Steam Listing Reveals New DLC for Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed!

When you think about it Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed has been out for well over a year… yet it still continues to get support and this includes free additional characters… Thats awesome! Hey videogame industry, this is how you get people to buy your future games!



It looks like more DLC is on the way if this steam listing appears to be correct. It would appear that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is to get some new DLC, but whats interesting is that previous character updates have been included in patches and updates, this is the first time that a DLC listing has been made seperately for the title.

Could this be the long rumored petition characters? And will they come to consoles? Erm… I don’t know, I’m not in charge of that stuff.

Stay tuned to TSS for more information as we get it.

Source: Steam

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  1. Alright, Miku here we come!
    btw is Project Diva F 2nd confirmed to come outside of Japan? Not that it’d make much difference to me I’d still get it wither Japanese or not thanks to Sony making multi-region games, I got all PSP ones too!

    1. Not yet, but not the worried. we’re going to get Hatsune Miku in the west. Just like Project Diva F

  2. I’m hoping that this is the DLC that will also be on consoles; in such a case, I wonder if it will have additional trophies/achievements and/xor stickers?

  3. i like vocaloid but hate hatsune miku – i dont want her to be the DLC character because its not fair on the others (unless they did it TF2 style -miku in the car / rin and len in the plane / luka in the boat- )

    im hoping the real sega characters have been chosen.
    its a shame the Puyo Pop characters didnt get more votes T^T
    but im happy with anyone new ~ hopefully the DL will come on the PS-Vita aswell.

    as for PjD-F2nd being released outside of Japan… probabley not for a while…
    looking forward to seeing the hopeful SEGA references in it though ~

  4. (Lets Go Segata, Lets Go Vectorman…..)

    I also really hope there are Level DLC included as well. Outrun Bay has been pretty lonely man.

    1. SUMO said not to expect anything track-related, so I assume from that that we won’t be getting any new tracks.

      1. Well that just sucks. What about something like Ryo Hazuki from Shemnue complete with a track from the Shemnue games?

  5. I hope it’s classic Sega characters like Ristar and Vectorman and not characters like Miku who nobody outside of her fanbase even knows and Segata who isn’t even a video game character.

    1. For the first point, I could say the same thing about the characters already in the game that I never heard of prior.

        1. He didn’t originate in a video game though, did he? Seems like it would be another Danica Patrick situation, though not as stupid.

    2. “and not characters like Miku who nobody outside of her fanbase even knows”

      Yeah, yeah… a fanbase of more than 2 millions of fans, and without saying who know Miku without “know” who’s Miku…

  6. Hope they fix some glitches too. S0L said that they couldnt do a update because of a patch size limit so they had to include it in a DLC. Let’s Hope that they include the patch in this DLC.

  7. Things are starting to get interesting. I don’t mind Hatsune Miku. She’s welcome to join if that’s what she and the developers desire. I kind of disappointed that Billy Hatcher and Virtua Fighter rep didn’t get enough votes but. Ristar and Ryo Hazuki will be great.

  8. Sweet! Cannot wait, it’s been well worth the wait to finally receive some form of DLC.

    …..I just wish they would add more tracks though….

  9. I say Miku should be in dlc game

    But. I never see miku his Home town?

    And I hope it will be on Xbox 360?

    And how come they didn’t make anime racing. What’s the difference

    Anyway I’m voting for miku.

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