Sonic Lost World Trailer 2, Release Date October 22nd


IGN has just posted the second trailer to Sonic Lost World. The trailer is subtitled ‘colors trailer’ and you don’t need to wait long to find out why that is. Had you no information about Lost World, you would be easilly forgiven for thinking that this was Sonic Colours 2.

The trailer shows a number of new stages and we even hear one ofΒ The Deadly Six speak. The trailer has a number of hidden details, if you pay attention you can even spot a cameo in the form of King Boom Boo’s minions. Oh and, if you’re a fan of the Wisps, you’re going to be very happy.

In addition to gameplay details, the trailer also confirms the release date for the North American version. Sonic Lost World will be released on October 22nd. I would imagine that other regions will be around that date as well.

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  1. October 22nd…….


    God Sega. Hopefully, you’ve learned your mistake by making this Wii U and 3DS only, and go multiplatform!!!!

    Some of you people aren’t really patient enough, are you? Great. Here we go again.

    1. <:D Jesus, dude… calm down… The game looks fine enough, and they have spent just about as much time as they did with Colors on it… probably even more.

    2. You do realise the game has been in development since Sonic Generations came out?

      1. Yes. Just as Generations was in development ever since Unleashed came out. Judging by them saying there will be 6 acts per zone again and it has had this much development time, I’d think it’d be longer than Generations… or maybe it’ll just be like Colors again. Either way, I think it’s a fair amount of development time, and this’ll probably come out well.

        1. Wait, oh. You were talking to him and not me. ._. Well… uh…. big-lipped alligator moment.

        1. Development started right after Colors was released, and ramped up once Generations was released.

    3. Sonic sells best on Nintendo platforms. Nearly 78 percent of people who have owned an Xbox or play station are too busy playing their stupid Halo or Call of Duty to play games as great as Sonic. Why should SEGA waste their time trying to please a crowd that isn’t worth pleasing? I also believe multiplatform is the most logical, but when they pull stuff like Sonic Generations on us Nintendo console people, then I am pretty sure this Nintendo exclusivity is deserved. Plus SEGA saves a boatload of money by making it single platform.

      1. Kabam!, I love you!
        I’ve been saying that for forever. I’m glad to see someone else say it.

  2. Eagle! That seems an interesting power

    Though I am still waiting for a darker-tone trailer, like they did with the Boss trailer for Generations.

    Also, is it me or were there lots of pixels in the trailer even at 720p?

    1. that’s an issue with most wii u gameplay on youtube. if you watch a lost worlds trailer on the eshop its much better quality

  3. Man, Zavok is actually giving kind of a threatening vibe with this trailer with what he simply says to Sonic. I mean, shit dude. From what I see, the new Eagle Wisp is pretty much a better version of the Hover Wisp. I like it, as well as the Rhythm Wisp and the Not!Void Wis- er, I mean… Asteroid Wisp. It is also interesting to finally see the desert area of Desert Ruins on the Wii U, as well as Boom Boos again. As far as all the new places added to the new areas though… hm… I know I theorized due to the extreme resemblance of the New Super Mario Bros. U world map that it would be a Mario X Sonic platformer…. but it isn’t, and due to that, a lot of these locales seem to bother me simply because they seem to follow Mario tropes. However, the night level interests me. It looks like Sylvania Castle Zone. What is it?

    1. Erm… actually… let me retract liking the Rhythm Wisp. The others are cool, but Rhythm just looks incredibly… lame.

      1. I love the wisps in Colours Wii & DS, & it’s awesome to see them back & better than before as well as some new ones! I kinda like the Rhythm wisp though – somehow reminds me of those singing lums in Rayman Origins.

        Zavok is already badass in my book. The fact that he wants Sonic to “lay down & die” was somehow spine chilling for a bouncy trailer – I guess it’s the words he said; not destroy, or other cliche similar words used by enemies in kids games & shows, but die. Straight to the point!

        1. Yeah, he definitely gives quite the menacing vibe.. I hope the rendering on The Deadly Six gets better in the actual game, by the way… the lighting is very awkward for this trailer.

          The singing lums though, I would have never drawn the comparison. XD

        1. Yep. Get used to fans complaining, no matter how good Sonic Lost World is. It happened with Colors, with Generations, and I don’t think it’ll stop any time soon.

        2. They apparently do though, judging by the number of people on the forums here alone who are bemoaning this being on a Nintendo console.

