“Mario & Sonic Have a Bobsleigh Team”


*stands on the street corner and starts to sing*

Some people say ya know they can’t believe…

Mario & Sonic they have a bobsleigh team!

We got the one Sonic!

And the one Mario!




….anyone know any olympic snowboarding songs?

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  1. I want more hd pictures from the game. Why they won’t release more pictures: Shadow skating, etc…

  2. I feel like I’M the only one that likes this series, and that it’s still going. Even if it’s just a new Olympics, I cannot help but feel the possibility that the Mario and Sonic series may expand onto other spin-offs one day…like a Mario and Sonic party, or maybe something completely new! Seeing the Mario and Sonic Olympic series continue shows that SEGA/Nintendo is still interested, and maybe when the Olympic series dies (I seriously think this is the last one) SEGA/Nintendo might take Mario and Sonic out of the sports genre! 🙂

    1. Nah, me too. I am very impatient for this one so I can finally have my Waluigi and Robotnik skating doubles.

      Because they make an awesome team. Yeah, that’s it.

    2. Yeah, I feel the same way. I’m hoping there will be a Mario & Sonic party game, or maybe even a Sega & Nintendo All-Stars Racing game.

  3. On the first video, the worrying frame rate seems to be gone, but on the second, seeing how jerky the trees seem to be moving… I hope the final game runs at 60fps

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