UPDATE: Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice unveiled for 3DS, coming this winter

UPDATE: I’ve given the article a major overhaul to hopefully provide a better look at the announcement. Sorry about the emptiness and overall generic look before.


Well, this is something I don’t think anyone on the fandom ever expected to see. Sega have just announced a second Sonic Boom game, this time only for the 3DS called Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. Just like Shattered Crystal before it, it’s being developed by Sanzaru Games (who you may also know for the Sly collection on PS3 and Vita and the 4th Sly game Thieves in Time, also for PS3 and Vita), and it’s due this winter in NA and EU.

The game is a response to the high success of the cartoon which is the “#1 program on all TV among boys 6-11 and 9-14 in its time period”. Also key new features in the game is the addition to Amy as a playable character, and the new mechanic of swapping between fire and ice powers that grant new abilities to interact with the game’s environments, as well as Bot Racing, which is tied to the game’s story and multiplayer gameplay. Players can unlock character-themed bots to use in competitions against friends on “fast courses and tracks”.

Also new is a new villain named D-fekt, though info on the character is pretty light at the moment.

Sega have also released a trailer (via Nintendo’s YouTube page) and screenshots as seen below:


Here’s the official PR from Sega’s official blog:


Sonic Races To Nintendo 3DS™ In Sonic Boom™: Fire & Ice; SEGA also Announces Upcoming New Sonic The Hedgehog App

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – June 9th, 2015 – SEGA® of America Inc. announced today that its iconic ‘blue blur,’ Sonic the Hedgehog, will be racing once again in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice for Nintendo 3DS. The newest title will build off of the highly successful animated series on Cartoon Network, currently the #1 program on all TV among boys 6-11 and 9-14 in its time period, and serve as the latest chapter in the Sonic Boom™ franchise. The game will introduce more adventure, speed, exploration, and an all-new fire and ice gameplay element that will help propel the action. Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, featuring the triumphant return of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks, will be available exclusively on Nintendo 3DS later this year.

Developed by Sanzaru Games Inc., Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice is a single player game with collaborative gameplay components that shares key characters, events, and lore of the Sonic Boom universe. Players will see Sonic and his friends in familiar settings as they embark on a brand new adventure to battle Dr. Eggman as well as an all-new super villain, D-Fekt. The team’s adventures will bring them to locations both familiar and new as they explore, race and protect their world.

To create an entirely new experience, Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice will infuse fire and ice elements throughout gameplay, enabling new abilities to play out in special character moves and interactions with environments. The new title also delivers gameplay that enables players to run through the game at top speed, or take their time with deeper exploration and puzzle play.

New to the title is the introduction of Bot Racing, a supplemental game tied to the single player story with multiplayer gameplay. The new Bot Racing feature is an extension of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice that is purely about racing and speed, where a user will unlock character themed Bots to challenge friends on fast courses or tracks.

“We really want this game to surprise and delight Sonic fans both new and old, and have created a unique, fun game that delivers,” said John Cheng, President and COO, SEGA of America. “By introducing unique elemental gameplay features like ice and fire, along with new speed and exploration gameplay, there is a lot to enjoy with Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.”

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice for Nintendo 3DS will run alongside the top rated animated series on Cartoon Network, in addition to a national merchandising and promotional campaign. The Sonic Boom television series, coproduced by SEGA of America Inc. and OuiDO! Productions will continue to air new episodes throughout the year – and beyond!

This summer, the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise will be supported with the launch of Sonic Central, a brand new Sonic the Hedgehog information app, arriving on both iOS and Android devices. This one-stop-shop for all things Sonic will give fans exclusive art and wallpapers, character information, clips from the animated series, concept art, and games. Sonic Pix, a unique function within the app, will inspire fans creativity by allowing them to include Sonic and his friends in their photos.

Sonic the Hedgehog first appeared as a videogame character in June 1991, and instantly became an icon for a generation of gamers. Defined by his super-fast speed and cool attitude, in the years since he first raced on to videogame consoles, Sonic has become a true global phenomenon with over 140 million videogames sold or downloaded worldwide across consoles, PC’s, mobile phones and tablets. SEGA’s iconic blue blur has also gone on to enjoy incredible success in many licensed areas, such as toys, apparel, comics and animation.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice for Nintendo 3DS will be available in stores throughout North America in Holiday 2015.

