Friday Five: Best Sonic Games of the Past Generation


While we’ve had the Wii U for a full year now, the PS4 and X-Box One have made their debut. Since Sonic Lost World is part of the new generation of systems, I thought it would be a good time to reflect back on the best Sonic games of this past Generation. It was a hard list to make, not because there was a ton of great Sonic games to choose from but because there were so few to be brutally honest. Also, I have one rule to this list, no spinoffs. This means no Mario and Sonic or All-Stars Racing. (I should have been stricter with the staff pics and added no remakes or fan games but too little too late.) I wanted this to focus solely on Sonic. This means there’s a game in here that wouldn’t normally make any top five list. So prepare for the good, the great and the…..meh.

NOTE: This is an opinionated article and everyone’s gonna have their favorites, so if your list is different from mine that’s fine but let’s make a huge fuss over it okay?

5 – Sonic and the Secret Rings (Nintendo Wii)


Yeeeeah. Here’s your “meh” game of the list. I really did love this game when it came out but there were circumstances outside of the game itself that helped made this so. Secret Rings came out near the same time as horrible abomination known as Sonic ’06. Compared to that monstrosity, Secret Rings was a masterpiece. It was also around the time when the Wii was fresh and new, so motion controls seemed like a pretty cool thing at the time. The game was very unique, had a great leveling system and probably the best Wii graphics until Mario Galaxy came out.

However, time has not been kind to this game. Having to traverse the same level in a different fashion over and over can get tiring and leveling up may drive you mad thanks to the overuse of the main theme. “Make believe reborn! Make believe reborn! MAKE BELIEVE REBORN!” AAAAAHHH! Still, it was the uniqueness and creativity of this game that I enjoyed and hey, it’s still better than Black Knight.

4 – Sonic Rush (Nintendo DS)

Sonic Rush


Yes! Now this is more like it! My favorite portable Sonic title of all time (sorry Advance fans), Sonic Rush marks DIMPS last great Sonic game before they really started to drift downhill in level design quality (Rush Adventure was still pretty dang good though). It may not have the best designed levels, but it hit a lot of buttons for me that really made me enjoy it. First off, the music done by Hideki Naganuma (Jet Set Radio) is absolutely fantastic! It’s full of frenetic energy that really gets you into the game, especially with the crazy speed this one offers. Whether you consider it good or bad, this was the first Sonic game to use boost. The other new thing it brought was Blaze the Cat. Easily the best new character since Knuckles (sorry Shadow fans), DIMPS not only made the smart idea of having her play similar to Sonic, but she had more depth into her character background than any Sonic character before. Sonic Rush is not just in my top five of the last generation, but in my top five 2-D Sonic games.

3 – Sonic Unleashed (X-Box 360, PS3)

Sonic Unleashed screen
Best Sonic intro/CGI/anything ever!!

I know, I know….Werehog. The concept is absurd (so is a super-fast talking hedgehog), and his gameplay was just so-so but still, I loved this game! I loved the incredible CGI intro, I loved the huge world to explore, I love the detailed graphics and the designs on the humans, I even loved the hub world and talking to villagers (so sue me), but most of all it was those awesome daytime levels. This is the start of what I like to call the “Orbot era”. When Sonic Team finally started to find their ground and produce a quality product. They really nailed a great formula for Sonic in 3-D and it worked wonderfully.

However, it was still far from perfect. The Werehog levels, while not really that bad, overstayed their welcome after about the first ten minutes or so of each level. The problem wasn’t that they played that poorly (alternate levels such Big the Cat in SA1 or Knuckles/Rouge in SA2 played FAR worse), it’s that they went on for far too long. Anywhere from 30-45 minutes while Sonics’ daytime levels tended to last around 3-5 minutes. This presented a major problem is they were by far the showcase of the game. It was having very short levels of almost “Mario Galaxy” quality with very long, mediocre levels of “Crash of the Titans” quality. Still, with its world traveling story, beautiful graphics and a wonderful soundtrack by Tomoya Ohtani (Sonic Lost World), I’d take Unleashed over Sonic Adventure 2 any day (maybe not SA1 though).