  4. I’m glad this game doesn’t seem to be overly kid friendly like Colours and Generations were. Never thought I’d hear the word “die” in a Sonic game again.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game was rated E10+ just because of that one word being said. LoL

        1. That actually happened in the UK. Sonic Rush Adventure was rated as a 12+, because Marine said “bugger”. Some people over here find that offensive. God knows why. O_O

    1. I know, I haven’t heard anything that menacing in a while, and it is awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want it to get too dark, but this sounds like a good balance.

    2. I knew I was going to like that leader. Perfect voice for him too!

      Also, nice to see a little love for King Boom Boo. For some reason I REALLY enjoyed that boss. His taunting and rainbow tongue were amusing to me XD

  5. The Deadly Six are not the personification of Sonic 06, THEY ARE ACTUALLY SONIC FANS!!!

  6. The art direction in this is amazing. You will definitley be able to tell this game apart from other sonic games. PARKOUR PARKOUR! I can’t wait to hear more of the music thats going to be in the game. I just hope the album for the game comes out on itunes and amazon around the same time as it comes out in Japan. By the way, I know its late to say this but I really enjoyed the Sonic Stadium album this year, everyone did a really good job on it.

  7. GOOD
    -This is basically Sonic Colors 2. That’s not a bad thing πŸ˜€
    -Classic Sonic tropes confirmed
    -Zavok has a great voice. I heard it somewhere before, but I don’t know who?
    -He also has a very evil attitude. Maybe the story won’t be as flimsy as before.
    -The Not-So-Sinister Six is getting the Quirky Mini-Boss treatment. They may turn into fan favorites WITHOUT resorting to good guy status IMO.
    – Eagle a.k.a MURICA WISP!! F-YEAH!!
    -No Boost; More Spindash!

    -This is basically Sonic Colors 2. R U Ok wit that?
    -Because of that, the game may start relying too much on Color powers and not on the new gimmicks.
    -There are still too much automatic sections. Bad habits die hard, Sonic Team.
    -Despite Zavok’s threat, stakes still don’t look high enough. Still looks like fluff work.
    -No other variety in Level Structure besides 2-D platforming and 3D auto racing. You like TUBES?
    -Focus will go on Wii-U version over 3DS. Don’t got one? Tough.

    – It’s basically Sonic Colors 2. It makes sense in a thematic and financial way, I guess.
    – I wish SEGA would have a replay option to send your fastest times on youtube and in general, just leave the cinematic camera angles there instead of when I’m playing.
    – I was hoping the Six would only respond through grunts and sounds, showing their intentions through exaggeration and action rather than sound. Giving the Six voices could destroy whatever allure they have. Remember Jet?
    -I’m getting this for 3DS anyways. It may not be as fulfilling as WiiU but it’s portable, will have better control and more bang for my buck. More games to get hyped on 3DS than Nintendo HD.
    – For this Nintendo deal, SEGA playing safe. Hopefully, 3rd game will take some risk or PS4 Sonic should make a bold entrance. Just remember: next gen don’t mean graphics only SEGA. 2006: Never for-what am I talking about again?

    1. I’m glad the Deadly Six have voices, otherwise they’d just feel like the Sonic version of the Koopalings.

    2. I like how this game seems to be turning out, and if it is “Sonic Colors 2” (sheesh, this game has gotten a lot of new nicknames, eh?) then I really just hope they don’t make the majority of the game 2D over 3D like they did in Sonic Colors. Especially because the game looks like it plays beautifully in 3D too.

      Also, I know the level tropes are nice and cartoonish, but… is it me, or do they seem a bit boring? They look like New Super Mario Bros. levels to me, with the same order and everything.

      1. I believe the word you are looking for is “safe”. Yeah, aside from the desert, this is re-using a lot of concepts from Colors AND Galaxy so I would like to see what new spin on things Sonic Team can do. Kinda like the amusement park from Sonic 4 Ep2.

        1. Yes, safe. Very. I noticed the level they showed off that looks like the “Haunted Castle” kind of world… it reminds me much of Sylvania Castle Zone Act 3. I hope we’ll at least get one sort of level trope we haven’t seen before.. Though, that Honeycomb section in Desert Ruins actually raises a few questions for me.

          1. It’s meant to be a play on the word Dessert. From what I’ve gathered, the Wii U levels will be confectionary themed, while the 3DS will actually have a Desert Ruins feel.

        2. I think you’re wrong. In many of the Super mario bros. games, a desert theme has been present. I think all of the New Mario Bros. games have them.

