Freak-Out Friday: Knuckles Plays Sonic Adventure 2

You know you’re always in for a treat when a star from your favourite series dabbles into some of his own work?

For today, Knuckles the Echidna himself provides us a few clips of his Death Chamber playthrough… as himself!

So, sit back and relax to the smooth sound of Knuckles’ voice this Friday night.


Put together by Dexter Manning!

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  1. “I went running around this pole for like five hours” Come on, Knuckles isn’t THAT stupid, right?…… right?! 🙁

  2. Oh come on, he could have squeezed in some reference to how he’s in narrow hallways running like it’s a ballgame or said “don’t let it hit you, move” like 50 times. Hell, he didn’t even mention how unlike Sonic he doesn’t chuckle and would rather flex his muscles. Thumbs down, unsubscribed.

      1. Well, Knuckles’s muzzle is tanner in this game than in any of his other appearances. 😛

        1. Actually, in the dreamcast version of Sonic adventure 2, Knuckles’ skin complexion is much lighter than in the Adventure 2 battle version (basically as light as it was in Adventure 1). I don’t know why exactly, but you get the point.

      2. More so William Shatner trying to do a very shitty impression of Knuckles trying to Rap. If Knuckles was ever real I don’t think he could give a rats ass about Rapping, because he knows that he can’t rap for shit. He’s been on an island for years cut off from the outside world (or civilization) so he would have no clue wtf rap is.

  3. I’m sorry Dex, but this isn’t funny. This is definatly not Freak-Out worthy, more so sad and disturbing. Well if we’re done here, and I would believe so, I’m going back to Game Grumps playing Sonic ’06. At least I get more laughs from Egoraptor and Jontron then from this crap. NEXT!

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