Now, these last two have been going over my head for months. I’m sure you know which two I’m talking about. This was a really tough choice. There were many factors I considered. Both are great. both have a few faults.  One is more original and creative, the other is a critical favorite that is sort of a “best of”. So who makes the top of the list and who is in second place? Man, as I’m typing this I’m still having a tough time deciding. Here goes.

2 – Sonic Generations (X-Box 360, PS3, PC)

CBBC Sonic Generations artwork


One of the absolute best 3-D Sonic games ever made. Sonic Generations is the best kind of anniversary game you could make (much better than slapping a virtual console game on a disc with an extra soundtrack). Sonic Generations combined some of the best moments of all past Sonic games into one title. It not only perfected the 3-D formula started with Unleashed, but brought back the classic, momentum-based 2-D gameplay of the originals with a shiny, new 3-D coat. The soundtrack was a great remix of old tunes from a ton of former Sonic music composers both old and new. It wasn’t just a rock solid Sonic game, it was a celebration of the series. A love letter to both the franchise and it’s fans.

It wasn’t flawless though. The main story itself was as simplistic as they come, but maybe that’s a good thing. It was far more focused on the gameplay. The only really annoying factor was the last two bosses. This was especially the case with the final boss. It was difficult enough to fight through, but having to hear the same dialog over and over was grating. Still, this was the only flaw in an otherwise fantastic game.

1 – Sonic Colors (Nintendo Wii)

You silly Brits and your extra “U”. U’s are a rare commodity in America and we use them sparingly dagnabbit!

Okay, I’ll admit it. On a technical and gameplay level, Sonic Generations is a little bit superior. But Sonic Colors is still at the top of my list for several reasons. For one thing, the story drops all that damn furry melodrama that plagued the games of the early 2000’s and went for a more comical tone reminiscent of “The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog” with Eggman’s PDA announcements being especially hilarious. Not only that, but the environments were very original from what we’ve seen in a Sonic game in a while. Gone were the slightly more realistic, city worlds of the Adventure series or the homages to the classic series with “Whatever Hill” being another Green Hill knockoff. Instead we get several planets brought together to make one giant amusement park. From a Candy themed roller coaster to a run in outer space with laser rainbow bridges, every environment felt new and original. The gameplay offered up something new with the Wisps, aliens that could give Sonic super abilities. Sadly, the Wisps never worked as well in later games as they do in this one. Then there’s the soundtrack. Ohtani’s best work to date. Every theme fit the environment beautifully and is one of my favorite Sonic soundtracks of all time. My only real negatives are that the double jump didn’t work quite as well as hoped and the bosses tended to be very, very easy. In the end though, this is my personal favorite 3-D Sonic game

So that’s my top five. Let’s see what some of the staff picked.

Doctor MK

5. Sonic Unleashed
4. Sonic and the Secret Rings
3. Sonic Rush
2. Sonic Generations
1. Sonic Colours


5: Sonic CD re-release
4: Sonic Unleashed HD
3: Sonic 1 iOS re-release
2: Sonic Colours
1: Sonic Generations


5: Sonic 1 remastered edition (Would be higher if it were on a handheld console… don’t like using a phone to play this).
4: Sonic Rivals 1 & 2.(Sorry I had to cheat).
3: Sonic Unleashed HD
2: Sonic CD: Taxman Edition of Hooray
1: Sonic Generations


5: Unleashed HD
4: Colours
3: Sonic CD: Remastered
2: Sonic 1: Remastered
1: Sonic Generations

Well, that’s our top five of the last generation, what’s yours? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned next week for the five worst. This is gonna be good.

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  1. I would have to say:

    5. Sonic & the Black Knight

    4. Sonic Chronicles & The Dark Brotherhood

    3. Sonic CD Re-release. (Never Experienced the original)

    2. Sonic Generations,

    1. Sonic Unleashed

    Im ridiculously devoted though. So I can find the best in every Sonic Game really.

    1. Man, I am the EXACT. SAME. WAY. I completely agree with you, and am also ridiculously devoted. Although, I would swap Unleashed and Generations IMO but I loved the heck outta both.