          1. However, there has only been one (to my knowledge) desert level in the Galaxy games, and Colors had no desert levels. FalconKick only mentioned Colors and Galaxy, not SMB or NSMB.

  8. This is awesome! I’m actually getting excited for this game, really glad I’ve had Wii U for quite some time! SONIC COLORS 2 FTW!!! πŸ˜€

  9. 1. The Rhythm wisp would be more interesting if it did what super Mario 3D land did with music notes. As Mario would collect notes a classic Mario tune would play. For the wisp, it should be with each bounce, a classic Sonic tune will play.
    2. “Lay down and Die!” Holy moly! Maybe the deadly six are actually called the “deadly” six for a reason. Here’s to The Storyline not being too child friendly.
    3. Eagle Sonic kicks bee Mario’s butt.
    4. Sonic Colors 2 is not a worthy nickname.
    5. This game deserves to be Nintendo exclusive because of what SEGA did with Sonic Generations.
    6. Why is Sonic’s spin jump so… stretchy. Plus, I think the jumping from rail to rail animation shouldn’t be just the spin jump.
    8. As much as I am excited about Tails, Knuckles, and Amy being in the story, I am having a hard time figuring out how they fit into this currently rather simple plot.
    9. Speaking of Sonic’s friends, I hope the cut scenes are like the ones in Sonic Riders zero gravity
    10. SEGA better have a good explanation for why wisps are suddenly locales to Sonic’s world.
    Can’t wait for more info about this game as we go on!

    1. Regarding 1, note that we haven’t heard the Rhythm Wisp theme yet. It might be a classic Sonic song, like you mentioned, and you have to tap the Gamepad or something to the beat.

      1. Rythm Wisp, maybe they’re putting Space Channel 5 in Sonic The Hedgehog. Or maybe a beat will play and the player must follow

        1. Is “Rhythm” spelled differently in the UK, or anywhere? I thought it was spelled with an h in all regions. I only noticed “Rythm” being used a lot after this trailer was released.

  10. That shading and rendering on the deadly Six is really poor. They’re either too bright, or too faded. Compare with Sonic, who looks almost the same as his Generations self. What gives?

      1. Did you forget about Lost World’s art style? It’s simple, yet vibrant with colors.

        To be honest though, the only deadly one that needs a bit more rendering is the red one. Everyone else looks fine.

        Plus, it’s only July! Sonic Team has still got a little over 3 MONTHS. Do you have any idea what is done during the last few months during game development? Bug fixes, FINISHING TOUCHES (aka detail) etc. Give it time… πŸ™‚

        P.S I only caps locked some words to get my point through, not because I’m mad haha.

        1. There’s a significant difference between poor shading and art style. Take a look at the announcement trailer – That’s the Deadly Six with proper shading. Take a look at the rendering on Sonic. He looks like something from Generations. Take a look at the rendering on the deadly Six. They look like something from Heroes. It’s just jarring. Zavok is the worst but the others also have problems.

          Also, regardless of if it is or not, you should avoid putting unfinished work into your trailers, unless resembles the final game.

          And at this point in development, I would expect them to start winding down development. Bug testing, fixing, getting the product ready to ship. Final tweaks. At this point, everything should be nearing the final product. The deadly Six should look like the final product. This trailer should be representative of the final product.

          And yes I do know what goes in game development, having spent the last year on A games design course.

          1. My guess is that Sonic Team’s current build stays at 60 frames/second, and so certain problematic objects aren’t high quality yet. Sonic has to be high quality, seeing as he’s always on screen, but the Deadly Six are causing framerate dips when fully shaded. These final 3 months will be polishing the game, so Sonic Team will probably have the problem fixed by then. Remember how Sumo Digital turned S&ASRT from a buggy slow port to the best console version of the game in 3 months. (I’m including the bug fixes as 2 weeks, because that’s how long it took Sumo to make them.) I have faith in Sonic Team.

          2. You are comparing CG to the game engine or art style though.

            I agree about putting in unfinished work in a trailer is a bad thing, but a lot of games do that; it’s probably just that SEGA does not care. If you’ve seen the trailer for A Link Between Worlds, it says “footage shown does not represent final product,” and the same was said for the first Sonic Generations demo. I guess SEGA just does not care about that, or they just didn’t put any rendering or shading, or it’s because of the way the art style is. SEGA had always been known (in their Sonic games) for putting an extensive amount of detail in them, even with the simplistic art that Lost World has.