How do you feel about the game’s announcement? Were you hoping for a second Sonic Boom game? Are you looking forward to it? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. We went through this whole year with no new information about a new Sonic game, and out of nowhere it’s Sonic Boom Fire & Ice. Make improvement from Shattered Crystal and have Shadow be playable then Fire & Ice would probably be a pretty fun game.

    1. well dude we wanted to see this how this goes and they will give us more info about this game soon man and its too bad SEGA is not gonna have there owe booth at E-3 because they are gonna be working on the 25th anniversary game for next year and they are working on it right now :/ and also sonic boom game was ok but i was thinking they can bring modern sonic back you know how fans want him back.

  2. i did not know they are making another sonic title but this is outstanding news that SEGA is giving us and also i guess cartoon network of sonic boom did go pretty well and also i wonder if SEGA can work on a better sonic game and also bring back those voice actors from other games as playable maybe tails channel is gonna see this soon i can tell about that and also i guess right now SEGA is working on the 20th anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog Series known as sonic the hedgehog himself yep sonic is gonna be 25 years old and they are gonna show a new character next year i can tell.

    1. DUDE. Use punctuation! It’s near impossible to read your comments when you type like that!

        1. He’s right! In fact, everyone who says that your lack of punctuation in your posts is right. We want to take your opinion into consideration (well, I do at least), but we can’t do that if your posts look like something a two-year old would type.

        2. Because no one’s going to take your comments seriously when they’re typed like that.

        3. Because if no one can read your comments, you’re wasting your time and effort as well as clogging up the comments, potentially resulting in a ban. Also, as several others said, no one can take your views seriously anyway if you don’t punctuate.

  3. Woah, really? This is shocking. You’d think Sega wouldn’t touch a Sonic Boom game with a ten foot pole after RoL/SC, or at least wait a few years to release a new game. I’m not surprised there isn’t a WiiU version, though I am a bit sad as I don’t own a 3DS. I wonder why they’d go exclusive again though… Hm. All I can think is that if Sega has been extremely quiet because its been so focused on making the next Boom game better, then maybe its not as incompetent as I thought.

    Actually, if this is what Mach2 is supposed to be, I may have accidentally predicted the future on the last article (http://www.sonicstadium.org/2015/06/rouge-voice-actor-karen-strassman-lists-sonic-ii-on-resume/#comment-257834). LOL

      1. I can imagine Rouge in Sonic Boom as antogonist version of Tails. I mean – bombs and flying, that Tails can do in SC, probably some flirting stuff, computer hacking… Yeah, that sounds great for Rouge in Sonic Boom, in my opinion.

        1. I would love a character like that. 😀 After all, we can’t let Tails be the only nerd in town.

        2. That would be cool, maybe we could see her and shadow being secret agents together again, that’d be pretty cool

          1. Secret aaagent bat, secret aaagent bat…

            But really, I like the idea of Shadow secretly working for the government provided that he doesn’t retain his Legacy backstory.

      2. What would Boom Rouge look like though? Everybody got redesigns, how about her?

          1. Me too. I’d love to see some sunglasses on her, or maybe a fancy suit.

            She can use sports tape as a weapon too! JK

    1. dude this is a squeal for the next sonic boom saga but i wanted SEGA to bring back modern sonic again so i can enjoy sonic again and also someone told me that one of my friends on youtube has a friend who works at SEGA and she told me that her friend who works at SEGA and said that Sonic is gonna be human on the 25th anniversary game so i guess it is gonna be true that sonic is gonna be human in his next game in 2016 but the point is that SEGA is trying to get other companys to put the 25th anniversary on every home consoles like PS4 Xbox One and Wii U but one of them is gonna be in a different version its like sonic generations and sonic unleashed even sonic lost world dude so it makes sense if SEGA used those engines and elements to combine those versions we can have a better sonic game next year and in 2017 and 2018 so that way it will be the best Selling game every.