      1. 1. Sonic Unleashed
        2. Sonic Adventure 2
        3. Sonic Adventure
        4. Sonic Rush
        5. Sonic Advance 3
        6. Sonic Next Generation…

        1. There’s nothing wrong with liking something most people wouldn’t. I for one enjoyed sonic 06 to a degree.

    2. I agree with this more than I do any of the lists above. Sonic Unleashed was the best Sonic game of the last Gen. Playing it when it came out it was the first good Sonic game for a while and really pushed the franchise forward. The hub worlds, medals (some of which required serious exploration) and the night levels helped it to feel like a real adventure and meant the game had a huge amount of content. Possibly my favourite Sonic game since Sonic 2.

  2. Holy crap I actually agree with literally every word you said. This has never happened to me before. How to respond?

    I’ll just stick to being speechless.

  3. My top 5 best Sonic games popular Is!
    5. Sonic Lost World 3DS and WiiU Is good Sonic game after all better than Sonic 06
    4. Sonic and the black Knight
    3. Sonic Heroes
    2. Sonic and all stars Racing Transformed
    1. Sonic Adventure 2 or battle plus HD is the number one sonic game at all

      1. Quoting Aroon Staneksay: “My top 5 best Sonic games popular Is”.
        Clearly he is not referencing any generation so leave him be.

  4. i agree with the secret rings
    its a guilty pleasure and i really liked the plot and it was amazing tech and graphics around the time
    sure the controls were slippery but the game is easy and really fun once your used to them
    so i would have to go

    5. Sonic Chronicles
    4. Sonic Secret rings
    3. Sonic Unleashed HD
    2. Sonic Generations
    1. Sonic Lost World or Colours/Colors (i’ll make up my mind in December when i get lost world)

    1. Amen. I always thought Sonic Rush Adventure was better than Sonic Rush. Fewer cheap deaths, and no Deadline Zone boss style button mashing. XP

  5. Here is my list. “I don’t count the remastered ports, so sorry Sonic 1 & CD”

    5. Sonic Colors(DS)
    4. Sonic Unleashed HD
    3. Sonic Rush
    2. Sonic Colors(VVii)
    1. Sonic Generations

  6. Mine are

    5. Sonic and the Black Knight
    4. Sonic Colors
    3. Sonic Unleashed
    2. Sonic Generations
    1. Sonic Lost World

  7. I won’t include All-Stars Racing games and remastered games in this list.
    (tied)4. Sonic Generations (HD) It was fun, and I loved the graphics and music, but Crisis City and Planet Wisp really let me down, and there’s a slight lag in the jumping which made those levels all the more frustrating. (Unleashed HD had the same lag issue, so maybe it’s just the console’s fault.)
    (tied)4. Sonic Unleashed (Wii) The Day stages, the music, the story; if it weren’t for the Night stages, it would be right next to Colors. I chose the Wii version because: Better level design, more strategy for the boost, better Night stages, much better controls, especially for the Werehog levels; in fact, the only advantages the HD version has are the visuals and Mazuri, and I guess speed.

    (tied)2. Sonic Colors (DS) I couldn’t really decide which of these is better. Colors had the Wisps, better graphics (usually), those special stages, and better bosses.
    (tied)2. Sonic Rush Adventure: This game (continued from Colors DS) had better level design, a lot more content, and a more interesting story. The sea voyages in the different ships were fun, but not at the same level as the normal stages. I chose this over Sonic Rush purely because of much better and more refined level design.

    1. Sonic Colors (Wii) This game takes the cake. Sonic Unleashed without the Werehog. Great music, best visuals on the Wii (above Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Skyward Sword in my opinion), great gameplay, lots of levels, great story, the Wisps; man, I could keep going. The 3D gameplay could have been better in some parts, as well as platforming in general, and the drifting and quick step were annoying, but it was still the most fun I’ve consistently gotten from a Sonic game from last generation.

  8. Wow, none of these games made it in my personal top 5 Sonic games, which are:
    5. Sonic CD
    4. Sonic Adventure
    3. Sonic 3 and Knuckles
    2. Sonic 2
    1. Sonic Adventure 2
    Then again, that’s just me…

      1. I KNOW THAT. What I said is that none of these past generation games made it into my all time list.

          1. No. I don’t even. Cuz he explained himself and now we get it. He’s just saying his personal top 5, which he told us, doesn’t include any of those games listed above from this past generation. He’s probably saying he’s not as big a fan of that generation as the others. Not necessarily a non-fan (thought he could be) but simply not as MUCH a fan.

