SegaSonic Popcorn Shop Now Dumped & Emulated

So remember how following the news that Sonic Patrol Car got dumped and emulated, we all joked about getting the Sonic Popcorn Shop emulated next…. yeah well… guess what.

Sonic Popcorn Shop has indeed been dumped and emulated. Never heard of it? Well, it’s not exactly a game, more of a vending machine with a show. What you do is you put your money into the machine and interact with the ‘game’ by turning a crank to interact with Sonic.

What’s the game about? Sonic & Tails are making popcorn, and Eggman is trying to stop them. More serious and edgy than Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 combined. Whilst this is happening, a microwave built into the machine is slowly cooking your popcorn. When the ‘game’ is over, your popcorn is dispensed and ready to eat.


Check out the video if you want to see what the game looks like in action. One of the most interesting aspects is that the voice actor is the same voice actor from the Sonic Patrol Car game, meaning Sonic had a set voice actor even back then.

Oh yes and ‘Popcorn Sonic’ has the most majestic Eggman of all time.


Source: Mamedev

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  1. “More serious and edgy than Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 combined.”

    Sounds like someone has a personal grudge against the Adventure era… or just doesn’t know the Shadow the hedgehog game…?

      1. Only two more!

        Perhaps is not a grudge against the Adventure era but about any little bit of drama or intesity in Sonic games because Sonic Adventure is far from a good example of a “serioud and edgy” game, especially when trying to use it for comparission in a joke, which takes me to my last theory, perhaps you’re just a terrible joker.

        1. You do realise that you’re the punchline here right? I knew someone would take that comment way too seriously, only I didn’t think it would be the 2nd comment.

          But go ahead carry on we’re all having a great time.

          1. For someone who loathes seriousness and edginess in Sonic games you’re actually really serious and edgy yourself! And here I thought you would try to mock at me with a joke or two, oh the irony!

          2. Raw you do realise you’ve descended into a parody of someone who has taken a joke way to seriously?

          3. @Espy

            I almost cry at the end of Gamma’s story and SA2 last story, also at the end of Sonic Unleashed, man Sonic games have a lot of potential for deep and emotion packed stories.


            Making fun of an unfunny joke =/= taking a joke seriously, seriously man where is your sense of humor? This only makes me realize how forced your joke was.

          4. Proof enough that you lack any sense of humor at all, all this time I was making fun of you, not of your joke, now that you know that I expect a good response from you good sir!

  2. Hah, Sonic working in a Popcorn factory.
    And Eggman wandering around trolling him and dancing ballet.
    Sounds like a crazy Sonic Boom episode.

    Well, one where Eggman tries to kill Sonic with a hammer and Sonic’s excited and cheerful instead of bored and tired, but still.

  3. From now on, whenever someone tells me that Eggman needs to be a more serious villain, I’ll just show them this.

  4. Somebody needs to make a dance video with that Eggman…

    Besides, it looks cute! Though if you lose the game, does Eggman’s victory result in burnt popcorn being dispensed from the machine?

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