Sonic Lost World ships 640,000 copies worldwide on Wii U and 3DS in 2013

Appendix of Consolidated Financial Statements 9 Months Ended December 31, 2013 (Page 6)

FLASH REPORT CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS[Japanese GAAP] 9 Months Ended December 31, 2013 (Page 4)

Comment from the 2nd pdf:

In the consumer business, although the Group launched multiple titles including “Football Manager 2014” and “Sonic Lost World” in the packaged game software field, sales were low due to the harsh market environment.

Sega have confirmed in their newly published Financial Earnings report that the Wii U and 3DS exclusive title Sonic Lost World has shipped 640,000 copies worldwide as of December 31st.  Sega also shipped 680,000 copies of Football Manager 2014 on PC in Europe and NA, while the Japan-only Soccer Tsuku: Let’s Make a Pro Soccer Club managed to ship 200,000 copies on PS3 and Vita.

You can find a full write-up over at Joystiq.

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  1. I don’t know much about sales and the such, but knowing Animal Crossing hit 8 million recently it’s kind of a bummer that Sonic LW did so low in comparison. I’m sure a lot of us especially here at the Sonic Stadium would be all for grabbing a copy if we just had a Wii U… I’m really looking forward to Sonic Boom and Smash Bros. so I know I will be grabbing mine eventually!

    1. I prefer older sonic games, i.e. shadow, adventure, adventure 2, and am not really into their new games including lost world, but the fact that animal crossing beat it is outrageous. Animal crossing is the worst game ever; I played it.

    2. they must have had money from nintendo to make that deal so they should be fine
      but seriously if they released the game on PS3 , PS4 and other systems it would have sold much better because when a console launches launch games tend to sell really well because people are welling to buy anything so its more like a missed opportunity that my opinion at least

  2. I personally think it’s quite positive, when you consider the Wii U’s userbase. This is not the same situation as Colors was when it came out. It did 1.85 million combined in the same period. However, the userbase of Wii and DS were in the stratosphere. So all things considered, this is pretty damn good.

    Also I was reluctant from adding that we had leaked info from the NPD regarding the sales of the game solely in the US. Combined first month (which was like a week since this was covering October) was at less than 30,000 combined for both platforms.

    Fast forward to last month when we received leaks that the game now totaled 179,000 copies in the US as of December, with a bit over two months of sales total. The split was 82,000 on Wii U and 97,000 on 3DS.

    I didn’t add them to the post since they weren’t officially from Sega but a very reliable user at NeoGAF named creamsugar who has proven insider info from NPD.

  3. He was one of who always said VGchartz is liar.
    Now He can see Lost World is customized for Junkyards (WiiU and 3DS).
    People didn’t like Lost World, that’s much to understand?

    1. VGchartz usually is lying.

      It doesn’t have accurate figures at all, it’s all guesswork based on inaccurate secondary sources. Thats why the site is a banned site at a lot of videogame forums because it’s full of misleading information.

    1. I guess a lot of people like Sonic Lost World of Sega getting 640000 copies that is too much nice job Sega!

  4. Uhmm… I still watch Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents on nick and the Sonic commercial used to be on ALL THE TIME. Its not the market environment.

  5. How unfortunate, although it is still a very much needed game for the WiiU. Didn’t quite hit one million, but considering that it’s a console market that is fluctuating with kids all the time, I’d say it didn’t do bad. Not good, but not bad.

  6. This is pretty positive for Sega. They’re in the black, so their strategy from the other year is working the way they intended. Even though overall physical copies sold were down, Lost World was their second highest selling game.

  7. 0.65 million would make it in the top 20 (possibly 15 selling) Wii U titles. Its not as bad as you think considering the slandering reviews it got. Wii U games generally dont sell that much.

    1. Sadly that number is for both versions combined, and seemingly estimates are around 260k-270k for the Wii U version. Which seemingly is tracking slightly higher than Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed on Wii U in the same timeframe (which on paper is unimpressive). Some could argue that being bad since the latter was out at launch hence the userbase was smaller.

      However, it’s worth noting that ASRT was far better received, also I believe it was one of the few games cheaper than the vast majority ($50 vs $60), and of course launch hype played a factor.

      I do think that Sonic Boom, both the game, and the TV show in particular, will really give Lost World new life over the course of the year. The show is like “free” advertising, as in where the show is mainly for the game, it will have a ripple effect on other games like Lost World. And there’s also the Zelda DLC still to come to also highly entice buyers. Honestly Sega should add stickers to the cellophane mentioning Zelda and Yoshi when the Zelda DLC comes out. You won’t know they’re in there by just looking at the box. Sega should correct that.

  8. Might I ask if I am the only one who bought/intended to buy a Wii U before the announcement of the Sonic exclusivity contract? (or the Bayonetta 2 release?) The Nintendo exclusive handheld versions aren’t anything new,its pretty much been like that since 2000 or 2001. And I don’t suppose that Nintendo exclusive console games are that rare…colors,secret rings,black knight,and At the time of release Sonic adventure 2 battle was an exclusive upgrade. Im basically waiting for Nintendo to buy the franchise to be permanently exclusive. I know the ps4 and xbox one owners who love the series will be mortified that they have to buy a Nintendo device that isn’t a handheld,but hey,you know its the most likely thing.

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