Sonic Lost World: Deadly Six Bonus Edition Coming to North America

For the last 24 hours, people living outside of North America have been yelling EUROPE GETS EVERYTHING” when yesterdays news broke that a collectors edition of Sonic Lost World would be coming to Europe .

deadly six edition

But rejoice, bravo, champagne! The North American region of the world shall not be denied! rejoice my friends from accross the pond! Today is a great day! LET THE BELLS RING!

North America is getting a collectors edition of the game! Sonic Lost World: Deadly Six Bonus Edition will be available for a limited time and contains the exact same content as yesterdays Deadly Six Edition which was announced for Europe. Thats right! You’re also going to get the chance to play in ‘Sonic’s Nightmare,’ those Deadly Six won’t get away! Not with the EU/NA alliance! WE CAN SAVE THE WORLD! TOGETHER!

We shall fight them in the Windy Hill! We shall fight them in the Frozen Factories and in the Silent Forests and in their dreams! I am ready… FOLLOW ME!

… … …. ….

No price details or retailers were announced… keep it at TSS for more info as and when we get it. More images of the bonus content in our gallery.

Source: Sega Blog


In North America, it’s called “Sonic Lost World: Deadly Six Bonus Edition.

In Europe, it’s called “Sonic Lost World: Deadly Six Edition”. They have the exact same bonus content.

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  1. Oh man that a shame no Nintendo 3DS at Europe and North America for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS how about Nintendo eshop. For Nintendo 3DS and Wii U as well for DLC in North America will be happy to download it!

  2. Also that remind me of 1999 Sonic Adventure for Sega Dreamcast casino metropolis how Sonic met Nights for the time in the history or series.

  3. Does anyone have any know-how concerning if it’s going to be the same price as the original or not? Because I’d like to transfer my pre-order for the original without having to worry about more money or not

  4. So glad I’m preordering. I kind of feel bad for people that are picking up the system and game later. They’re going to miss out on this. :/

  5. Well, this is really freaking unfair… :I
    I dont even have a Wii U yet, and by the time I have both the system and money for games I bet the stupid thing will be four times its original price :c

  6. Man, this is fucking bullshit. Why does the EU version get to have the cooler sounding name? This is blatant prejudice toward the NA region. Do they really think we’re so stupid that we need to see the word “bonus” to understand what’s going on here? Ugh, Sega you disgust me.

    1. Are you actually complaining about the name of the bundle? That reaches a new level of petit.

      1. Not to mention that it is rather rare for Europe to get things first or a special version of something, or even something at all (We don’t have Xenosaga episode 1 & 3, & not even Earthbound for some wierd reasons). But complaining over the title rather than the content itself that may not be released in their region is beyond crazy.

    2. UGH! And can you BELIEVE that they called Sonic Unleashed “Sonic Unleashed” instead of “Sonic World Adventure” or.. ahem.. “Sonic Adventure 3?” RUBBISH! RUBBISH, I SAY! Bullshit, it is so clearly more of an adventure rather than an unleashing.

  7. The fact that it is not for 3DS is bullcrap. Dimps are THAT lazy? NSMB2 gets DLC but not SLW? I hope that the 3DS ver gets it atleast later as a DLC instead of bonus…

    Anyways, the screenshots are great looking.

  8. I’m still not preordering this game. It’s too expensive for my budget, and seeing as the last game I got didn’t offer much replay value for me, I’ll let the price drop.

    Also, I don’t have a WiiU, ehehehehe…Which, could also be a problem.

  9. Right, I’m gonna get this, even before I ever get a Wii U – I will NOT let this opertunity go to waste! This Deadly Six edition, & X will be the very motivation & reason to get a Wii U as my first 8th Gen console!

  10. Wow. Jackle suddenly is HUGE! But man, I am so glad we ‘muricans will get this now! From how it shown and described, it seems to definitely be better DLC than Casino Night in Sonic Generations… and I’ve always wanted to see these guys in HD (not counting the NiGHTS HD port.) Bravo, SEGA. I applaud the.

  11. To be fair, I said “IF only Europe gets this.”

    But yea. Im so happy its over here in the States!

  12. Btw, when it says a whole new level, does it mean that the level is a boss rush with the deadly six with NiGHTS enemies?

    Or will there be a legit NiGHTS themed set of acts?

    Im still amped either way, but I would love for there to be regular acts as well.

    1. I could hope for an ACTUAL level until I’m blue in the face, but there is no doubt in my mind that the mere fact that they bothered to create a unique boss arena counts as a “new level” in their minds.

  13. I know this is pretty unlikely, but seeing some sort of story clip or explanation as to why Sonic is fighting these bosses and going through that exclusive level would be pretty fun.. I imagine Sonic going to bed after this adventure and just having an extremely zany NiGHTMARE due to The Deadly Six. I think this game has potential for just the Sonic story I’d want, of course, only judging by that one scene.

  14. Do you guys think this means that regular boss batles will be discounted?
    Because I’m really excited for this but I want to fight the original boss battles as well.
    I know that sounds a bit weird, right?
    I mean what I’m saying is imagine say sonic colours without rotaron or any other boss you want to pick.

    I can’t wait anyways!!! =)

  15. I call this being like “Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed” in which every copy is going to be a “special edition”.

    1. I hope it is, cause I don’t think I’ll be able to get the game preordered, unless GAME can send games to your house when they’re released. Just praying it ain’t like Generations, where you can only get the Casino Night DLC over the Preorder edition, or Steam.

  16. So… any word on a 3DS equivalent to this, if not the same deal?
    If six added bosses are too much for the 3DS to handle, maybe we could get a playable NiGHTS or something hardware-easy?

  17. Just preordered. It feels good to know that a copy of the Deadly Six Edition is garanteed for me, even though they’ll be common as dirt, most likely.

  18. “For the last 24 hours, people living outside of North America have been yelling “EUROPE GETS EVERYTHING””

    Err, what? The first part of that sentence didn’t make any sense. Didn’t you mean to say “People living outside of Europe”?

  19. Well, I don’t have a WiiU yet, but I still think I’m going to preorder this bad boy. I plan to get one eventually, and I seriously do NOT wanna miss out on this.

  20. Dudes. They released the same trailer in Japanese. Zazz and Zor say something in this trailer, too. But what they say is very different, especially for Zor.

    The translations are as follows:

    Zor: After all, you and I are very alike.
    Zazz: I will show you hell!

    Pretty interesting was Zor says…

  21. I just look sonic lost world: deadly six edition (European Version) and is only website have got it (I already pre-order it) none for Amazon UK/GAME or others just but there is one big problems the price £44.99 really too expensive (Amazon UK got the price goes down to £34.99 “Pre-order promotion” now we have to wait on 18/10/2013 “PINGAS” 😀

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