  9. These are just my top 5 favourites from last generation (not the generation before!) Also, I know that there may have been games better than the ones I’ve listed, but I’m only listing the games that I’ve played.

    5: Sonic Colours
    4: Sonic 4 episodes
    3: Sonic CD Remastered
    2: Sonic Unleashed
    1: Sonic Generations

      1. For me,the perfect “sonic” game is that a person (I think silver is good for the part,don’t kill me cuz I’m a big silver fan!) travels in time and space to go to various sonic games new and old,and we will be abele to enjoy the experience of many games,and old characters return (mighty,Nack and Bean)

  10. Tough call, looking back at the past generation is kind of, well, saddening actually, maybe that’s just me aging, the series has kind of lost it’s spark for me. But here’s my 5, I find it difficult to choose between Unleashed and Colours for 3 & 2, but Colours improved on Unleashed’s formula soo~

    5.Sonic and the Black Knight
    4.Sonic Rush Adventure
    3.Sonic Unleashed HD
    2.Sonic Colours
    1.Sonic Generations

  11. 5. Sonic Chronicles (I really want a sequel, Bioware).
    4. Sonic and the Secret Rings (very underrated title, I had no issues with the controls, the mini games sucked though)
    3. Sonic Generations (360 and PS3 version) (very disappointing length and level selection, as well as the last boss…but it hugely compensates by good level design and smooth gameplay)
    2. Sonic Colours (Sonic Unleashed PS360 her – Warehog + Awesome Story – Speedy 3D sections = Sonic Colours)
    1. Sonic Generations (PC ver) (better graphics than consoles, 60 FPS, tons of user made levels, Adabat running with a frame rate higher than 1 FPS(exaggeration). All that makes it the lengthiest Sonic game with the best gameplay).

  12. My only complaint with Colors is that Sonic can swim in it. That might not seem like a big deal, but Sonic’s inability to swim is sort of a character trait. It’d be like if Colors also had a scene where Sonic stated how much he hated chili dogs. All that aside, I will agree with its position at number 1.

  13. Very good list, very good indeed, I would agree totally, except with Unleashed. It may have been the starting point for two great games to come but the Werehog was part of the game too, and let it down heavily. Even if I personally think the Dimps version of Unleashed was better, it doesnt make my list. Im glad Secret Rings made the list too. Once you get around the learning curve, its a good game, would have loved Dinosaur Jungle being in Generatipns, it would have worked so well. Heres my list then:

    5. Secret Rings – Was a refreshing break from the tradition at the time, with cool environments, music and story, it remains a guilty pleasure for me too.
    4. Sonic 4 Episode 2 – Better than the first in every way. Music, graphics, environments, physics, Metal Sonic, this had everything it takes to be a winner. Only thing that brings it down is the pointless combo moves that only slow the pace.
    3. Sonic Rush Adventure – Bigger, better, badder than the first, though I dont quite like the floatier physics, I loved the replay value and I even think Marine is a decent character
    2. Generations – Good, I love it, brilliant way to celebrate Sonic, but lacks the polish and originality that Colours had. Also was very hard to play if you had a 2D TV, dunno if anybody else has this problem, too much detail it’s hard to judge distance
    1. Colours – Duh, I prefer this to Generations for obvious reasons. It all just feels so polished and I prefer the way Sonic moves in this game.

  14. 5. Secret Rings- Sure it’s not great, but it’s still fun to play from time to time. I like all the skills you can equip to Sonic and how fast you can make him.

    4. Unleashed (Wii/PS2)- Not as good as the HD version, but it was fun when I first played it.

    3. Unleashed (PS3/XB360)- Great fun….For the day stages….Just hated the Werehog.

    2. Generations (Console ver.)- 2 Sonic’s in one epic adventure. Nuff’ said.

    1. Colors (Wii)- Good gameplay, great wisp powers, awesome music, outstanding graphics, and an amazing game overall.

  15. 5. Sonic and the Black Knight

    4. Sonic 06

    3. Sonic Unleashed

    2. Sonic Adventure 2 HD? IDK, does that count?

    1. Sonic Generations

    I like Sonic 06 and hate Sonic Colors. Don’t kill me. ;A;

    1. I Won’t kill you but pay attend what Sonic 06 Is a bad game not the demo only the full game well some people have a opinion about this game. Is It good or bad of dropping the theme game slow of Sonic 06 trust me there’s a lot of glitch this game respect that please! Anyone can you agree with me is Sonic 06 is a bad full game or demo?

