What Does The Tails Say? Parody now released!


Doing what we do best (vulgar and immature content), we round off our week of 7th Anniversary challenges by putting together this parody of that song and asking it of our favourite old sidekick.

What do you think this fox says?

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    1. I myself came across it last month I think and I watched it once just because I like foxes and thought that it would be interesting but I regretted it then and learnt to avoid these things even if they have something you like.

  1. Still Thinkin’
    Delphox, PokΓ©mon Only Speak Their Names

    Tails Speaks English, C’mon

  2. Well guaranteed this song is going to live on for years in this community XD…and the best part…we get parodies that leave us laughing and crying our eyes out at the same time. What could be better…in this year that makes no sense anyways lmao.

  3. Very clever! πŸ˜‰ Except, I agree with Espy up there. The second verse wasn’t very good. πŸ™

  4. ehh kinda failed on this attempt, feels like it should of been something kept to yourself or your closes friends only lol

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