      1. I’m sorry but all I’m getting out of this is something about the anniversary (for the umpteenth time), a bunch of more recent Sonic games, SEGA lots of times and some years. I really can’t make head nor Tails of this other than that.

        1. Oh and some bullcrap about Sonic becoming human which you seem happy to believe despite it obviously being untrue. Just because a friend says it doesn’t make it true, even if said friend claims their friend, relative, whatever works for SEGA. That whole thing just reeks of bull.

    2. This is so weird, we’ve known nothing since the Boom games came out last year and now we’ve suddenly got this, Mario and Sonic, Mach 2 AND Anniversary. SEGA can you just chill for a second please

      1. well guess what dude a friend of mine on youtube told me that she has a friend who works at SEGA and her friend said sonic is gonna be human in the next year in 2016 on his 25th anniversary thats what her friend said and also sonic mach 2 i think is gonna be another mobile game because i seen alot of rumors around on youtube and other sites and also that mario and sonic game crossover i think this installement is gonna be twice as fun like the other ones.

        1. I don’t know where to begin pointing out what’s wrong with this comment.

        2. I doubt everything that you have just said, given that the trailer for this game features a very anthropomorphic Sonic.

          1. yes guys because the thing i said is true ok and i know SEGA is planning for this but i think they are running out of ides of sonic titles :/

          2. No, it’s not true. You’re just making it up in an attempt to get attention.

      2. Sega is weird, I’m telling you. But I see it as a sign that they actually took a hint from the failure of RoL/SC. The trailer is mostly actual gameplay, which is a good sign that the developers are confident in the product that they’re selling. Its based off the superior Boom game. SoA also said that its going to try to appeal to both old and new fans, instead of just appealing to people who don’t know about and (judging by the sales of the games and demographics of the show) don’t care about Sonic. Plus we have some unique elements added to make the game more interesting.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if SoA actually wanted to announce this earlier but held back until the Boom fiasco calmed down.

  4. Not what I was expecting. But it looks interesting at least. The fire and ice mechanic could lend itself to interesting play. And at least they’re following up on the superior of the two Boom games.

    Though I refuse to believe this is Mach2 until I see Rouge in there.

  5. If the Sonic Team label isn’t on it, I don’t particularly have much interest. Sonic Boom 3DS was certainly better than it’s Wii U counterpart, but still incredibly lackluster. I’m not coming back to the franchise while it’s in it’s spin off phase, it just makes it feel -shudder- licensed.

  6. Sonic Boom 2, Sonic Mach 2 developed outside Sonic Team? Sounds like a match!

    I’ll copy my thoughts from YouTube:

    Shattered Crystal was fine on paper. I trust Sanzaru have learnt their lessons and are firing on all cylinders for this. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is their first “proper” game and why SC was so reduced (i.e. lacking in content and cutscenes) and lacking ties to the show and universe beyond needing Lyric.

    Pretty telling that BRB is nowhere to be seen though.

    Lost World was a glimmer of hope for Pontac and Graff, then SC happened. I miss the days Sonic stories were penned by random developers…

  7. I really liked Shattered Crystal. Probably one of the few that is over the moon with this news.

  8. Either this game was already too far in development to can before Rise of Lyric went…well, *boom*, or they’re really taking a risky move. At least they were able to have better luck with Sanzaru than BRB, so this might turn out for the better. The only thing I’m worried about is the Sonic Boom games reputation hurting sales, especially this being released only one year after Rise of Lyric.

    But I guess they would’ve had to make another Boom game eventually.

  9. I would have rather had a sequel to Rise of Lyric, which fixes all the issues people whined about, while adding more to it, and making Sticks playable.

    1. Yeah, but Sanzaru is already getting a ton of hate and SC wasn’t entirely terrible. Bringing BRB back would be suicide.

      Not to say that that would be a bad idea of course.

      1. I meant from a game quality perspective. If BRB did a bit more research on how Sonic works, it could’ve produced something great.

  10. I mean it makes sense. Now every character is playable in the game, I guess now that the show is out they can focus on what is important from the show, and see what they did wrong in Shattered Crystal. To me, this looks more like an entry from the Rush series.

