department, and I speculate this was a factor in Boom TV getting greenlit for a second season too.

      Not to say that Boom TV is getting terrible ratings, per say. Even its worst rated episodes are still passable. Its just that the show has suffered heavily from lack of advertising, poor timeslot, unannounced hiatuses, and connection to RoL/SC, which has resulted in it getting average ratings when it has the potential to get great ratings.

  15. While the show isn’t perfect, I still really enjoy it and I’m very happy that it’s got a second season. I too hope for less dumb jokes and boring plots, but there’s also been some really great episodes (and jokes) in season 1, IMO.

  16. I’m honestly really excited about this new season, I didn’t think the show would continue at first , but then I thought about what happened to Sonic X. That show was suppose to end with 52 episodes also, but they went ahead and added 26 more. (I think the Metarex Saga was the best in the series) So, hearing about a new season of Sonic Boom didn’t surprise me, I mean, why would they add Shadow (A huge fan favorite) in the last episode of season 1 and not continue from there? I mean, unless they’re trying to piss fans off, but that would stupid. (Not like they haven’t done that before. )

  17. I’m indifferent to this.

    I’m happy for those who like Boom. But I could never get into this show.

    I watched like 30 episodes just trying to like it.

  18. good news, I really like the show but…for some reasons I don’t have any hype to see more episodes. Maybe it’s the plotless setting, I even forget about the show for weeks or months after i’ve watched the latest episode around.

    1. Hiatuses don’t really mean another season, but I see why you’d think that. It had a long hiatus.

  19. I like how suddenly, when Sonic Boom comes, everyone loves Sonic X. Seriously, before Sonic Boom was made, I remember a large portion of the fanbase citing Sonic X as stupid and awful.. due to things like the focus on humans (namely Chris), animation fails, bad localization, and a really crappy ending.

    Sonic X is a show I like a fair bit, but I think people are kind of being unfair to Sonic Boom and those who enjoy it. It seems a little weird how all of a sudden, it’s the definitive Sonic cartoon to many. If you don’t like the show, then that’s great. The main games are continuing. And plus, as evidenced on this site, Sonic Boom has been a top-viewed show on both Cartoon Network and Boomerang. Not sure how it’s doing in France, but if it’s going well… why stop it? Personally, I just hope it gets a better budget.

    1. Actually, Sonic X is still just as hated as always. Its just that the vocal minorities have used the backlash against Boom as an opportunity to promote their own favorite show. Kind of like how you’ve seen more Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06 praising and apologetics after RoL came out– yes, you do see more praise for those titles, but the amount of people who like them hasn’t increased, just the volume of those who already did enjoy them.

      Pls, OVA is definitive Sonic cartoon. 😛 But in all seriousness, I think the irony of all that is that the source of Boom TV being seen as the definitive show is the haters who act like it represents all Sonic comedies and not in positive way. It gets so much focus, significantly more than, say, X or SatAM, from the media and all those who hate it that its easy for outsiders to assume that Boom TV is the most important Sonic cartoon– after all, Sonic fans can’t stop talking about it.

      1. I think if OVA became a full show like it was originally intended to be, it’d be my favorite. I loved it. But yeah, I think you probably have a point. It is indeed true that I’m seeing more 06 and Shadow support now.

        1. I wish the OVA was more known… 🙁

          Its the five year opinion flip, I tell you. Every five years, starting in 2003, people’s opinions tend to suddenly shift to the opposite of what Sega’s actually doing. Right now Sega is pushing lighthearted Sonic, so people want dark Sonic. Before Sega was pushing dark Sonic, so people wanted light Sonic. Its a weird cycle.

    2. I don’t like Sonic X, but I would rather watch the worst episode of that than any from Sonic Boom.

      1. You rather watch Chris selfishly kidnap Sonic, therefore putting both Sonic and Chris’s world in jeopardy, because we needed to be reminded that he’s an immature, whiny 12 year old? And he’s supposed to be the audience surrogate! That’s insulting.

        Yeah, Boom TV has never done anything on the level of that. Somehow I don’t buy what you’re saying.

  20. A New Season CONFIRMED ? Wow ! That’s great !
    When the 2° Season was coming ? I’m Impatient !
    (So, I’m French and my english are too bad 🙁 )

  21. I’m sure hope that Rouge the bat will make her appearance in the second season as well as the return of Shadow the hedgehog. I knew that Shadow would do Eggman’s dirty work although its not really his intention. But he uses it to get closer to Sonic. I suspect that Rouge and Shadow would join Team Eggman again, although Shadow would objects it.

  22. Viewership for the show actually went higher over the summer, makes sense it is a kids show. Given the time slot and the demographics from ratings, the show actually is doing fine in it’s target demographic.

    The show hit it’s peak mid season over the summer, things have slown down at the end, but the show is still what appears to be doing just fine.

    Season 2 is on it’s way and because to be frank, the tv show is the only reason this spin off the main series is being looked at.

    1. It might be a kids show but i can tell you that alot of older people are watching sonic boom to. Sonic is here allready for a long while and alot of people who loved him back then might still love him. Btw i can name up around 20+ people who are over their twenties and are watching sonic boom.

  23. I can’t wait for the second season. I want more action like sonic x. Also, I want a lot of Sonamy moments. Maybe they will go on a romantic date of something, maybe they can even try a relationship.

  24. I can’t wait. But I would love if there was a lot of action like sonic x. Also, I want to see Sonic and Amy have a relationship, and go on a date

  25. Like the idea of of sonic boom season 2. Wonder ehat they are gonna do with the characters, add some or even have shadow in the end sacrifising himself or something like that for sonic. Maybe even some romance between sonic and amy? SO MANY OPTIONS!

  26. I don’t know about the rest of y’all but I’m super excited that Sonic Boom is going into a second season. I am a huge Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog fan and when I saw Shadow make his first appearance at season finale I totally flipped out. I can’t wait to see what the makers come up with and I hope Shadow makes lots of appearances.

  27. I myself am a huge sonic the hedgehog fan. I like that u all brought the blue blur back. I don’t like that u made all the characters stupid. I don’t mind the humor though I wish it were a tad bit funnier. I’m a huge fan of the original sonic cartoon.the humor was great with plenty of fun and nothing too serious and sonic nor miles were not stupid. Robotnic was smart and it was the fact that sonic was wise as well that Grounder and Scratch always more outwitted than beaten by Sonic. Knuckles shouldn’t be an air head. He should be that head strong character (like Raphael from tmnt). Many people, like my son, dont know that at first Knuckles was a bad guy if you could throw some history in there for the viewers. And you should really seek your options about bringing in some of the original or older casts from previous series. I understand some laws prevent you from doing as such or that the character licensing may be way out of ones price range , but I’m a dreamer and nights well dream big right.

    Sonic should be better than some animes out there like Attack on Titan and this Yo-kai watch. You have a legend in your hands but you’re placing it under your shoe and walking over it here. There’s way too much potential for an awesome series if you all cared at all about legacy here. Thank you. “Gotta speed, keed. Up over and GOoooone”

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