    2. I agree with you. I wasn’t a fan of the colour powers and I really didn’t like having to collect boost refills rather than just rings or killing enemies. Sonic 06 was glitchy and I think it was pretty unacceptable that you couldn’t invert the camera which made me give up, but if I played it before Unleashed I would probably have persisted and enjoyed it. I prefer games that edge more on the side of an adventure (3D hub worlds, npcs, side-missions and exploration in levels) in general, that’s just my taste in games.

  16. 5. Sonic & the Secret Rings
    4. Sonic Rush
    3. Sonic Colors
    2. Sonic Generations
    1. Sonic Rush Adventure

    If the SEGA Superstars Racing games counted, the original would have been #5 and Transformed would have been #3, knocking off Rush and Secret Rings.

  17. 5. Sonic & all stars transformed
    4. Sonic chronicles
    3. Sonic rush
    2. Sonic colours
    1. Sonic generations

  18. “Sonic Colors … this is my personal favorite 3-D Sonic game” Colors is.. like 85% 2D. The 15% 3D is 8% automatic parts.
    It’s not like the 2D areas are good either. It’s mostly blocky-abstract uninspired junk with forced “Color Powers”
    Generations is far, far superior in terms of level design, control, variety, physics, graphics, aesthetics, etc.

    Now, it’s your opinion. But I thought I would drop my two cents since Sonic Colors is not even a 3D game.

    1. Agreed on all counts. Colors was a very bland game with horrible writing. I’m not sure what I disliked more, the facepalm-worthy jokes or the abundance of slow/blocky 2D level design.

      At least it had a better soundtrack and visuals than Lost World though.

  19. Oh and here’s my list I guess;

    5-Sonic Colors
    4- Sonic Rush
    3- Sonic Unleashed
    2- Sonic 4 Ep 1/2
    1- Sonic Generations

  20. 5) Sonic Rush – A shining beacon in a period of darkness for the series.
    4) Sonic 4 Episode 2 – Lessons learned from Ep 1 and some of the best boss battles in recent times.
    3) Sonic Colours – The best bits from Unleashed expanded and refined.
    2) Sonic CD – The best Classic Sonic re-release bar none.
    1) Sonic Generations – Modern and Classic combined for a greatest hits compilation of everything the series has done well.

  21. I loved sonic 06 yeah i said it and it had a way better cg opening than unleashed i mean it looked near FF quality. *the actual cg not ingame

  22. Furry melodrama? Thats how you call good stories? I liked Sonic Colors too, but I think they were full retard with the story, I felt like watching a cartoon from nick jr or something, Sonic Solors its the only Sonic game where I have skipped the cutscenes before ever watching them.

    1. Normally, I wouldn’t say anything, but 06 is absolutely terrible story-wise. And in response to the second part… He is a bloody talking blue hedgehog. How serious can we be expected to take him? No, Sonic was designed to be nonsensical fun, not edgy. The sort of thing that both young children and adults can have fun with.

      1. I never defended STH06 etiher, and just because he’s a talking hedgehog doesn’t mean we should espect stories like Winnie the Pooh in this franchise, just look at Star Fox or Ratchet & Clank for example, they feature cartoon animals but the stories aren’t just overall kiddie. I liked the kind of stories form the Adventure and Rush games, were the characters were appealing and well developed and the stories were still fun and intriguing, I agree with you that Sonic should be for children and adults, but I don’t see any adult (outside of some hardcore Sonic fans) enjoying the story of Sonic Colors.

      2. “No, Sonic was designed to be nonsensical fun, not edgy.”
        What?! I dont know what sonic your talking about but the sonic i know is quite cool and edgy.

          1. Neither of those would even be defined as edgy, just dramatic.
            Also there is no necrophilia in the Sonic series! That joke has become old and decrepit.

