Sum-Up Sunday: The Week That Was E3 2014



E3 2014 has come to a close, and what a week it was for our blue hedgehog. In case you missed anything, Sum-Up Sunday is here to catch you up on all the big headlines that you might have missed.  Tons of new footage from Sonic Boom, plenty of interviews, a trio of new trailers, and even a movie announcement. Check it all out below:







And that’s all for this week – so much stuff happened! Phew. Tell us what you thought was the most exciting development of the week in the comments, and what you’re looking forward to most now you’ve seen more from Sonic Boom – the Wii U version, the 3DS version, or the TV show. Until next year and a new Sonic title, E3!

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  1. So Sega is going to stay with Nintendo forever? Then also I’m excited about Sonic Boom & the video game for Sonic Boom 3DS, not Wii U because but is speed after all you beating Robot every time a lot. Well anyway is anybody Excied for Super Smash Bros 4 the last game on Wii U and 3DS of Sonic The Hedgehog is back and some other characthers are back to?

    1. I believe it was confirmed that the next real Sonic game (made by Sonic Team) in 2015 is for Xbox One and PS4. Not sure if that was officially the word, but at least that’s what people are saying.
      The agreement with Nintendo was for 3 games; Lost World (undersold on both platforms) Mario & Sonic (undersold, and there was supposed to be a 3DS version), and now Boom (was originally NOT part of the agreement; was supposed to be some other type of game). Between those 3 games, I highly doubt Nintendo would even try to extend the deal; having the Sonic series as an exclusive really didn’t help their case.

      1. Yeah, because they screwed it up by making Lost World a mario game.

        …. The olympic one was great, not sure I understand that one..

  2. Wii U game and the series. I will look forward to those no matter what other people say!

  3. If Toonzai was ended on end of September on CW channel on finale on Saturday,
    will Sonic X will be moved to Cartoon Network while Sonic Boom TV Series will air in this Fall?

  4. I’d have to say I’m equally excited about everything! I’m going to die though, if they don’t get the movie right.
    My one big pet peeve,
    Thank you, that is all. 😛

  5. Excited for everything except the movie tbh. I think the sonic boom games look awesome, especially rise of the lyric though 🙂

  6. You forgot today….SONIC REVOLUTION BABY! At the Holiday Inn at Buena Park. it was incredible. we had Evan Stanley, Tommy Talarico, Serenity 7, Aaron Webber ans Stephen Frost from Sega and more! A great time was had by all.

  7. And the one thing I hoped they would reveal at E3…Shadow’s new design for Sonic Boom…Shame on you Sega.

  8. Is there anything in stored for 2015 regarding Sonic? Because it seems like the ONLY installments we’ll be getting this year are three crappy installments of Sonic Boom (Wii U, 3DS, and animated show that will air for lord knows how many seasons), stupid character designs and all. I just want to know when we’re getting back to the current Sonic series, so we can blow past this one (like a bad dream). It’s like the Super Genesis Wave world or Lara-Su Chronicles.

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