SEGA Hints At “Heyday” Inspired Sonic Future

In an interview with SEGA Europe’s marketing director Jon Rooke, we may have a hint as to what the future of Sonic may hold – and that’s going back to what put the lovable blue scamp on the map in the first place.


While touching on the Sonic brand, Rooke explains that the quality of Sonic games has not been “acceptable” in recent years, acknowledging the public apology made from SEGA Games CEO Haruki Satomi a few months ago, where he claimed the company had betrayed the trust of fans.

Rooke then touches on how “huge” Sonic still is for the company, and how future games will be designed going forward.

“SEGA has publicly apologised to the fans as the quality of console games in the Sonic franchise hasn’t been acceptable over recent years. It’s been tough translating that iconic side scrolling 2D experience from the 90s into 3D but Sonic is still huge for us so the new games will be more inspired by how it played in its heyday.”

It looks like the future of Sonic will be inspired by what once made him great – but does this mean future installments will return to its 2D roots? Or will the focus of quality defined in those titles be channelled into new and exciting 3D games?

Let us know your speculation and thoughts in the comments below, and what you hope will come from SEGA’s new position on Sonic titles. As we all know, the last time SEGA tried to bring a console Sonic “back to its roots”, it wasn’t the best received by fans.


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  1. I have faith, Honestly i don’t see why people are so hasty about sonic whenever news about him comes out. i mean reall? last i checked only 2 games the past 10 years flopped, the rest was people bashing it like it was a trend. I honestly have faith with what the future holds. give things a chance before passing judgement.

  2. Oh boy. Get the popcorn. People are gonna be arguing left and right about A. Which heyday it is referring to (classic era, dreamcast, “boost to win”) and B. how this is gonna play out in future games.

    If it’s a Sonic a Generations 2 then I’m all for it, but it would feel a bit less special.

      1. I think the Adventure games stand proudly with the Classic games as being Sonic’s best outings ever!
        Sonic’s “Heyday” could be referring to the first 10 years of his Life because the majority of people, even in the mainstream were still excited for new Sonic games!
        Now the fans still get excited sure, but the mainstream looks at new titles and gags and mocks Sonic’s bad reputation!
        No doubt they will do the same for the 25th anniversary title until the moment of truth arrives and we all get to finally play the game!

        1. I agree even though most of their best 3D games had some plot holes in their story(feeling like a incomplete movie). I say they can make it happen if they had enough time and effort like they did for sonic generations, but they still need to work on the story aspect to get it done right.

          1. There are very few true plotholes in the Sonic Adventure games. People only think this because they saw the Johnny and ProJared reviews. If you actually thought about it a little, most of the so called holes can be explained. Sonic’s heyday was definitely the classic and adventure era. The first two 3d outings were among the best in the franchise and I still firmly believe that we didn’t get a good sonic game after heroes until unleashed came out. I hope they stick with what worked and that is the classic and adventure style game play. If NOTHING ELSE, I would prefer they stick to the boost game play. Other than that, enough experimentation because we don’t need any of that.

    1. As much as I love the Boost era, I think it’s a bit too recent in history to really be considered a “heyday”. Classic era is most certainly the heyday of Sonic, and the Adventure era could also arguably be considered a heyday, being the first successful intro they had onto 3D, redefining the series for a good few years.

    2. Heyday is definitely referring to the 2D classics, as evident by the fact that Rooke said “It’s been tough translating that iconic side scrolling 2D experience from the 90’s to 3D.”

      1. Actually, that could just as easily indicate that Sega and Sonic Team are working hard on a 3D title, that way it can have that iconic 2D side scrolling experience.

        Ugh, is there anything in this statement that isn’t vague?

        1. …”It’s been rough…”? I mean, overall a lot of things have been pretty bad for various areas of the company, but this is just me taking a statement out of context. Really I don’t think there’s anything in this statement that isn’t vague, lol.

  3. Hope this doesn’t mean another nostalgia fueled gimmick like Sonic Generations or much less Sonic the hedgehog 4, it seems though this game will take inspiration from a gameplay from the past and as much as I love the Sonic Genesis games I seriously hope is more based in the Adventure Sonic stages or a mix of those with the Boost gameplay.