  23. Of the last generation? Hmmm….

    5.Sonic and the Black Knight
    4.Sonic Rush
    3.Sonic Colours
    2.Sonic Unleashed HD (I even enjoyed the Werehog levels)
    1.Sonic Generations

  24. I liked this list. I loved every single game on here, with the exception of Sonic and the Secret Rings (though I wanted to like that game in the worst way…) I also agree with your choice in making Sonic Colors #1. That game was a huge step in the right direction and deserves some attention for its success.

    I think my Top 5 would have to go as follows:

    5. Sonic Rush
    4. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (people can say what they want, this game was fantastic)
    3. Sonic Generations
    2. Sonic Unleashed
    1. Sonic Colors

    1. Honestly as a fan of RPGs I didnt liked Sonic Chronicles gameplay much but I just LOVED the story and characterization, that’s the reason why I beated it 4 times xD.

  25. Well, since you’re asking,

    5) Sonic Generations
    4) Sonic Colours
    3) Sonic CD
    2) Sonic Unleashed 360
    1) Sonic After the Sequel

    Honourable mention to Sonic 3 CD and Knuckles and Knuckles. That game stole my heart, though I’m not sure how most fans received playing as Robotnik for most of the game. The reward for collecting all the Chaos Emeralds is one of the best in the series, though.

    1. Hey, I can’t believe I forgot Sonic After the Sequel. I agree that I think it’s worthy to be included in this list. It really is quite fantastic. I did enjoy Sonic 4 Eps 1+2. But After the Sequel is the true 2D sequel I was after 🙂

  26. 5)Sonic CD Taxman & Stealth edition
    4)Sonic 1 Taxman & Stealth edition
    3)Sonic Unleashed HD
    2)Sonic Colors
    1)Sonic Generations

  27. 5. Sonic Unleashed (Wii version, it was ALL I HAD back then)
    4. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
    3. Sonic Rush
    2. SART (one of the best and most addictive racers I’ve EVER played)
    1. Sonic Generations (with the Unleashed hack)

    Sadly, I never played Colors nor will I be playing Lost World anytime soon.

  28. Well, after reading all those lists I feel like a real weirdo, this is my Top 5:

    5- Sonic Colors
    4- Sonic Unleashed
    3- Sonic Generations
    2- Sonic Rush
    1- Sonic Rush Adventure

    I’m not counting Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed because is not a Sonic game per se though I liked it more than all the game on my list.

  29. My Top 5 are:
    5. Sonic Unleashed (HD)
    4. Sonic Colors (DS)
    3. Sonic Rush
    2. Sonic CD (2011)
    1. Sonic Generations (HD)

    Btw, I’m seeing a lot Rush Adventure and Chronicles love here but that’s cool because I liked those titles too. (Still got ’em)

  30. If we’re going by platforming games, then here’s my top 5:

    5. Sonic Rivals 1 4. Sonic Unleashed 3. Sonic Rush 2. Sonic Colors 1. Sonic Generations.

    However, if we’re talking ALL of the games this generation, then bump sonic rivals off the list and push All Stars Transformed at 2.

  31. 1: Racing Transformed – My list, my rules 😉
    2: Generations
    3: Colours
    4: CD Remastered
    5: Unleashed HD

  32. Yes! I absolutely loved Colours! Here’s my list, to which is similar:

    5: Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing (Transformed isn’t here but it would listed as my six. I missed customizing the music.)
    4: Sonic Unleashed (I do have both the 360 and Wii versions, HD version is slightly more difficult)
    3: Sonic Rush
    2: Sonic Generations
    1: Sonic Colours

  33. The only sonic game I’ve ever played is Sonic Heroes and when I first played it I became obsesses with that game.

    1. The media is largely responsible for the HTF writers being mainstays for the series now. Even though it’s been proven that they don’t know much about the characters they’re writing, critics and Sonic fansites have been lapping up their comedic style. How anyone could possibly like throwaway jokes like BBBE or Baldy McNosehair is beyond me. I want Sonic games to feel cool, not silly and nonsensical. It’s become apparent that these writers will have to be replaced before that happens; heaven forbid they’re tasked with writing an Adventure-style game. >_>

      1. Here’s my take on it: I think having lots of drama and overwrought character relationships is unnecessary. That point I’ll agree on.

