Complete series of Sonic X coming to DVD


The anime series Sonic X is about to see a new lease of life on DVD, thanks to US based entertainment company Diskotek Media. The news was originally announced on Diskotek’s Facebook page, simply stating ‘Sonic X complete series! Release date TBD’

Unlike the original releases of Sonic X DVDs which all came in volumes of episodes, this single release looks to include all 78 episodes of the series, originally broadcast from 2003-2006.

As implied by Diskotek’s Facebook post, no date has been decided for release yet, but one of the company’s employees also spoke about the upcoming release over on Sonic Retro’s message boards, where further information was brought to light.

The user known as ‘Kushami’ has said that the license Diskotek currently has to produce the DVD is for the dubbed version only, although Diskotek is aware of the strong desire by fans for subtitled versions of the original Japanese episodes, and has emphasised that the idea of a second release with the subs could potentially be done, but is only likely if the response to this first DVD is strong enough.

Other details included that in keeping with the licensor’s requests, the DVD will use the dub’s intro to the show (no Sonic Drive this time people… sorry!), and that there isn’t likely to be much in this release in the way of extra features, but such extras may be considered for the mentioned possible re-release. A Blu-Ray release is also said to be unlikely, due to the fact that the original show has no high definition masters.

Will you be ready to support this new release when it eventually rolls around? Would you buy in to better the chances of getting a subtitled version of the show produced? Let us know!


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  1. I would love to get an uncut Japanese release of this show, but you have to admit the publisher are kind of between a rock and a hard place here. Firstly, they can’t put both on the same collection as the English version has a lot of cut and edited content, visually as well as audibly. They would need to include double the video files on disc, whereas with most anime, they just include the two audio tracks over the same video. That would also mean you couldn’t cut between the two dubs at will.

    Also, the soundtrack is completely redone in the English dub, so they’d need to acquire the rights for the Japanese music. I think there’s some Crush 40 tracks in there that they’d had to get the rights for? Subtitling 78 episodes is no mean feat either. A lot more than most anime for a single release. That’s another cost.

    So that’s why they’ll need to go for two separate releases for the two languages. But then you have a Japanese language-only release of what is essentially a kids’ cartoon. How marketable is that going to be?

    I really hope for a Japanese language release, but there are a lot of hurdles they’ll need to jump through to make it.

  2. ” Originaly Broadcast 2003-2006 ” Wooooooooooooooooow… Just Wow…
    They’re Slow…

  3. Yes! I was waiting for this to happen! Now I just need a new DVD player, since my old one broke.

  4. A blu-ray version, really?
    It’s sure starting to get old, and did HD really exist in TMS production of this TV-series?
    Still, it’s gotta be my favorite TV-series from Sonic and I wish they didn’t have cancelled season 4 of Sonic X…

    1. Even though I Love Chris, I think they will do better by exclude Chris from the 4th season. So much potential.

    2. Cancelled Season 4? We got 6 Seasons out of the 78 episodes, the Wiki says that there’s 3 Seasons, but I’m calling bullshit on that. Seasons 5 & 6 was the entire Metarex Saga (where Chris wound up in “Sonic’s World”).

        1. Then you go tell that to Funimation who made the DVDs. They made 6 seasons from those 78 episodes. So you go and tell them they fucked their math.

          1. Actually, if any of you even watched 4KidsTV when the show was airing, you would know that 4Kids definitely announced episodes 53-78 as “Season 3”. Now, it’s also true that the 5th DVD Box Set that was made together by 4Kids and Funimation (For episodes 53-65) and was called “The Complete 5th Season”: I have the set myself and can testify to that. None of the other DVD releases mention anything about seasons, however. So it’s actually more legit to say that Sonic X had 3 26-episode seasons, but if you said that Sonic X had 6 seasons that each had around 13 episodes each, you wouldn’t be wrong, either: it’s nothing but a different way of categorizing the episodes, it works just the same.

      1. I’m talking about sonic underground, the show that came before sonic x, season 3 was cancel, there for being incomplete.

  5. While I always make fun of it and roll my eyes at the human characters…. I have lots of nostalgic and fun memories with Sonic X, and would probably be down for getting this DVD. And you have to admire Sonic X for how many things it did right.

  6. Man I just got the last Dvd to complete the series. But I’m glad that the series wasn’t forgotten and is getting a box set; And I would love if they do a uncut or re-dub of it. Now let hope that Archie will finally release a trade paperback of the Sonic X comic series.

  7. Gotta Go Fast is honestly one of the greatest songs that has came out of the Sonic franchise. It is written just perfectly so you feel a sense of speed while listening to it, and it rhymes?! That’s awesomeness right there. The lyrics are also just perfect as well. It just fits who and what Sonic is like a glove. It is also a true challenge trying to dance to a song that moves so fast! It is truly a masterpiece and a staple of Sonic the Hedgehog. 😀

  8. I’ll definitely buy this and I will also purchase the uncut Japanese Dub if we ever get a release of it afterwards. 🙂

  9. Finally! I’ve always wanted Sonic X in one complete boxset. Most of the older DVDs are now are extremely expensive.

    I personally could care less about a subbed release, as I loved the english dub, and quite frankly it gets unfairly bashed; the worst they did was censor a [minor] characters’ death (Molly-who?). Most of the writing and tone was close to the original, and I’d take “Gotta Go Fast!” over another overly-long, generic-shonen “we can do anything” song. (not a fan of long anime intros in general, though.)

    Sonic X was my favorite TV show for the longest time when it was on the air, (feeling old now) and I sincerely cannot wait to buy the complete series! 🙂

    1. That death wasn’t the worst thing they did. Aren’t we forgetting how they mutilated Cosmos death by removing all emotion from it?

  10. oh Please. If Shout Factory was handeling the rights to the DVDs we would get the Japanese Subs right off the bat and not have to wait to see if the number of sales is good enough to warrant a 2nd release. Diskotek is a joke. Funimation released way too many DVDs, if they would have released all 78 episode in one box set this wouldn’t need to happen, but no Funimation was dumb.

    1. Nearly every company in the world that handles licensed children’s anime does what Diskotek is doing. Sonic X isn’t that popular, and getting the rights to all of the Japanese content and formatting it all onto DVD with subtitles is far too much work if they aren’t going to make any money. It’s not dumb, it’s simply realistic. I’ve been following Sonic X for over ten years now, so seriously, just be glad that you can at least watch the whole series subbed on Hulu…because it wasn’t like that back in 06!

  11. I already have all 78 episodes of the original dub on DVD from way back! 12-discs, 6 volumes. It’s pretty hard to find now, surprisingly. It was cheap when I bought it as a kid.

    That’s interesting though. I can’t wait to see what the box looks like! Weird that in the midst of Sonic Boom and the modern Sonic world in general that they’re still re-releasing this show… With it having all of the old VAs and such.

    And yes, I would only EVER consider picking this up for the Japanese version. I loved the sub as a kid, and I still hold a soft spot for it, but nothing compares to the fact that the original was actually sort of a Sonic ANIME. The dub is just an American-made cartoon, let’s be honest.

  12. I’ll be getting this if it includes the Japanese version. Despite suffering of flaws and being “kiddy” (like ALL Sonic cartoons), Sonic X is the only decent Sonic cartoon and the only one to be respectful to the source material. And the second series (aka season 3) fixed just about all problems, I bet none of the Sonic X haters have watched it.

  13. Yes! This is exactly what I want! Don’t really care for jap dub, I’m one of the few people who actually enjoyed this show for what it is.

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