Freak-Out Friday: Knux Row the Third – A Fistful of Emeralds

With the unveiling of the upcoming CGI-based show Sonic Boom, accompanied by a teaser picture of the cast, many were quick to point out the bulky design of Thrash SoreAss Knuckles the Echidna.

The verdict? Popular opinion said “we love it”! I mean of course, he’s finally rougher than the rest of them, the best of them, tougher than leather – and at long last, we may now see him flex his muscles (because unlike Sonic, he doesn’t chuckle).

So because we all crave Beefy Bara Knuckles and are aching to see the fighting freak in action once more, I’m bringing you some of that today, by way of TripleKyun!

You ready?


Special thanks to Indigo Rush of the SSMB for the tip~

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  1. Thank you for giving us the answer Vizardhog to copy paste the video of Sega trying to copy the muscle of Knuckles from different game!

  2. I’m seriously watching this just saying ‘No’ over and over again. Was this hack MADE for the new show? I mean…seriously…no difference *is in no way hinting at his fingers*

  3. V shaped body, gloves with fingers instead of mitts, and taller then sonic. Is this the new design for Knuckles from the new CGI Sonic show?

  4. That was INTENSE!! 😀 “It’s no use!” “How ’bout this!” 😀 😀 😀 If they managed to replace the character models than this would be perfection. 5/5 That was awesome…….. “The Iblis Trigger must die!” 😀 😀 😀 😀

  5. Thank you Vizardhog for telling us Example of Sega copying the Muscle of one game of Knuckles in Sonic Boom show of USA Cartoon Network only!

  6. My Mistake Vizardhog you didn’t give us Example that was Indeo Rush.But you copy paste the video.

  7. This….if this is what the Sonic show was going to be about, I would not mind any redesign they do one bit. Hell, it could even look like this for all I care!! GO NAKED JAMAICAN KNUCKLES, GO!!

    Unfortunately, we all know it’s not going to be this good… Why must children ruin everything?!

  8. I just realized something… “You’re going home in a f*cking box!”-Super Knuckles “You’re going home in a box!” -Deadly Six member whose name I cannot remember. Coincidence? 🙂

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