        However, what I really enjoyed about having a story like the Sonic Adventure’s was it truly was an “adventure”. It wasn’t so simple as “arrive, be a smartass, save the day”. The conditions of victory weren’t obviously apparent to Sonic and his crew in the days of the Adventure series and they actually had to DO something to come out on top and save the day (in other words they had to earn their hero status instead of it just being implied as it is with the current run of games; right now it’s simply “when Sonic shows up then it’s game over for the baddies”). That’s what I really liked about it.

        I never really thought of the Adventure series as having a complex plot (I’ll leave that to the terrible writing that I think makes Sonic 360 unsalvageable). The stories were very linear and easy to understand but at least by the end you really felt like a hero because you had done and seen so much.

    2. I hope Jason is just talking about Shadow the hedgehog and Sonic 2006 cause he praised the depht of character of Blaze the Cat.

      Talking about stages though I liked the more realistic stages of Sonic Generations over the toonish ones from Colors.

  34. 4-5. Dont know
    3. Generations (pc/ps3/360)
    2. rush adventure
    1. Colors

    I hate te boost to win mechanic, the games with as little of it as possible (minus the awful sonic 06 of course) are the ones I liked this past generation

  35. I don’t mind a light-hearted Story. I really just prefer my stories to tell a story. Instead of just making the characters stand around and re-explain what’s going on, and tell horrible jokes, and not do anything interesting. The story of Colors is so broken that Sonic didn’t even have to do anything after the first boss of the game to destroy that non-threatening mind control cannon. I hate Colors’ story.

    Light or dark, it doesn’t matter. Just tell an actual story. And there was no melodrama plaguing the early 2000s. The Adventure games were middle grounded in tone, adventurous but still not afraid to have some more heavy concepts sprinkled in there like the action shows you watched on Toonami. The melodrama came about in 2005 with Shadow’s game and later, Sonic06.

    Sonic Colors didn’t need to drop anything. No one called Heroes or Rush or Secret Rings melodramatic either. Pulling back from Shadow and 06 was the only thing they needed to do. They didn’t need to go so far back in the other direction so that we end up with the reverse problem.

  36. 5. Sonic and the Secret Rings
    4. Sonic and the Black Knight
    3. Sonic 06
    2. Sonic Lost World
    1. Sonic Generations

    I enjoyed more Black Knight because I felt more in control of Sonic than on Secret Rings, plus on my second playthrough I really got used to the controls and had a ton of fun without problems! Yeah I know Sonic 06 made my list because it is the gameplay formula I like on Sonic, problem is the game had Elise and its technicalities, but its not as terrible as some make it out to be. I have had more problems with highly recognized titles. Sonic Lost World was pretty nice gameplay wise, but the story was terrible. Sonic Generations was the closest thing to the great Sonic Adventure days. The cast of characters was there, all the levels were nicely redesigned, the music and everything was cool. Don’t know why they decided to just ignore that formula when they finally perfected it!

    I did not add Unleashed because of Werehog. Sonic Colors boss fights were beyond silly, the story was awful, the voices were not very solid yet either since it was their first game with new voices. And they were parts that looked cool but I had no control of Sonic.

  37. 5. Sonic 06
    4. Sonic Unleashed HD
    3. Sonic Adventure 360
    2. Sonic Adventure 2 360 (would be #1 but the chao garden got butchered in this, can’t make shiny two-tones)
    1. Sonic Generations

  38. My top 5
    5. Sonic Unleashed HD
    4.Sonic Generations
    3. Sonic CD (Taxman Port)
    2.Sonic 1 (Taxman Port)
    1.Sonic 2 (Taxman Port)

  39. I’m glad people are acknowledging the quality of the HD versions of Sonic Unleashed. At the time of release it was the Wii version that the gaming media favoured. I owned both but far preferred the HD version. So, my list:

    Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing (NOT transformed)
    Sonic Adventure 2 Battle HD
    Sonic Rush
    Sonic Generations
    Sonic Unleashed HD

    1. I forgot to say that with regards to the night levels, they only took 30-45 mins when you were learning how to use the werehog. They pretty much all (Eggmanlamd excluded) do-able in under 10 mins. If you got as far as the hotdog missions you will testify to this. Once mastered the time taken to get through the werehod levels was drastically reduced, whereas the day levels remained between 3-7 mins.

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