Sonic Lost World: Silent Forest & Frozen Factory Gameplay



Sega have released a short selection of gameplay videos from Sonic Lost World. The segments show off both Silent Forest and Frozen Factory. Whilst a lot of it has appeared in previous trailers, some of it has not.

However, unlike previous trailer footage, this video does not have a song playing over the top, all the audio comes from in the level. There is one exception in that there isn’t any stage music which is odd, but you do get a much better idea how these stages play, look and sound.

Source: Sega Press.

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  1. Alright, I’ll admit…a week ago, I was worried that this game’d suck…NOW MY GOOSEBUMPS WONT LEAVE ME ALONE, SLW!!! Y U NO COME OUT SOONER!!!

    1. The only thing that is going to bring this game down are the wisps based on how they control.
      The Laser Wisp is imprecise, and the purple asteroid wisp seems hard to control based on the footage I have seen.
      The level design looks ok for the most part, but some of it seems linear as hell.
      I have to admit I am loving every bit of info I am getting on Silent Forest.

      1. Linearity is good in a platformer, but what it looks like it that there are multiple paths through a level (even different ways to go over the same tubes in the tube-planet levels, and those exit out to different paths). So, sure, there’s linearity but there are multiple linear paths. Which is what you should expect in a Sonic game.

      2. They all pointlessly break the flow of the game and easily ruin the kinetic projection.
        However, it seems that there’s always a few alternate ways to get through a Wisp section without actually using Wisps so.. I’m looking forward to that I guess.

  2. Ok, small thing but….

    You go for that Classic feel AND CHANGE THE JUMP SOUND EFFECT!!!! Bring back the original! the new one reminds me of breathing air bubbles in Sonic 1/2

    1. What are you talking about? The jump sound from Lost World has always been the same. It never changed.

      Due to your punctuation though, I cannot tell what you are trying to say. Are you trying to say “SEGA, go for that classic feel and make the junp sound effect sound more like the originals.” or “SEGA, you’re trying to go for that classic feel, BUT you changed the jump sound effect!!!!111”. …?

      1. He’s saying they’re using a shitty jump sound effect and should use the one from the classic games.


  3. LOL, Zazz says “There’s that little punk! I’ve been dreaming about pounding his sorry blue butt!” XDD

    1. I think they should have made him say ‘Kicking his sorry blue ass’ just to give it that T rating and make it more appealing to ignorant kids.

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