    But scratch that, actually my ideal Sonic game wouldn’t be any of those 2, my ideal Sonic game would be a faithful transition of the Genesis games into the 3D world, with immersive stages, momentum and physics based gameplay and an outstanding level design, not to mention that it should take a lot of inspiration from the Boost gameplay for speed sections, and I’m all in for multiple playable characters as long as they play the same stages as Sonic, just with different abilities (like in the Genesis, Advance and Rush games), so yeah, call me crazy but my ideal Sonic game is kind of a mix of the Classic, Adventure and Boost gameplay, perhaps even the “parkour” move could be great if it were activared in a more natural way and had a better flow with speed and monentum.

    1. I agree, Sonic Adventure should have been more like a 3d version of the Sonic Genesis games. I really hope SEGA does this it would make me very happy.

    2. This, to infinity and beyond!

      I mean, I’d probably want a little more boost, but yes, something along the lines of combining the best of everything so far into a natural evolution would be very cool, and it would feel consistent with the evolution that the series has taken over the years. I mean, Lost World kind of felt like a bit of a step back since the focus was to slow Sonic down to emphasize the platforming more, but there were still some interesting ideas in that game at least. However they try to harness that “heyday magic”, hopefully it will feel like more of a step forward rather than a step backward, or rather a step towards the future rather than a re-living of the past.

      …unless we’re talking full-on remakes of the Classic era games in a Generations-esque style, then in that case I’m all over that! If nothing else if they ever run out of ideas or what to rework how they create things, they could always just make remakes for milestone anniversary titles (every 5 years or so) to fulfill those nostalgia cravings while they work on making new innovative experiences for main titles in the years between. That way they would still get to exploit classic nostalgia while still giving us new things to experiment with.

  4. Sonic Generations is my absolute favorite Sonic game, but… again, I do NOT want Sonic’s future to be fueled on nostalgia. It only teaches a rather biased social paradigm to continue, for it would seem correct for people to not want anything new. And even so, I personally just think Sonic works better when he does something new. You have core essentials like running fast, fighting Eggman, and getting rings… but the nifty thing about Sonic is how much the series can grow between, let’s say… the Classics and Sonic Adventure 2.

    Now, this could probably just mean that they are just looking into what developer fundamentals made Sonic so excellent back then… and they are applying it to modern games, not necessarily by throwbacks, but by marketing and gameplay. I could be totally wrong in assuming they’ll fuel the franchise on nostalgia. If so, I’m all for it. But I want the series to evolve. Especially if we’re now getting the next generation in Sonic gaming (unless Sonic Lost World counts), I think it’d be more cool to see the series expand. Not exactly change… but expand. I think Raw put it best.

  5. I like that they’re trying to dedicate to really good quality games, but I too hope they don’t just decide to go full nostalgia (again). IMO, there have been some fantastic 3D Sonic games (Adventure, Heroes, Unleashed, Colours, Generations) and I don’t think they should give up on those type of games. Definitely make improvements on them and try new stuff, but I really don’t want them to dismiss them completely because those who hated them have the loudest voices.

  6. To me it sounds more like they’re going to keep extending the “Nostalgia Era” that we’ve been in from 2008-2013, or the “Neo-Genesis Era” as I sometimes call it. It’s the slow but sure revival of more classic-based gameplay and look that started steadily since Unleashed and ultimately led to Lost World looking like Generations’ sloppy seconds. All this made sense in reestablishing the blue blur’s dynamic sense of speed and platforming, as well as leading up to the big hype of the 20th Anniversary, but with Lost World it just made less sense to still be using the Classic look and feel for anything, it kind of made the nostalgia overstay it’s welcome, to me anyway. Boom kind of served as a break from that, but it’s a spin off franchise, so that’s the equivalent of taking a vacation on the moon for a few years or something. Now that we’re heading back to the newest main series title in 3 years and it sounds like we should be anticipating even more Classic-y-ness, it feels like we’re still going to keep trying to recreate the Genesis days instead of trying something genuinely new. Sonic’s games have always been derivative, but at least they still offered a lot of new things to go with the old, and that could be seen in both the gameplay and the overall aesthetics. Maybe this isn’t painting a full picture yet, but I will say this much. I really hope that whatever the 25th Anniversary title is, hopefully it can use that nostalgia in a fitting way while at the same time not looking like a Genesis/Generations retread like Lost World was.