    Also, nobody seems to be commenting on this new Sonic Pix app. It’s… Cool? I dunno. Interesting to say the least.

  11. that bot looks a lot like Metal Sonic but with a different torso and head.
    im interested to see how this goes.
    doesnt look like we will get anything for Wii U though :c

          1. And my friends friends friend works at Nintendo and says Mario will become a Koopa for his next anniversary and there will be a new Mother game for WiiU too

            Now do you get how ridiculous you sound?

    1. One of his original concepts was a human that later became Billy hatcher, do you really think they’re gonna go right back to that after they’ve established a look for their mascot which has lasted 24 (25 at the time it will happen according to you) years? That’s like Nintendo turning Mario into a Koopa. Not gonna happen.

  12. Never played Shattered Crystal, but maybe this will fix the problems everyone had with the first pair of games. Also, from what I hear, we might see the Sonic Boom debut of Rouge the Bat.

  13. No. No. No. No. No. This cannot be Sonic Mach 2. This simply cannot. I’m okay with this existing, but not being THE new Sonic game of the entire freaking year.

    I won’t stand for this crap. I WILL NOT!!!

    By the way, the site is acting pretty jacked up, LOL.

  14. Oh hey guys- I feel like it’s time to come back after the recent downfall that was Sonic Bo- *sees announcement*

    …*Walks out*

    Honestly, I’ll still give it a chance. I just don’t have huge expectations about it.

  15. BTW, just letting everyone know right now: DO NOT go to the comment section of that video. It’s a nightmare…

    1. i took a risk looking at the FB comments but the ones that showed up were supportive for Sega to have a second crack at Boom. I dont know how much has changed in half an hour though.

      1. I’m surprised the Facebook fanbase is being so reasonable. I would have thought they’d be jumping down each other’s throats. I hope this sets a nice precedent for future discussion.

        Although per usual, there’s a lot of dissonance in terms of this game’s reception. Even on this very website, the people in the comments section are a lot more optimistic than the forum, which is losing its mind right now.

        1. Twitter literally exploded with it, it literally drove me to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore and ragequit twitter until the news calmed down!

          1. Yeah. At least Webber took this in stride and made some jokes regarding it. It takes a man of steel to deal with this on the first week of the job.

  16. “What do you get when you mix fire and ice?” Uh… water? Of which I hardly saw any in the whole trailer? Also that clip right at the end is from the show, the first Gogoba episode…

    1. Nitpicking aside, it actually looks ok, like Sonic Rush crossed with the Sonic Advance series.

  17. I don’t think this is Sonic Mach 2, just because SEGA Of America NEVER takes a year only on a portable console. BELIEVE ON ME. Also, where’s Rouge on this?

  18. Well then… this totally came out of nowhere. But as I said on YouTube, I think the game looks pretty solid. I thought Shattered Crystal was okay, so with Fire & Ice making improvements, I feel like it’ll be a fun time. I also really dig the looks of these bosses and the new abilities.

    The only concern I have is… well… the community. Not only are people freaking out, but what’s going to happen once the game is out? It’ll sell horribly regardless of quality just because it has “Sonic Boom” in the name. I really hope SEGA can assure us that it won’t happen like that again.

    Oh, yeah. D-Fekt looks like a more… sinister Orbot. He seems cool, though I don’t know why we can’t have Eggman be the villain anymore. I guess it’s fine, with him stealing the show every time in the TV series.

    1. Well, in that case, it just goes the way of Sonic Unleashed. Everybody flips out on “principle” and ignore the good aspects of the game when it comes out, then a couple years down the line come to enjoy it, then complains that Sega hasn’t continued doing stuff like that game. Bonus points if they then claim that Sega never listens to them.

      But either way, I want to hear more about this game. What they say at that press conference regarding F&I is going to be critical.

      1. SEGA’s community pages have been a bit… more direct this time. Going as far to talk to said fans who claim they don’t listen, and creating tags like “It will be way better than the first one.” When they are claiming that Sanzaru Games is listening to fan input more for this title, I have to wonder how much room for improvement they fill. I’m personally excited, and I at least hope the fans will give it a chance, or… come to accept it later.

