Sonic Lost World OST out now on iTunes


“Without Boundaries”, the original soundtrack for Sonic Lost World, was released in Japan as a physical 3 CD set last week. However, in a surprising move for those of us in other regions, SEGA has revealed via their blog that the soundtrack can also now be downloaded via iTunes and Amazon MP3.

You can download all 93 tracks digitally, one disc at a time. Each disc, or ‘volume’, will set you back £7.99 (meaning the total cost of the OST comes to £23.97) or you can purchase individual tracks for 79p apiece.

Will you be downloading the Sonic Lost World soundtrack? Let us know in the comments!

Source: SEGA Blog

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  1. A little slow on this one, guys. I’ve had it downloaded since Tuesday. Been wondering why TSS didn’t say anything since then.

    1. SEGA only officially announced it themselves yesterday – we were on it as soon as we found out!

  2. Wow those soundtrack are amazing of Sonic Lost World any kind of a lot of Sonic games soundtrack are fantastic all of them!

  3. NO, I will NOT be downloading the soundtrack!

    Because I’ve already ordered the physical copy and it’s on it’s way in the mail! 😀

    1. Hey Guys, if any of you fellow fans want the soundtrack, I have uploaded them to Mediafire and have provided a link below Enjoy Guys!

      *snip – The OST has only just been released, and we would rather fans support the musicians and SEGA by purchasing it – Dreadknux*

  4. I actually bought the soundtrack on iTunes, and I gotta tell ya, the tracks are WAY better than in-game. There’s some extra notes and endings, plus the cutscene music is a hell of a lot better than i remember.

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