Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice Kid’s Meal Toys Now Available at Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s


Although Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice has been delayed until next year, that’s not stopping Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s from promoting the game with Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice Cool Kids Combos . While they’re nothing too spectacular, they’re miles above what you got in the Del Taco Sonic Boom kids meal. You can collect up to four different toys in the set which each kids combo meal you purchase. These toys include…..

Splat Ball – See Sonic Boom characters on this soft, squishy ball. Turn your best friends into your greatest enemies as you splash them with water in these cool winter temperatures.

Sonic The Hedgehog Figure – This rolling Sonic the Hedgehog figure really shines! (Note to self: Get a few of these. Spray paint Sonic gold and make into award trophies for next Sonic fan convention.)

Board Game – You can play as Sonic, Tails, Sticks, Amy or Knuckles! Be the first to reach the end and win, but watch out for enemy attacks. Like the Del Taco toy, you have to build your own dice, but it does look like a more traditional board game.

Communicator with Secret Compartment – Lift the top off of this wristband to reveal a secret compartment. This can also be great for cosplay if you’re making a Sonic Boom costume for Halloween.

The promotion will be going on until early November. You can check out the website for more info at While you’re there, check out the funzone for Sonic Boom Wallpapers and more.


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  1. That Sonic figure is going to be in a Creepypasta soon, I can already tell.

    Noticed some interesting results in the poll. Apparently, 86% of people who voted on the poll think Boom Knux is their favorite character. Take that as you will.

        1. All that hate comes from the adult fans; I get the feeling that survey is mostly answered by kids

          1. Ah, I see. That makes sense.

            *sly smile towards haters* And they say kids don’t like Boom…

          2. Ignorant comment is ignorant.

            Who do you think would care enough to go to the poll? People that like Boom, of course. Using that as evidence that a majority of kids like Boom is quite unfair. Dig up some other evidence if you want to prove this claim. Also, nothing on that website says how many people did the poll.

            Get #rekt.

  2. Worst part? That figurine’s not even a figurine, it’s a statue. They could’ve at least made it not… well… like a blue Emmy. Honestly, the ball seems like the only decent thing here unless you like overly simplistic board games.

  3. Huh, that communicator is finally a toy now. I was wondering when that would happen.

    Also, digging the blue Sonic Awardy Award, lol. X)

    Seriously tho, a lot of kids are going to be really confused when they don’t see Fire and Ice in stores as soon as they leave Carls Jr.

    1. I pity the kids who have the go to store, and pity even more the store clerks who have to explain to them that F&I is not in stock.

      1. I meant to say “pity the kids who have gone to the store to get Fire and Ice”

        Don’t know why that came out so terribly.

  4. If Fire and Ice is delayed, why are these restaurants selling toys now? I mean, kid’s probably have never even heard of this to be game.

  5. “Hey, so guys, thanks for agreeing to help promote our game. So we’ve decided we need to delay it and were wondering if…”

    “We’re using the toys this month. We’re not letting you open a black hole in our toy schedule.”

    “But what if…”


    “Um… okay then.

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