        1. When the game comes out and if it turns out to be good, people will warm up to it. The Frost Lies of 2014 are making it hard to believe that SoA is being serious when it promises change, but once more footage of the game comes out I think opinions will shift accordingly.

  19. Oh yeah, Sonic Mach 2. Do you guys think this is truly it? That raises some questions if so… like… is Rouge going to be in it? They can’t make Boom versions of other characters in the TV series, so would they do it here? How about Shadow and Metal Sonic, will they be here again? Assuming this IS Sonic Mach 2, then I’m curious.

  20. I’m not so sure if this is the “Mach II”/”Sonic II” we’ve been hearing about lately, but still it IS quite the surprise. I honestly think it’s the next logical step for the next phase of the Boom initiative, since the 3DS is the safer route to go until they can get a new team to make a quality or decent console Boom title. I haven’t gotten Shattered Crystal yet, but this definitely makes me want to get it now. I look forward to seeing how things develop! Also, I still have a feeling that there is more to the whole “Mach II” and “Anniversary” thing than just this announcement, so I still look forward to learning more about that as well. Keep the news coming Sega!

  21. kill me now.

    omg.. where is our modern normal sonic game sega? like hello? or did you just forget about him since he is still suppost to be a seperate thing from sonic boom. but not really because you have just shoved him aside for this poop.

    1. What normal Sonic games? You mean the ones that everyone has been complaining about killing the Sonic franchise since Sonic Adventure?

      At least these games lets me play with a different character then Sonic again and has a better focus on story and character interaction.

  22. Wow! Didn’t see that one coming. Here I thought we weren’t going to have a new game until Sonic’s 25th birthday but, apparently, I was wrong.

    So, this is going to be a sequel to Shattered Crystal? I honestly have no problem with that since I consider Shattered Crystal to be the best out of the two Sonic Boom games. As long as they fixed some of the problems I had with SC (better story and dialogues, more boss fights, have exploration of levels not being something mandatory to progress through the game but rather something that rewards curious players, have Eggman show up in the game,…), I’m willing to give it a shot.

  23. Have some of these people with these comments even played shattered crystal?

    I’ll be honest and say I actually thought Shattered Crystal was quite enjoyable….NOT perfect….but enjoyable.
    It WAS NOT a total glitch fest like Rise of Lyric, there was no rubbish story – the one of “save Amy” was great, the levels were solid, the races superb, the music was pretty good, graphics, overall OK if unremarkable BUT…..gameplay and phyics was also solid.

    If anything, it was the “Tokens to progress” by repeating levels element, and the short length of the game which I feel let it down. Also Sonic needed to be a tad faster.

    If Sonic Boom: A Song of Fire and Ice (;-)) has indeed put an emphais on speed, has removed the tokens and is a bit longer, I think this could be a good game! I’m looking forward to it – and am quite happy for the boom franchise to contine on “portable” consoles.

    (BTW I’m still not happy with Kuckroid, sports tape and THAT scarf!))

    1. No, no they haven’t.

      In fact, most Boom complainers haven’t played the games but have instead watched youtube videos of other people playing the games.

  24. Why SEGA? I mean, WHY?

    Sonic Boom was a mess. Why spend money with this stuff when you so obviously doesn’t have a lot of money right now? Are you trying that hard to bankrupt?

  25. Yes! The 3 game Nintendo deal is over now, maybe now I can expect a nice shiny sonic game on my ps4 and xbox one! Huh? What do you mean there are 3 more Nintendo exclusives? Well why didn’t they say 6 then?

  26. After Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal, I Honestly did NOT expect them to make more Sonic Boom games. They need to make another Sonic Boom game that is a console game and fixes all the problems with Rise of Lyric and has areas from the TV Series. I would love that.



    OMG, Sonic confirmed for Steam you guys!! Gaben is developng Sonic!!!

    …yeah, not one of my good jokes. Like this game, it came out like a puff of smoke…which would have been a better joke than the Steam reference. Man I’m so dumb.