    1. Generations topped Colors, imo. Give us a game that tops Sonic 3 & Knuckles!!! THAT’D be impressive.

          1. There’s already a Sonic hack dedicated to Big fishing. It has some really great remixes.

            Tails’ Adventure 2 though is an untouched concept from what I’ve seen.

  7. I’m getting more of a total reboot vibe. Like, I mean TOTAL reboot. Every character, every place- gone. That’s not exactly what I want, but in Sonic’s heyday, it was just about a mad scientist and a hedgehog. This anniversary ought to be interesting. 😐

    1. That’d be a little strange considering runners released not long ago which has everybody in it. The way I see it, they’re moreso talking about gameplay

  8. Sounds like they want to make the who judge Sonic Games by how much they match their Nostalgia Filter happy. I as myself will wait and see what this new game be like.

  9. While I believe most of the recent Sonic games have been more than “acceptable” (Generations was superb, Colours and Unleashed great, Lost World was good in it’s own right), I’m gonna bank too much on what this guy has said about going back to roots. For me, this situation is one of two things; Either SEGA are giving us barefaced lies in an attempt to appease the rabid side of the fanbase, or this guy truly means what he’s saying, but, being the head of SEGA Europe (let’s be honest here, European branches are more less there for localisation, it seems to me), doesn’t have any real power to do anything about it. In terms of the main series, I’d say only Sonic Team and SEGA of Japan have any real power over what’s happening. But hey, what do I know?

    1. I think with the exception of Sonic Free Riders and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (which was a spin-off made by a totally different developer for a TV show that I feel like people overreacted about anyway), Sonic has had it pretty good for a while. I’d say since Sonic Unleashed, even though most credit that honor to Sonic Colors. I understand how SEGA feels they have betrayed their fans, and why they may think Sonic has been “unacceptable” lately… but I don’t want them to take the harsh words of hardcore Classic/Dreamcast Era Sonic fans too seriously to the point where we get… only Classics.

      But yeah, this guy could just be saying it to ease the flames.. or, perhaps it can go another direction than he says (after all, he is just one marketing director.) Sonic Lost World can be considered the start of a new era after Sonic Generations… but I’d love seeing the true evolution to even MORE powerful systems for 25th Anniversary. I want the series to be ever-evolving still.

      1. I think a big issue here is that the wording is so vague in the statement. What exactly is old style Sonic? Is it Classic, Adventure, something that tries to capture the essence of both? Where exactly does Sega feel it screwed up and how is it going about addressing the screw ups? How is old style Sonic being used as an inspiration anyway?

        I hope we don’t have to wait until next year…

        1. With the drought of Sonic news, I have been REALLY hoping that the answer to that question will come soon. I just can’t wait until next year.

          1. I guess its the vagueness that bothers me more than the idea that Classic Sonic is going to be important. Really, I don’t care at this point what formula Sega and Sonic Team use– I just want them to pick what elements from each formula are going to get used, do them right, and stick to them long term. Sure I have my personal preferences and all in terms of Sonic elements, but provided that those three things are done, I’ll be a happy camper.

            But Sega potentially BSing us… well, that’s no good on any account. Sega, if you’re going to give out information, make it concrete and immediately obvious as to its intent. Being vague is already a risky move for a company that is trusted by people. Imagine how a vague statement from a company that people tend to distrust will go over.

    2. well its hard to say that SEGA do make mistakes over the years and they are recently budgeting there money on making weird sega titles so tell me does this effect the company that make other titles that they offer the sonic titles to be more enjoyable like adventure and 2D style base on the classic day in the 90s?

  10. I actually liked Lost World, so I suppose I’m not too angry that Sega’s continuing with the Classic thing. Really, at this point, I just want Sega to pick a style, do it right, and stick with it long term.

    I just hope this game doesn’t end up like Sonic 4…

  11. “SEGA President and CEO Hajime Satomi a few months ago”

    Correction: It was Haruki Satomi who made that statement.

    Haruki Satomi is the CEO of SEGA Games and Hajime Satomi is CEO of SEGA Sammy Holdings in general, I think.

  12. I am all for a return to form but I loved most of the recent titles also.
    Unleashed was Pretty Good, Colors was Pretty Good, Generations was fantastic, and I actually love Lost World.
    But either way it will be interesting to see what they mean by this.

