Sonic Boom Might Get A Movie…?


You know, I almost didn’t post this up here… the reason being is that this particular piece of PR is so poorly worded I have no idea if they’re talking about Sonic Boom or the normal Sega Sonic Universe.

In an interview with Sonic Boom Fire & Ice producer Omar Woodley, he had a rather interesting thing to say with regards to the future of Sonic.

When asked, is this new Sonic game represents the future of the franchise? Woodley states the following.

“Sonic Boom is meant to branch away from the classic/legacy Sonic. Our plan is to go forward with both the modern Sonic and the legacy Sonic, but the Sonic Team will handle the legacy side of things in Japan. For us, the Western initiatives will tie into the toys, merchandising animation – movies potentially even. We’re branching out into the more upbeat adventure style theme for Sonic Boom.”

However, due to the way this quote is worded, it’s difficult to tell if this means that Sonic Team will handle the legacy side of things and the west will handle things which tie into it such as a movie, or if it means that along with toys, merchandise and animation, that they are also looking into a potential movie deal for Boom.

Does anyone want this? Let us know in the comments.

Source: USGamer

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  1. since Boom is intended to Kids, I think it would be a TV/Straight to Dvd thing. Now the main franchise, that’s what will be in theaters

  2. what if its a cinematic short just like the night of the werehog? i think it would be nice..

  3. For me, Boom has already lost steam. The cartoon show is fine and dandy, somewhat funny….but I don’t see any potential left in it. It’s still new, and yet….I think it’s time to move on from it.

  4. So… does “Modern Sonic” = “Boom Sonic” in this statement? I feel like this is too cryptic to assume anything for sure.

    1. It doesn’t seem like they are creating any new IP for the different Sonics, they’re just referring to “Boom Sonic” being the most “modern” interpretation of Sonic, while “legacy/classic Sonic” is being used to simply refer to the main Sega Sonic that we’ve been with for the last 24+ years. I doubt they seriously mean that they want to name “Boom Sonic” is going to be the “new” “Modern Sonic” or that “Sega/Modern Sonic” will now be known as “Legacy Sonic” (or the “new” “Classic Sonic”?). Sonic will be referred to as whatever the fans want, the only thing that ever warranted a distinction in the first place was Sonic Generations when you had 2 different Sonics. At this point, I think fans are just going to continue referring to the two Sonics as “Boom Sonic” and “Sega Sonic” and when Sega officials plan on referring to Sonic as anything else, then they’ll make a big deal or PR announcement that will make the point clear. There’s no use in getting worked up over what he’s called by as long as you know who he is.

  5. Don’t know. I’d be happy with a Boom movie. It would be great to see what the writers could do with a longer runtime– I swear 11 minutes is just too restrictive for these guys. The question is: could the show’s formula sustain a whole hour?

  6. Maybe it could be like the Equestria Girls series for MLP, which are usually put in theaters for a limited time and going to DVDs and TV a month later.

  7. I’ll bet they meant to say DVD Volume/Season releases, or straight to DVD movies.

    1. ofcourse its for kids and it does get the job done perfectly when you see it on the kids side of things

  8. Ehhhh, I’d say this isn’t too likely. We’re already getting a movie based on the main franchise, I doubt we’d get another based on Sonic Boom. The way this comment is worded makes me not really take it to heart much.

    I’m sure it’d also confuse a lot of kids who see the first film, and then all of a sudden, a new movie comes out and is completely different from what was just released a few years back.

  9. Probably straight to DVD movie(s) if anything.
    – There’s no way Cartoon Network would air more than 30 minutes of Sonic..and look at the crappy time slot the show got. Instead of being put into prime time with CN winners like Adventure Time and Regular Show it premiered along side year old repeats of Pokemon.
    – A movie is already on it’s way, and since Sony are behind it and there’s no Boom for Playstations it’s pretty much a given the movie won’t be Boom themed.

