Sonic Brain Ranking Announced & Open at Joypolis

Toyko Joypolis continues to be amazing with another Sonic attraction recently announced and open. Sonic Brain Ranking sees contestants take the stand to answer questions in a Sonic themed setting.


Each game consists of 5 rounds, the games description says that those who have speed and accuracy will win. The game is open to all ages and they encourage people to play as a family or as a couple.


Sonic Brain Ranking is now open and costs 500yen to play. Prizes are given to the winner.

Source: Joypolis

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  1. So first a game where you have to run fast, and now a game where you have to think fast?……Why don’t WE get these things SEGA? WHY?

    1. Wait a sec…. Sonic:running at the speed of sound tails:thinking and making machines the next attraction can be something with fighting like KNUCKLES! 😀

  2. Wow, can’t wait till it goes overseas
    That reminds me, yesterday I went to the arcade (in the Asian Region, but not Japan), where I usually play the Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing arcade, but then, there is a SEGA arcade games called MAI MAI, where there are 3 Sonic Songs (Reach For The Stars, Rooftop Run Act 1, City Escape Act 1). I enjoyed it, a lot. So much that I started shaking and grinning at the same time, Sonic Fangasm again…

  3. I was at Joypolis last week and saw this. I didn’t play because my Japanese isn’t really good enough for this type of game but from the looks of it, it wasn’t really Sonic based trivia but general knowledge stuff.

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