TSS@E3 – Interview With Matt Kraemer (Sonic Boom 3DS)

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Sometimes when working for two sites at an event, it’s easy to get your wires crossed. In this case, I refer to myself as Shigs from Segabits after Alex informed me that this interview was meant for Sonic Stadium. Oops!

Anyway, this is my interview with Lead level designer from Sanzaru Games, Matt Kraemer. Matt was incredibly friendly and I gotta admit, Sonic Boom:Shattered CrystalΒ (3DS) was by far my favorite of the two Sonic Boom games. Here, we discuss collectibles, second goals, Streetpass features and more! So why are you still reading this? Press play!

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    1. If they have real cutscenes, they’ll be poor quality like Lost World… BUT WHO CARES! XD

      1. I care, perfect games do exist, its called effort put into a game. If Sonic fans are ok with mediocre games then mediocre games is what they will always get while the creators laugh all the way to the bank with minimal effort. Because they know the people known as Sonic fans are the easiest people to fool. I’m one of the last remaining SEGA fans I had all the SEGA consoles, I know what Sonic is about, most Sonic fans now a days are Nintendo fans who’s first game was SA2 Battle, Heroes, shadow the hedgehog or worse Sonic 06, you know nothing.

        So yeah flame me for all I care, which I dont care anymore. Enjoy your Sonic Boom (Horrible name btw maybe a reference to that stupid Sonic CD Song that replaced the superior “You can do Anything” in USA or worst maybe its a reference to Street Fighter Guile’s ‘Sonic Boom’ Attack)

        You keep your boom, I will keep waiting for a REAL Sonic game, hopefully as good as Colors or Generations…atleast.

        *yawn* I’m too old for this, but i dont care about trivial things I care about deep subjects, Deep subjects that make ur brains hurt.

        1. “I dont care about trivial things I care about deep subjects, Deep subjects that make ur brains hurt.” You won’t find it on a Sonic fansite, mate. XD

        2. @ Sonic (the Ironic! Totally your new nickname :3 ): I disagree with perfect games existing, but only because I view perfection as being unobtainable (and boring if there are no odd quirks). I would also like to say I disagree with your statement about being a Sega fan, not that I doubt you are but one does not need to own all of the consoles in order to be a fan. Some people couldn’t afford it, others were too young. Having all the consoles they made is a luxury, not a necessity.

          I played Sonic 2 when I was young. I must say, I didn’t like it much. I got back into the series through SA2, and have loved it ever since. Does it really matter how I got back into the series? Why is there such a need to distinguish between who played what? A need to say who is a “real” fan and who isn’t?

          We all enjoy Sonic for different reasons. Just as you hold Colors and Generations up very high, I don’t, viewing Colors as being fun but lacking in length and Generations suffering from a terrible length, plot, and final boss πŸ˜› But that doesn’t make me any less of a fan than you, I just have different opinions and I respect yours.

          Sorry about the little rant, but I felt it needed to be said. You are intelligent, and I hope you take the time to read my comment. I don’t expect it to change your viewpoint, but at least you’re getting the other side ^^

          Also, don’t diss Guile. That man has a haircut and a theme that goes with everything. EVERYTHING. It’s kind of scary… >.>

          P.S. I’m not a Street Fighter fan, no, so don’t worry XD

          1. Well, Grassy. You made that epic comment… for AMERICA! (Or wherever you live!) I guess there is only one thing left for you to do.

            Go home and be a family man! *initiate Guile’s theme here*

        3. You know what Sonic (the Ironic, Sonic the Human Sonic, the Flesh Sonic, Sonic the Hogfarmer), you’re right. Since I don’t own any SEGA systems, don’t own any of the 1991-2001 games in their original format, wasn’t born in the 80’s, was too young to play any video game in the 90’s, was 15 when I started playing Sonic, played 2006 as my first Sonic game, happen to like Jason Griffith as my favorite Sonic actor, happen to like Nintendo and Sony, happen to love the song Sonic Boom as much as You Can Do Anything (which I thought was really weird and stupid at first until it grew on me), thought Colors was okay but kind of lacking in story, thought Generations was fun but REALLY lacking in story, thought Unleashed was the first superior game in a long time, and don’t care about deep DEEP subjects that will make my brain hurt (such as talking about how much of a Sonic and SEGA fan I am), then clearly, CLEARLY, I must not be a fan of Sonic, SEGA, or anything having to do with speed, the color blue, or cute and cuddly creatures!