  28. Not going to lie, this bums me out. The Sonic Boom universe is just not what I want from a Sonic game. It’s too silly and not the fun kind.

  29. Remember a few months ago when everyone believed that there were never going to be any more Sonic console games? Now we have three upcoming, counting both versions of Mario and Sonic. Just shows, don’t believe the rumours.

  30. I want to have hope, but I’ve just played so many bad Sonic games. The small development time for this Sonic Boom Fire & Ice to not give me increased Faith.

  31. 2005, Sonic Rush came out. The following year Sonic 06 released. Ten years later another Sonic handheld exclusive is coming, and Karen Strassman is listed as voicing a future Sonic game “Sonic ||”

    …Is this a sign?

  32. Woo Sonic Boom Fire & Ice is a new handheld Sonic game on Nintendo 3DS that I am excited for is coming this winter in the future that I’m looking forward! To get a new handheld new Sonic Boom game for Nintendo 3DS.

  33. Sorry for comment spam, but I must wonder… what do they aim to do with this? From what it seems, it’s almost like an apology for how the series took off… but imagine, in the future, Sonic Boom gets more games, so much so that it’s a staple sub-series like Mario & Sonic…

    Do they intend Sonic Boom to be… just a separate style of platforming from main Sonic, kind of like Paper Mario vs. Mario & Luigi? If so, main Sonic would have to find a true style and stick with it. By gameplay, I’m curious what they’d actually do if they want to keep Sonic Boom games coming. I thought they just wanted to advertise the TV series and let that be it. I imagine with stories, the main series would be more like what we pre-Colors.. and the comedy would be mostly left to Sonic Boom.

    1. I’m personally hoping it’s a side series that continues. Don’t want it effecting the main series of course. I’m a fan of both main series and side series games anyway.

      Kind of hoping this will be like Pokemon Mystery dungeon or Pokemon ranger where the games keep improving or at least tries too.=)

      I’m surprised at this announcement myself and very happy there’s another boom game. Though I want them to announce some mainstream games aswell. Even I’m a little cautious on sega. If they can follow Nintendo’s lead they can keep both the main and side series running at the same time.

      1. I fully agree. I’m a little worried about how the game will sell, but I’m glad it’s being made. It seems like a push in the side series’ right direction.

    2. Meh.

      Despite it being an average title among a pile of shit, it’s nice that Sanzaru is allowed to continue developing the formula that they established with Shattered Crystal and perhaps give rise to nice little niche of the Sonic fanbase of their own.

      However, anything being associated with the Sonic Boom franchise (and some would say, Sonic in general) is going to hurt the game for anyone outside of the fanbase and the 8-12 yr old demographic Boom is part of. Reviewers will pan it for not being Classic/Regular Sonic, which would give way to negative press and then eventually, a trip to the Gamestop Bargain Bin with it’s other predecessors. SEGA will foolishly blame everyone but themselves for the failure of Sonic Boom and then maybe make a stupid press conference about how the REAL Sonic is back or some other nonsense.

      Maybe this won’t be the last Sonic Boom game, but if it is, it’s nice to know they;re going out strong and going out fighting.

  34. I have a serious question though. Many people speculate this game is being made because of the success of the TV show. But if Sonic Boom came out in November of 2014, and the show came out not long after, does that mean this game was able to be made in seven months? And even then, they probably couldn’t tell the show was doing well til a month or two in. So is the show still the reason?

  35. That render looks so fucking cringe-worthy. Like something straight out of a licensed Spongebob movie tie-in game.

    Oh, that’s exactly what this is.

  36. “What do you get when you mix fire and ice?”
    Uh… Steam.

    Seriously though, I actually like the look of this. I really enjoyed Shattered Crystal, but I’d like to have seen this come out on the Vita.

  37. Huh, looks like a fun game, which is all I demand from a game.

    Hmm, I sense many months of haters hating on this game, oh well, who cares about them anyway. Like Seiji Mizushima, Director of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 said. “The people on the Internet who complain about the show were going to hate it no matter what I did, so I don’t really care about their opinions.”

    Read more: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/WhyFandomCantHaveNiceThings#ixzz3cglyt7R1

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