SEGA Hosting Sonic Lost World Community Party in London, UK on Hallowe’en

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If you live in the UK’s capital city of London and fancy drinking to the surprise PC release of Sonic Lost World, then make sure you clear your schedule this Hallowe’en Saturday. SEGA Europe is hosting a community party in the city’s prominent gaming-themed pub, Loading Bar from 2pm.

The event will give the community a chance to see and play the game running on non-Wii U hardware for the first time before it hits Steam on November 2nd. You’ll be able to play for prizes, win goodie bags on the door (if you’re one of the first to turn up) and meet SEGA Europe’s new community manager, Dan Sheridan.

Tickets are free, but are most likely limited in number, so make sure you grab yourself one at the Eventbrite page. You’ll need to be able to get to Loading Bar (97 Stoke Newington Rd London, London N16 8BX, United Kingdom) on Saturday 31st October 2015 and be 18 years old and over (they serve alcohol there). The party starts at 14:00 and ends at 20:00.

We’re planning to make an appearance there too, so be sure to say hello to Dreadknux & Hogfather on the day too!

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  1. Alas… If only I lived in Europe. Guess I’ll need a time machine for this one. Is there a special whistle for a Tardis?

  2. Well that’s interesting I guess.

    Also, “Hallowe’en”? Is that some kind of European spelling of HALLOWEEN that I just don’t know about? Like how “colors” is spelled “colours” in some countries? Because either that’s a typo or I’m just uncultured.

      1. Sorry, forgot to add “Hallowe’en” is also derived from the ORIGINAL original name which was “all hallows eve”. I can’t remember the actual meaning behind that name now though.

  3. You people in London are lucky to have Sonic/SEGA-themed events through the year. It’d be fun to meet other Sonic fans in an event or convention one day, sigh…one day…

  4. Aww, man… Australia get almost nothing in terms of Sonic events. America, sometimes. But Europe just get all the best (‘cept Boom :3), and it really sucks because it’s so TEMPTING.

  5. Shame I can’t get to London at such short notice. Oh well, I’m already going to a local halloween party anyway with a costume I’ve spent a couple months getting together.

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