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    1. *checks comment history*

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    2. Just for future reference, if you were banned, making comment here with an alt account wouldn’t be the optimal thing to do. Sonic Stadium has a very strict policy regarding ban dodging, and you will be permabanned with no chance of appeal if you do it. You lucked out this time as it was an issue with the spam filter rather than an outright ban put against you, plus I highly doubt you’d say anything ban worthy. But next time, if you’re unsure of if you’re still allowed to comment here or or not, its better to tell people who run Sonic Stadium privately through email or private messaging on social media. That way, if you were banned, the moderators will still be open to any appeals you want to make that can possibly get you unbanned, as you showed knowledge of and respect to their policies regarding banning.

  14. i think SEGA is trying to say that they are trying to bring back the roots from the 90s even so sonic has a big future ahead of him and another thing does this mean they are developing the future roots of a sonic title for the future?

  15. Am I the only one sick of people saying Sonic needs to get back to his roots? That doesn’t mean ANYTHING if it doesn’t update the formula. Freedom Planet works as a Sonic 4 because it has all the main aspects, but evolves it with new gimmicks and silky smooth combat. Sonic 4 doesn’t work because it’s just Sonic 3.5, nothing new or interesting or (in the case of the physics) even all that stable. It feels outdated, is what I’m trying to say. If they want to return to the roots, fine. But they have to evolve in SOME manner We’ve gone far beyond the 90’s. We should crave MORE.

    …Oh, and while I’m at it, perhaps hiring writers who don’t maim small animals on a daily basis would help, too.

    1. THIS. So much this.

      …well except that last part about Graft and Pontac. I kinda enjoy their hampered attempts to bring back Sonic’s attitude, and it worked to an extent. Personally, I would kill to have Ian Flynn on writing duties but maybe the Sonic Boom guys can take a crack at it; it’s very hit-and-miss but when it hits, it hits hard with the chuckles.

  16. Oh look, another comment from a marketing goon that the fandom will take to heart as indication of a new direction.

    Because their words are SOOO substantial in the grand scheme of things. Strrrraange, isn’t it?

  17. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: SEGA either refine the Lost World engine and aesthetic, or they give us a game on the Generations 3D engine with the Lost World aesthetic.
    Oh, and SEGA? Whichever marketing suit is telling you to include aspects of whichever other game style is popular? Please strike them repeatedly about the head and neck with rusty kitchen implements. Think about this the next time you make Sonic the freaking Hedgehog go through a godsdamn *stealth section*.

  18. For the games that might come out for the 25th Anniversary, I’m thinking…Sonic Adventure 3 and Sonic the Hedgehog (Video Game of the Film Adaptation).

    For Sonic Adventure 3, the domains of the game still exist and they came out in 2012! This tells me that Sonic Adventure 3 will be the 25th Anniversary game and we’ve been waiting for this game to come out forever! The release of the domains also tells me that they’ve been working on this game for 3 years! 3 years or maybe even more!

    For the video game adaptation of the Sonic movie, oh come on guys, you already know. Even though we haven’t heard a damn thing on the movie yet, that doesn’t mean they’re not planning on making a video game for it!

    I can imagine these two games coming out for PS4 and Xbox One and it would be amazing! And since SEGA is now working on the quality of future Sonic games, I want them to be like FFXV/KH3. I seriously don’t want Sonic to go back to comedy since Sonic Boom is doing it now. His games need to be dark, like Adventures, 2K16, Unleashed, and Black Knight! This would be perfect for them to step their game up.

  19. Well SEGA I’ve been a SEGA fan since the late too mid 90’s and i have too say it will be nice too see a Sonic Adventure 3 on a PS4 or PC or Sonic 4. But PLEASE STOP WITH THE SONIC BOOM games there are very bad and it’s ruing sonic old roots. because of the Sonic boom games I’ve playing old Sonic 2 and 3 on my Sega Genesis for more than couple for while now and there has not been a real good sonic game for very long time but i did love playing Sonic Generations and i love it.

  20. Hasn’t SEGA been saying this for a long time? They said it during Heroes, they said it around the time Colors and Sonic 4 were made, and Lost World was noticeably inspired by the look of the classics. What’s different here?

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