          In fact, what am I even doing on this site? What am I doing playing these games!? Clearly they are too good for me, a non-fan, to touch, let alone look at! I should give them all to somebody who is a much more worthy fan than I. But according to you, no one else on the planet is of that same caliber…

          I KNOW!!! I’ll just give everything to you! Please take my games Sonic the red echidna Sonic, the Robot Sonic, the Real Flesh Human Totally Awesome Sauce Marty McFly John Carter Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles Gargoyles Sonic the Ironic Hedgehog!!!! You clearly know more than me, please take these games from me! Absolve me of my sins!! SAVE MY SOUL OH LORD AND SAVIOR!!! PRAISE BE THE NAME OF THE ONLY TRUE SONIC/SEGA/90’s ARE BETTER FAN!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!! πŸ˜›

        4. My first Sonic game was Sonic Advance 2. Does that mean I know nothing? I think I can speak for everyone my age and younger when I say it’s not my fault, or any of our faults that we weren’t born yet. Just because my first fame was Advance 2 doesn’t mean that, since that time (I was like 4 [born in 1998]) I’ve never played any games released before it, and it certainly doesn’t mean I know nothing. I may not be the only guy who does this but I extensively research anything I like for months, and thanks to these magic boxes (called computers) and some other kind of sorcery (called the internet), this was made possible. The aforementioned magic boxes also allowed me to play games from before my era… Thanks to these I (and some consoles newer than the dreamcast) was able to play to completion every sonic game except Riders (the first one), Heroes and Shadow. πŸ™‚ So you shouldn’t just assume that people know nothing just because they weren’t able to play, didn’t know about or didn’t care about games before a certain time period.

          Wow… This response is waaay longer than I had thought it would have been when I started typing this… and I’m still typing this… I should stop. πŸ˜› Okay… Now I will… πŸ™‚

          1. Yeah, seriously, the only reason my head hurts right now is because that ego is too big to fit into anyone’s imagination. The idea that he could be this arrogant literally hurts my brain.

      2. It’s this “WHO CARES XD” kind of attitude that kills the community and why we will never have another Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

        1. Well, I don’t think that would make a difference, Sega knows how passionate (and stuborn) the fan base already is but because everyone have so many different opinions often expressed in impolite manners it should be really hard for Sega and the developers to listen to fans.

          If it makes you feel better I have the feeling Sonic Team will be trying to make a more Sonic Adventuresque type of game after Sonic Boom is released.

        2. Oh my god there is a Sonic Adventure 2 Batte, for DLC go right now to get on Xbox Live Arcade, or PlayStation Network, to purchase it but you have to get Sonic Adventure 2 the full game first. Plus I Already have Sonic Adventure 2 on October 6th, 2012 & the DLC as well.

          1. He meant we’ll never get another game LIKE Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, not the game itself.

  1. The Sanzaru guy’s sound more like they know what Sonic is and know what there doing compared to the other team on the WiiU one, I have hope for the 3DS one.

  2. Well Sonic Boom 3DS is a fun game ever better than Wii U version of Sonic Boom is lame & disappointed than also. I hope Sonic Boom race against Metal Sonic for 3DS version for full game to be popular!

  3. I don’t know, I think the Wii U version had a lot more time and care put into it than the 3DS version. Sure, the 3DS version is in a constant 2D perspective, but that doesn’t make it any closer to the older games than the Wii U version. It’s still relatively slowed down in the adventure stages, the adventure stages are a bit more of a labyrinth or a maze than a platforming stage, and the speed sections only make up about 1/3 of the experience. I’m not saying the 3DS version looks terrible, it actually still looks somewhat enjoyable, but I’m really confused as to how anyone can look at the 3DS version and think it’s superior to the Wii U version. I think both versions are going to be fun, but I think the Wii U version is going to be a little more fun, for me at least.

    1. Hero, I’ve played both versions. The 3DS version has tons of more classic style Sonic gameplay. It’s similar in parts to Modern Sonic in Generation 3DS. However, I can honestly say the Wii U version is NOTHING like any Sonic game before. That would be fine if the game was highly enjoyable, but from what I played, it’s mostly a slow-paced 3-D brawler with platforming/puzzle sections and it’s a bit of a bore. As I’ve stated many times before I enjoyed the 3DS version a lot more.

      And why can’t the 3DS version be better? Is there some rule that all console versions games have to be better than portable ones? I’ll give you a good example. Astro Boy. It was done on PS2 by Sonic Team and it blah while the DS version was by Treasure and was glorious!

      1. But HOW was it closer to the originals? Be specific.

        Also, the Wii U version looks like it plays fine as a adventure/brawler. I’m sure that if there weren’t Sonic characters in it and it wasn’t licensed as a Sonic game, people would think it was decent. It’s only because it features Sonic that we see it as a slow Sonic game. If Sonic wasn’t in it, then I doubt anybody would really care about the speed difference as much as they do now.

        I never said that there was a rule that the console version of a game had to be better than it’s portable counterpart (although that does tend to be a pattern in some cases, and the opposite in others). I was just saying that from my standpoint the console version looks a little more interesting. The 3DS version looks OK, but it also seems a little too much like what I would expect from a portable Sonic Boom game. I still think it will be enjoyable, but most of my focus is going to be on the Wii U version because that one is the flagship of the whole franchise, it shows the most radical change in gameplay, has the most graphics and dialogue put into it, and it’s story looks to be a huge focus point. We have barely been given much detail about the 3DS’s story, other than that Amy is kidnapped and you have to defeat Lyic (again). The Wii U still a bit scarce on details, but we’ve learned a bit more about what the story will focus on.

        Anyway, I think both versions of the game look great, the Wii U version has been capturing a bit more of my interest, and I’m sure that both of them will paint a bigger picture of what to expect from this new branch.

  4. You know what? The 3Ds version doesn’t actually look that bad (at least relative to the abomination that is the Wii U counterpart.) It might even be worth a rental.

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