New picture of Japanese All Stars Racing Transformed Pre-Order bonus.

ASRT preorder bonus


Today, Yosuke Okunari (A producer at SEGA) tweeted the above image of the upcoming bonus sound disc that those with a Japanese pre-order will get once the game is released.

The track list has already been known for a while (when Sega of Japan initially revealed the bonus), but nice to see they’re giving something Japanese fans to look forward to!

All Stars Racing Transformed is still on schedule to be released in Japan on May 15th next month.


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  1. TIL Sonic and All-stars Racing Transformed isn’t out in Japan. That is really surprising! Almost 2 years later…

  2. I am lucky that Sega of Japan to put Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed of song Disc!

  3. There are characters on the disc that weren’t in the western version of the game. Any significance to that? Talking about the Space Harrier guy (okay, the Space Harrier theme was in the game), and the guy with the metal headplate.

    1. Most likely a reference to the Burning Rangers stage, highly doubt they would include Shou as a playable character for just the Japanese market.

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