First Official Screenshots and Concept Art of Sonic Boom Revealed


SEGA is continuing to drop bombshells left right and centre today – and now, to follow the announcement of the brand new Sonic Boom game, we have the first in game screenshots coming in. You can see these all below in our gallery, alongside some concept art.

Tell us: what do you think of this brand new Sonic? Excited or apprehensive?

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  1. What I don’t get is why the models in the game look so different from the ones in the show. Would it really have been so hard to transfer the geometry over?

    1. Hey, what are you talking about! The models for Sonic and his friends are a little weird but the backgrounds, and levels themselves look gorgeous. Don’t you dare say that it looks terrible.

      1. Idk why it never posted but I tried to say that I said it LOOKS bad. The story and gameplay will probably be fine. The graphics of the characters and the road u run on really reminds me of sonic 06 tho

    1. I really hope so a Archie sonic boom series will be awesome because they said the series will be 11 episodes

  2. I’m actually more interested in this spin off game then I am in the mainsteam games.

    Don’t know why, but it might just be that feel of a fresh new team working on thee games rather then Sonicteam.

    Hmm, WiiU exclusive huh, well, it’s dirt cheap these days thnks to the local retrailes pushing the Overpriced Station Aand spybox one.

    1. Maybe having a new dev team will breathe some new life into the series. I mean we have Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank and Sly Cooper veterans working on it and I’m getting a real R&C vibe from it. And we’ll have the friends be playable hopefully in a way that’s fun and not tedious or repetitive.

      1. Exactly. This is why i’m psyched. They have a great track record, this could be great!

        Plus, we’ve all wanted a free roaming Sonic game with his friends 🙂

        1. “Exactly. This is why i’m psyched. They have a great track record, this could be great!”

          They said the same thing about Bioware, then look what happened….

  3. Well, if it’s got smoother team switching than Sonic Heroes did then…maybe they might have something here.

  4. So, I herd Wii U GFX suck.
    The environments look gorgeous, certainly impossible to make on a previous gen system.
    The devs just have to switch up the models a bit and it’ll turn into the best-looking Sonic game to datel

    1. Sega was one of the few third party devs who actually made their games look good on Nintendo hardware. I remember Secret Rings was one the first Wii games that looked like a Wii game and a step up from GC and Colors was one the nicest looking third party Wii titles out there when so many devs just lazily used PS2 engines. The art style and colors really look great and I get a Ratchet and Clank vibe from the art style and that’s a good thing.

  5. I’d love to see what the 3DS version will look like. hopefully it will be the 3d/2d mix that lost world was, rather than just a pure 2D side scroller.

  6. Anyone else getting a massive Sonic Adventure vibe from this? Apart from questionably Heroes-toys-commercial-looking models, the whole game – the environments, the design, the sense of scale – look amazing. Trailer’s also incredibly promising. Also, 4 characters…. totally a co-op experience. Overall I’m super psyched for this. The dev team can either make this the best Sonic game in years, or screw it all over. Ball’s in your court, guys.

  7. I AM REALLY DIGGIN’ HOW THIS LOOKS! It almost reminds of Ratchet and Clank mixed with The Croods. I am also happy about this not replacing the Sonic characters I know and love.

    But I’m hyped for this, and I don’t have a Wii U or 3DS.

    1. My bad Sega is not be in Sonic games that will be weird. I was just saying when is Sega is going to put 3DS graphic or screenshots and 3DS to!

  8. The only good thing I can say about this game so far is that they’ve finally brought back Tails and Knuckles as playable characters. Pity that we will have to look at those eye-bleeding redesigns.

    1. Tails’ design is pretty cool, same with amy, knuckles’ is easily the worst of the 4 but it’s decent

  9. I’m a bit creeped out by the drawn Sonic images, heh. The second and third are nice, but the others just…stare into my soul.

    Game does look gorgeous, though, but I’m not surprised on that aspect. I’ll go and watch the trailer now, but eh. There are elements I like from this…and elements I don’t like. But hey, it’s more promising than I thought it would be. The fact it isn’t replacing the main series is even better.

  10. Hey guys… is this event still ongoing? Because There’s still that movie and that Ps4/Xbox1/WiiU game they promised.

    1. The movie is pretty strongly shrouded in mystery. I’d forget about that Ps4/Xbox1/WiiU game. There is so much going on now that I don’t think it’s relevant at the moment.

  11. I don’t like Knuckles desing at all. Tails and Amy are fine, and Sonic is not bad. If they don’t do the series too childish, it might be good. And please bring back Shadow!

    1. Yes please bring back Shadow!!! He is an amzing character, please put effort on him as well, he is part of the core characters in the Sonic franchise.

      1. I hope he comes in mid-season or something like that. It’d be interesting to see how today’s kids would react to one of the most iconic characters in the Sonic franchise.

