Beware Spoilers! Sonic Lost World’s Street Date Broken!


We’re getting reports that Sonic Lost World for the Wii U has been leaked onto youtube, there are several videos popping up from Spanish accounts which suggest that a retailer may have broken the release date for the game.

One of the accounts doesn’t appear to be affiliated with any major media/press site outside of a Facebook fan page.  As of now, theres nothing to suggest that this is an official embargo or authorised release which suggests that the game has had it’s street date broken.

At this point in time we’re not going to be posting leaked material on the front page of TSS since I imagine a few of you will be a bit annoyed if we did that. However, it is being discussed on our forums, so if you can’t wait a few days, head there. So far the leaked material includes the entire openning cut scene, the first few stages, and several unseen cutscenes and plot elements.

You have been warned… Warrrrned…. …. waaaarrrrrnnneed… *fades into the darkness like the crazy guy from an 80’s slasher movie*

Spoilers await you at this link.

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  1. Commence me sitting in front of my computer contemplating as if I should spoil myself or not @_@

  2. welp, I’m at least 6 months away from a Wii U.. (Smash Brotherssss)

    *goes to watch cut scenes*

  3. what a waist of 11 minutes he finished the first level and did nothing but gallivant in the fucking hub world

  4. That was last year you got Sonic and all stars racing Transformed release date wrong.

  5. hmmm…yeah WE SPOILERS NOW!!

    a full 30 minutes of gameplay footage from a Spanish Let’s Play

    Fortunately, for those who wish to keep their gaming virginity, it’s mostly in spanish and the guy playing it sucks, so at least you won’t see or hear much…

    But I won’t it’s not particularly interesting, so i’ll just cliffnote it:

    -You start at Windy Hill after the first cutscene. Then in the next cutscene, you see Knuckles getting mobbed by critters while Amy consoles Porker Lewis.
    -Amy is not Yandere to Sonic. It seems the one thing she cares more than Sonic are tiny little creatures and she begs him to help; Knuckles is still a bro but he’s still comedy relief bro. The great emerald’s power allows me to FEEL for Knux.
    -Overworld is stuctured like Super Mario 3D Land (move anywhere, but only use the place markers). Miiverse pops up everytime you enter the overworld asking if you want items.
    -Omochao hands out extra missions that open up more stuff. These aren’t seperate, they’re used in the actual levels. Think achievement/trophies if they were actually useful.
    – But the best part of the footage is Eggman showing his Sith Apprentice, Zavok, how Badniks are born. It’s cool we actually see how Eggman’s operations work. Oh, and obvious backstabbing is implied. First boss is Zazzles. He’s crazy and he wants to tear Sonic apart, I like him 🙂 You fight him at the end of Windy Hill 2.

  6. I find it funny how a Sonic game has came out early in a video game store every year since 2011 now. In 2011 Generation got released a week early by one store last year All Stars Transformed got released a week early another store and this year Lost World got released a fortnight/three weeks early.

  7. Wow, this is exactly like when Sonic 4 episode 1 was going to be released -_-…

  8. Well I have no plans on getting a Wii U so youtube spiolers are all I have to enjoy this game 🙂

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