    As for Boom as a whole, the toys aren’t selling, the Del Taco kids meal was terrible, no one could find the ICEE cups, the comic series has already concluded, the games have been… well,there’s no words for it and the cartoon itself is just on at ridiculous times.

  10. I don’t care what you do at this point SEGA. It sounds like you’re going to continue making Sonic Boom and honestly, I really don’t care anymore. Honestly I don’t. Failure hasn’t made you wake up and re-evaluate things and I’m not waiting around for it to happen. Sonic, you had a lot of great games and could have even had another masterpiece, but your time is done. Kids will undoubtedly love the show, and maybe even the movie that comes out soon (I don’t know if it’s for Boom of the main Sonic series), but SEGA, you’re quite a jerk to your fans when it comes to the games. You couldn’t even make a game that children deserve to have fun with and gave them two crappy games to start off your new branch in the series. I don’t think you’re going to make it better with this new one. Kids DON’T deserve what you’re putting out! They deserve better and you don’t care about that. I’m leaving the series from here on out. If I ever get grabbed again by something that looks good, then cool, but today isn’t that day and I’m moving on. Thanks for the memories.

    1. actually they still working on the sage for this point dude so i think it will be better if SEGA continue this before sonic boom tv show ends so they are still working on the future titles for the sonic game for next year.

    2. Aren’t you assuming a bit much at this point? What if Sega did get its act together and was using this game to symbolize it? Fans have asked for Sega not to completely abandon ideas from bad games in the past, and it does seem that some things have changed since SC. I doubt Fire and Ice is going to be GOTY material, but at this point it looks good for a short burst of fun. Even if the game does turn out to be crap, there are other aspects of Boom such as the TV show that are worthy of expansion and continuation.

      Plus, there’s still going to be mainline games after Boom. The next mainline game just hasn’t been announced yet.

  11. It’ll probably end up like MLP’s Equestrian Girls and go straight to TV and DVD. I know it was released in like 2 cinemas but I don’t count that as a proper theatrical release.

  12. It’s way too early to even think about a Boom Movie, but could see it happen in like 3-4 years.

  13. I have always stated that SEGA making a Sonic movie in this day and age is a stupid idea and will cost them big. But making a movie based on Boom? Borderline brain-dead.

    The quote is poorly worded, so it could just be the producer failing to hype up his product, since he probably knows about the stigma SB carries with it. But if he is telling the truth, then I agree with everyone: Please keep it to straight to DVD. SEGA has to stop kidding themselves, this franchise is dead and if they try pushing this to theaters, it would flop worse than Mars needs Moms.

    Go Home SEGA, You’re drunk and you’re done.

    1. While Boom had a pretty bad start, I don’t think its quite dead in the water yet. For one, the show is pretty good given the situation and has a lot of potential to be better (and it has improved over time, especially in terms of pacing). People really love the merch too. A Boom movie isn’t being made right now, but will probably be considered should the opportunity arise. Since people outside the Sonic fanbase don’t know much or care about Sonic Boom, if Sega markets the movie correctly, non-fans will be apt to go in large numbers regardless of it being Sonic Boom, since the movie will be the only aspect of Boom that those people are familiar with. The same principle went into action with the TMNT and Transformers movies, which sold millions despite frankly being kinda sucky. If Sega plays its cards right, the principle can apply to Boom too.

      On the same line of thought, smart decisions can turn Boom around. Is Sega capable of making such smart decisions? Well, both yes and no right now. Yes because it acknowledges the flaws of SC and has made at least some changes. No because it got impatient and decided to release a Boom sequel before people got over complaining about the first two Boom games. At this point, Sega can go either way with this, really. I have a gut feeling that there’s more to this whole Boom thing that we haven’t seen yet, so I wait for more info.

  14. They are really trying to force this Sonic Boom crap. To be honest, I’m sick of it. It’s not as popular or not as good as they want it to be. At this point, I just wish they would let it die.

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