            I’m placing my bet that the character(s) are not completely finished yet…

  11. This game comes out just 10 days after another game I’m looking crazy forward to! The excitement! (Well perhaps not in my area but that’s okay). The Deadly Six look even more promising, at least to me. I hoped they would be intimidating despite their looks, don’t judge a book by its cover and whatnot. So looking forward to playing this.

  12. I would have thought the white wisp will be returning (Seen as Yacker was a main character in Sonic colours), but if so I wonder what power they will give sonic. Because as far as I’m aware the boost has been removed from Lost World…

  13. Also if you look to the left of the pink deadly six in the trailer you can see what looks to be the eggmobile!

  14. Sonic Lost World released on 22/10/2013 wow it is great, but I have a feeling that they are releasing too soon, please don’t make the same mistake like Sonic 2006 (mostly rushing that cause more glitches) it should be better to release it around next year to buy it more time

    Just hope “chao” will be in it ^o^

    1. I’m not worried. e3 and IGN both showed gameplay and it looked fine there. They started development for this game since generations came out also they havent really worked on anything else in the meantime either

  15. Am I the only one around here who thinks Wisps power should have been Chao powers since Sonic Colors?

  16. “Your fate is to be destroyed! Why won’t you just accept that? Lie down and die!”

    Bit much for a Sonic game =P

  17. I wonder when SEGA will release the 3DS version of the Colors Power trailer. I’m really looking forward the 3DS version, it may be “the one”. πŸ™‚

    Oh and also, E10? ..06 and Shadow The Hedgehog were also rated like that. I think the game is gonna be more serious.

    1. E10 for “Mild Cartoon Violence”. From what we’ve seen, this game should be E.

      1. It seems to be the way one of the villains says “Just lie down and Die”

        I’m glad that Sonic seems to be getting darker, but it seems to have found the perfect balance.

  18. It should be noted that in the intro, each villain appears in front of a different themed background; this is probably an indication of what world each one lives in.

  19. Uk/EU release date: Oct 18th:

  20. Lay down and die?I haven’t heard something like that in sonic since SA2(and 06…) πŸ˜€

  21. This looks really good! Cant wait for the 3DS Colors Trailer if they decide to release one. Also another thing I was thinking about was the 3DS version having 6 acts and unique acts like Desert Ruins Wii U. So bassicaly in Sonic Colors DS you saw everyone of Sonic’s friends, well in this game you only have Amy,Tails,Knuckles & of course Sonic! And with 7 areas for each of the chaos emeralds and only 4 of Sonic’s friends, there wont be any challenges like Sonic Colors DS meaning we have a high chance to get 6 awesome acts just like the Wii U version =D. Another reason why Im pointing this out is because I only have a 3DS and a PS3 so im stuck with the 3DS version which is fine by me. Also if you look at the Sonic Lost Worlds 3DS trailer you’ll notice the sunset windy hill that Sonic is dashing around in, and there is a screenshot of the Wii U version with Sonic in a sunset windy hill area in 2D also! So yea for all you 3DS players dont worry about the acts or anything. Oh yea, and another thing that comes to my concern is if the Crimson Eagle Wisp will be included in the 3DS version, it just looks so fuckin awesome =D

  22. I just still don’t really know how I feel about Color Powers being included in this game. I mean, I loved them in Colors and all, but they just sort of seem… out of place in this game. I guess we’ll see how they come to play though!

    1. I kind of undestand what you mean but, if you think about it, with all these twists and turns of the screen and levels flipping upside down and the Lost Hex looking like a planet itself, I dont really see why we shouldn’t have wisps in the game. Besides Wisps are one of the best feature i’ve seen in a sonic game so, yea.

  23. To be perfectly honest, this trailer has me VERY interested. Not only is there some threat to the villain considering he actually told Sonic to “lay down and die”, which is practically nonexistant now due to censoring to make them kid friendly, the Wisp powers look fun. Sadly I think Asteroid may have replaced Frenzy, which was perhaps one of my favorite power ups (the idea of Sonic eating things like Pacman was too amusing), I like the other ones that were introduced.

    Also, glad to see King Boom Boo’s minions are back. Maybe we’ll get an audience with the rainbow, taunting ghost again? For some reason, as random as he was, I really loved him as a boss and continue to do so. That being said, his “Mommy, save me” taunt is forever burned into my brain.

  24. Well… since the Deadly Six are a lot more intimidating, and because of the rating… do you think sonic will actually die??? Or be almost close to dying???

  25. If the Deadly Six are truly deadly, are they gonna come real close to killing Sonic? You know, with the whole E10+ rating. What do you guys think?

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