Ian Flynn, Tracy Yardley and more at Heroes Con on June 21st (Updated)!

Close to Charlotte, North Carolina and like the Archie comics? This could be something for your diary!


Over this coming weekend, a comic convention called Heroes Con is being held at the Charlotte Convention Centre in Charlotte, NC. Amongst the guest list across the three-day event are several representatives for the Archie comic, and there’s a dedicated half to the panel for Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe and Mega Man with Paul Kaminski (editor), Ian Flynn (writer) and Tracy Yardley (artist). The official website has the specific schedule for the Archie panel;

Room 201
PART I :: ARCHIE: Life, Afterlife and Beyond
Join moderator Jimmy Aquino (COMIC NEWS INSIDER) in a talk about the major events happening at Archie Comics – from the hit horror series AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE to the upcoming “Death of Archie” in the pages of LIFE WITH ARCHIE and much more – with an all-star cast of Archie staff and stars, including artist FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA (Afterlife with Archie), PAUL KAMINSKI (Archie Comics Executive Director of Editorial) and Red Circle Comics Editor and Archie SVP – Publicity and Marketing ALEX SEGURA.
Get the inside scoop on what’s coming up in Archie’s best-selling “Action” line of video game titles, including SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, SONIC UNIVERSE and MEGA MAN, with SONIC/MEGA MAN editor PAUL KAMINSKI and long-time Sonic and Mega Man creators IAN FLYNN and TRACY YARDLEY

You can get a three day pass in advance of the event until the end of June 18th, or you can get a one day pass on the day for $20 if you wish to get in for Archie on June 21st. If you want a potential day out, this might be something to consider! More details about the location and other technical details are on the Heroes Con website.

UPDATE: It’s not June 20th at 4pm as the schedule said at the time of posting, it’s June 21st at 2pm! Make sure you don’t get confused and get there a day early! Although several Archie people will be at tables throughout the weekend anyway.

Table details are listed on the official Bumbleking website.

Source: Heroes Online

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      1. Agreed!! Spcially the Sonic comics, the reboot was a letdown but they came back in full force! I also dare to say the comics are more exciting now that before Worlds Collide, the only thing left is the extensive mythos they had before the reboot but they will obvioulsy rebuild it over time.

  1. Wait, hold on! Are they killing off the character Archie!? I’ve never read those comics, but he’s still a classic character, why would they kill him off!? D:

    1. Archie? The namesake of the Archie comics? Household staple of the last couple of decades for casual comic readers? Had a crossover with the Punisher? Ring any bells?

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