SEGA Teases Shadow the Hedgehog Announcement for Sonic Dash

Shadow Sonic Dash teaser

SEGA has just shared the above image on their official SEGA and Sonic Facebook pages along with the message “Get ready for the ultimate challenge!”. The teaser suggests the publisher could soon be announcing that Shadow the Hedgehog will be appearing in iOS title Sonic Dash in some form. Whether he’ll be playable or not, though, is anyone’s guess. We’ll update you when more is revealed.

Sources: Official SEGA Facebook page & Official Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook page

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    1. people go on about this all the time!

      – they’ve said that its hard to do because of the sonic dash engine they used and that it may take a long while to even make it playable on anything but an iphone.
      why dont people read and understand what developers go through.

      1. That doesn’t make any sense. Everything an iPhone is capable of, an Android is capable of, as well. I see no reason for Sonic Dash not to be on Android, especially since we’ve seen tons of Subway Surfers clones like it on the Play Store.

  1. I’m still hopeful that Sonic Dash will come for Android too. And I’m also looking forward for updates on Sonic Jump. I really want Shadow there…

  2. Since Hardlight didn’t add Shadow into Sonic Jump and it took them this long to put him into Sonic Dash, I am just going to go ahead and say that Hardlight doesn’t like Shadow the Hedgehog.

    1. Assets were present for Shadow in the Sonic Jump data, SEGA just likely told Hardlight to start working on Sonic Dash instead before he got a chance to be officially released. Nothing about personal taste involved.

  3. Hey Ign just recently put a new trailer showing Sonic wisp powers check it out.

  4. Oh the irony, its the mobile phones that has more optional characters then the main Sonic games

  5. As much as I love the new sonic games, I do miss playing as other characters like you could in sonic adventure 1/2 and sonic the hedgehog 2006.

  6. I like Sonic Dash, but what about Sonic Jump? That game seemed much more…polished than Dash. I’m not too excited to play as Shadow, since Tails, Knuckles and Amy play exactly the same as Sonic (even when they perform a spin-dash or boost, they’re surrounded by a blue “aura”, it’s like they’re just skins over Sonic. Tails and Amy have a unique running animation, but that’s the only difference).
    For Sonic Jump we were supposed to get Shadow, and then there were some who hacked into the game and discovered that both Cream and Vector were intended to be added as playable characters. And we were supposed to get at least on more zone.I’m not complaining, I’ll take anything for either game. It just seemed like (to me) there wasn’t much effort put into Dash; the obstacle placement wasn’t done that well, it forced in-app purchases if you wanted characters originally, was very glitchy and the unlockable characters weren’t done that well and were pretty much skins over Sonic. I’m hoping Shadow will at least play somewhat differently, or they add another level besides Seaside Hill (I actually haven’t played Dash in over 2 months). It’s a good time-killer, but if you want a more polished mobile Sonic game, with a variety of characters who actually control differently from one another, I’d recommend Sonic Jump over Sonic Dash.

    1. Many people would agree with you, including myself, and say the same thing except there is one fact that makes your whole statement challengeable… Sonic Dash is free, Sonic Jump isn’t…

      1. Oh…I forgot its now free. I had gotten it when it was like $3 or $4, slipped my mind that Sega/Hardlight made it free to play. I wonder; after a certain amount of time, they made Dash free. Why did they never do that with Jump? It makes sense now that they’re adding content to a free game over one that you have to pay for. I’m still REALLY hoping for the promised characters and levels for Jump, especially before they put out any new Sonic iOS games.

  7. From what I seen, all the characters play 100% exactly the why would simply a new character model thrill anybody?

  8. making games with all the sonic characters and no story that is cannon for the iOS and Android is just sega saying that we will never see a sonic game with a cannon story and all the characters in it. this is just an opinion. 🙁

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