    2. I hope they never bring back Shadow for anything, frankly, the ultimate loser should have stayed dead after SA2 rather then come back as the pathetic, emo bitch he is today.

      1. Honestly, that was due to writing and wanting a darker, edgier game. He’s improved considerably…at least, he was better in 2006. Which then got wiped from existence, but then Generations it was a paral…I don’t even know anymore.

        Point is, characters develop over time. I would love to see him again, but at the same time, I also hope they can actually get his personality right XD

  12. Blue arms Sonic…and theres a game? will this be on going? is this the new sonic? because it it is…hes finally 100% dead for me.

    1. I wouldn’t give up like that if I were you. Have some hope. Just be glad that the majority of people enjoy it.

  13. I think the game actually looks pretty great! An expansive and creative environment similar to Jak’s or Ratchet’s world, multiple characters in a team, Knuckles and Amy being significant again, old and new moves, and a speed level I think everyone will like. As far as designs go, I love Tails’, Amy’s is cool too, I am unsure about Knuckles, and I actually do not like how Sonic looks at all. Eggman and his mechs all look like hybrids between the main game continuity, and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) variety. I don’t mind these designs, but don’t like them too much either. The show, I must say, is also something I’m unsure on. Overall, I am pretty excited for the game, especially with it being a spin-off title.

  14. Finally a game that has Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy playable again…but figures it was made NOT by Japan and it looks ugly.

    1. If Japan had made it, it would be just another lousy solo Sonica with more wisps gimmicks and zero attention paid to the rest of the cast.

  15. Fine, I get it. but ONLY because:

    1. Tails, Knuckles, and Amy haven’t been playable in years now.
    2. I can’t very well sleep at night. knowing that I refused a Sonic title available to me.

  16. Okay, SCREW Kid Icarus: Uprising, this is going to officially be my new favorite video game of all time. Calling it!

    1. It’s either gonna be amazing or suck, I have my fingers crossed for sure until it’s released although that may be hard so screw it

      1. It’s the engine used for the Crysis series, a game series that’s often refereed to as the most graphically impressive and detailed series of games of all time.
        However, from the looks of this game, I don’t think they’re using CryEngine 3 properly. It looks like a rushed launch game for last generation consoles.

        1. Wow! I guess we will finally get those fans who didn’t like Lost World’s graphics back. I am so happy to see such dedication put into a Sonic game. About it looking rushed… I’ll say what darkgomugomu is saying. 😉

  17. Oh… I really really hope they can get 60 frames per second! Besides that, I am impressed. Multiple playable characters?! It’s already a guarantee that I am buying this game. Can’t wait for more info as it comes along! 🙂

  18. I’m sorry, but Knuckles and Sonic just look off to me. Knuckles’ size and proportion change doesn’t agree with me, and both of them look like they had a run-in with a mummy. Both seem to have socks like arm wrappings. However, I’m digging the designs of Tails and the enemies, and the stages look GREAT.

    1. In this game knuckles uses his upper body more so it does make sense and the athletic tape was apparently to make it look like a team that’s ready for action or something like that, just be lucky they didn’t give sonic pants like they apparently originally wanted

  19. Also, in the trailer (the part where the first screenshot take place) why is every character as fast as sonic…? Kinda defeats the purpose of being fast if everyone else is too.

    1. Like seriously dont u remember sonic TV shows used to say “he’s the fastest thing alive!!!” ?

      1. Have you ever played the Advance games? Everyone basically had the same speed as Sonic and those games are very fun and entertaining.

    2. Well it’s using a sonic heroes style, so everyone has to keep up with him. He also looks like he’s been given some moves to differentiate himself, obviously homing attack, one of the areas hints at the light speed dash aswell as standard kicks

  20. im excited to see how Sonic Boom works out as a stand alone canon. im not hating on it because its different. the characters kinda look like next-gen Crash … its the eyes.. especially on tails.
    gameplay for the game seems interesting but i wont be getting it due to lack of wii u. since im not a nintendo fan – not alot sells it for me other than Sonic, Pikmin and smaller stuff.

    1. Well it is made by people who worked on crash and I’m sure by the time this releases you’ll have more games you actually want to buy on the system

  21. I just heard on that this game is the final one exclusively for the Nintendo titles! Does that mean that there won’t be anymore Sonic games for the Nintendo systems!? Does that mean we have to buy a PS4 or Xbox one to play more Sonic games?

  22. Tbh the whole thing looks awesome, and other then the fact they stretched Sonics legs out and have him blue arm, I love his new look, the scarf is adorable 😀
    But those arms!!!! Grrrrrrrr!!

  23. Hopefully, someone will hack the game and modify the character models to look the way they’re supposed to, just like they did in the many Sonic Generations mod videos on YouTube.

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